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Fools, Fascists and Cold Warriors: Take Your Pick


Fools, Fascists and Cold Warriors: Take Your Pick

Robert Scheer

Are they fools or fascists? Probably the former, but there was a disturbing cast to the second GOP debate, a vituperative jingoism reminiscent of the xenophobia that periodically scars western capitalist societies in moments of disarray.

While the entire world is riveted by the sight of millions of refugees in terrifying exodus attempting to save drowning and starving children, we were treated to the darkly peculiar spectacle of scorn for the children of undocumented immigrants and celebration of the sanctity of the unborn fetus.


Capitalism tends towards monopoly and a lack of competition. The unspoken real world goal of capital is control of the market which allows you to charge what you want without opposition (or competition).

Another form of capitalist monopoly is the substitution of oligarchy for democracy. Oligarchy is pure capitalism or rather the political form of monopoly.

The trend to monopolistic oligarchy (that capitalist paradise) is accompanied by the specter of fascism ever in the background. When you have it all and can do what you want regardless of what other people might want (that pesky democracy thing) then you will ensure that that situation doesn't change. Hence fascism accompanies oligarchy but only behind the scenes - ready if needed - but otherwise understated.

Are they fools, fascists and cold warriors? Well yeah. What did you think oligarch capitalism is about anyway?


You beat me to it.


Creeps, one and all.


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In homage to that great cultural icon, Cher, a musical tribute to the current crop of presidential hopefuls.

Gypsies Tramps and Thieves

I was born in a K street lobbying firm
They said "you gotta dance to the tune that we play"
They said "you gotta do whatever we demand"
Look like we tell you and spout what we say
Or we'll drop you in a day.

Gypsies, tramps and thieves
We'd hear it from the people of the town
They'd call us gypsies, tramps and thieves
But every election they'd all come around
And lay their votes down


Blood suckers craping green for their Wall Street owners.


Note that Scheer assumes a Clinton victory in the primary...

Like saying, "Note that Scheer assumes a Stein loss in the election..."

Sanders is merely playing Good Cop to Clinton's Neocon Warrior - theater for the rubes. Anyone who was paying attention to a TPP forced through Congress by a man who promised Hope and Change knows exactly how this Kabuki is going to turn out.


But, as Trump noted, Paul's caution on imperial hubris, his opposition to crony capitalism and his principled critique of NSA spying has reduced the Kentucky senator to low single digit support among likely primary voters.

Can that actually be correct? Not the single digit support, but the reason for it.


"Let's talk about the future," Fiorina demanded before drowning in the
swamp of the past. "We need the strongest military on the face of the
planet, and everyone has to know it." And that means, she said, 50 Army
brigades, 36 Marine battalions, 300 to 350 naval ships, and "we need to
upgrade every leg of the nuclear triad..."

Her speech-writer made a mistake. She was meant to say, "Let's talk about NO future....."

What a total effing effwit. How is it that the USA manages to produce so many of them, all at the same time? It makes our Glorious Empire look like a benevolent society. At least we built railways, educated people and taught them how to play cricket.


The Maggie Thatcher "hoof and mouth award"! Presented annually to the person who is the most barking mad!


Sure, They're talking PRIMARY voters...Republicans. Paul might do better among Democrats and Independents, but then there are his positions on other issues...


Scheer wears blinders? How disappointing. The assumption that the possibilities for "our first woman president" are two Thatcher types eager to out-macho the boys, Clinton and Fiorino- No need to even mention Jill Stein, whose foreign policy approach is not only more typically "female" but also more in line with the views of the general public, but nonetheless can't hope to get elected--NOT because she's too radical, but because the entire media world is in on the gambit of pretending she and the Green Party don't exist--even Scheer and Common Dreams. Thus, the average voter either doesn't know she's out there, or assumes her views are extreme because this is all they've ever heard of her. This is why the DNC says no candidate who participates in a debate not sanctioned by them can then participate in any debate they do sanction--to give Clinton and even Sanders cover to refuse to ever debate Stein and other third-party candidates. Can't let the public find out there are other options than the party of the extreme right on foreign and fiscal policy, centrist on social issues--or the party of the extreme right on everything.


The green party should be renamed the Stein party, at the national level.


She reminds me of my algebra nun.


Oh, I like that. Maybe if she called herself the Algebra Nun, she'd get some traction.Otherwise, it's Jill who??