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Fools or Knaves?


Fools or Knaves?

Robert Reich

Is Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Trump's point person on the Republican tax bills now making their way through Congress, a fool?


So when did “fools and knaves” become words for lying, despicable, ignorant, willful, greedy, arrogant, hypocritical white rich bastards?


Again I ask: why do they bother lying? Why don’t they just say, “To hell with you, we’re in power and we’re gonna take whatever we want”? Save themselves the time and expense of coming up with all their bs. It’s not like any of the people who vote for them would be smart enough to figure out they’re being screwed.


Or that the fools even care. The Trumpster voter is impervious to facts. They know they’re being put upon by minorities, facts be damned.
It’s the white supremacist streak in them. And, it’s been played by Republicans for 50 years. Why would you change a winning formula, especially in a Trump Adm., with the likes of Mnuchin and Bannon setting policy. They made their money preying on minorities.


We fought and won a war built on lies and people “just following orders”. Knaves, every single one of them.


I think it goes back at least a couple of hundred years ago with Samuel Butler’s Prose Observations and his famous quote:
“The reason why fools and knaves thrive better in the world than wiser and honester men is because they are nearer to the general temper of mankind, which is nothing but a mixture of cheat and folly.”


Reich sez: “(Mnuchin) worked for seventeen years for investment bank Gold in Sacks.”

Still does, Bob. He’s heading up the federal cabinet branch office.


They do, actually. You’ll find it between the lines. Or lies, as it were.


Truth is the first casualty of war, and we are very much at war.


Professor Reich! One of the most intelligent editorial writers in America. If this were the French Revolution protesting the rich and super rich getting tax breaks while the middle and working classes carry the tax burden and increases. Ah! The good ol days when the peasants got to chop heads off.


They are coming. The good old days, I mean!


Off with their heads! All of them. Especially Mnuchin’s clueless, entitled bimbo wife. Didn’t she once play Marie Antoinette? Must have taken that role to heart a little too much.


Note: as for Mnuchin’s intellect, I wish that we as a collective would stop using a degree from Yale as a prime fascia indicator that someone is smart. The 3 best examples are George W. Bush, George W. Bush, and George W. Bush. Also remember that, assuming the intellect of Yale grads is a bell curve, there are many on that left-hand tail that would be challenged at any mediocre state school. As for his time at Goldman Sachs, look at a list of those who do well there. My guess is that a disproportionate number all went to the same prep schools, the same boarding schools, and the same exclusive pre-K schools. We have an aristocracy in the U.S. It’s based on connections and money rather than title.


My concern for your concern for the truth evaporates when I encounter folks espousing ideals and values rooted in post modernist ideals.

Truth is empirical, and objective and I see few on the left who’ll submit their ideas, detail by detail, into such a process because they already know they won’t like what emerges.