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For 7 Years, FBI Defied Law for Seeking a Person’s Records Under Patriot Act


For 7 Years, FBI Defied Law for Seeking a Person’s Records Under Patriot Act

Kevin Gosztola, FireDogLake

A Justice Department inspector general’s report shows that for seven years the Federal Bureau of Investigation violated statutory law designed to restrict the agency’s surveillance power. During this period, the agency sought individuals’ records under the business records provision of the PATRIOT Act without adopting proper “minimization procedures” to protect privacy of US persons.

The FBI’s use of orders under Section 215 between 2007 and 2009 was examined by the inspector general. Whether the FBI complied with recommendations the inspector general made back in March 2008.


I think it can be safely said that under the last five administrations, the US Government has been, and continues to be an on going international terrorist/criminal enterprise!

“But it’s protectors and friends have been sleeping
Now it’s a monster and will not obey”

Steppenwolf - Monster

Sounds about right to me!


What meaning has any law when those charged with its enforcement refuse to obey it? As such the FBI and Department of Justice are the greater threat to the US than those “terrorists” whom they use to justify their lawless behavior.


It’s just that outstanding propaganda machine at work.


There is no such thing as privacy in an empire or dictatorship, for once in power, it becomes paranoid. Everybody is suspect.


People treat others as they behave. That’s why certain retailers check your receipt on the way out of their stores. It’s because they are a bunch of thieves and thus they assume that everyone else is a bunch of thieves.