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For a Global Nonviolent Revolution, We Need to Connect the Dots

For a Global Nonviolent Revolution, We Need to Connect the Dots

Rev. John Dear

“Welcome to the revolution!”

That’s what one of the Parkland students said Saturday morning to the massive crowd of one million people in Washington, D.C. who marched along with millions of others in over 830 events around the world to end gun violence.

Bring it on, I say. Bring on that great, long-over-due, world-changing, people-empowering, empire-disarming, soul-saving, nonviolent revolution for justice, disarmament and Mother Earth.

Bring it on.

With more than 95% of Murkins who voted in 2016 voting for a corporate GOP or corporate Dimcritter, Murkins are a long, long way from connecting dots.

Anybody connecting dots will not vote for politicians who are owned by corporations.

With baby boomers no longer representing the biggest block of registered voters in 2020, lets hope that more young voters will continue to view political parties as obsolete, and.reject the lesser evil model that the baby boomers and previous generations so heartily embrace. Lets also hope that more of them realize that they have far more impact in “off year” elections, and that they actually vote in greater numbers than they have in the past.


Not to be redundant but while we are reconnecting the dots maybe we should reorder them as well. Lets start with not destroying our environment and a lot of the other dots will naturally fall into place. A real protection of diversity by definition.

“That means ending gun violence—but also racism and mass incarceration but also executions, drone attacks and trillions spent for war, and so also, the ongoing U.S. bombing raids and wars and the development and threat of nuclear weapons, and our mortally sinful corporate greed and of course, the destruction of the environment and all the creatures.”


good job, fern!
you’ve connected all the dots.

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Thanks hummingbird :slight_smile:

What is violence?

Is Swords to Plowshares violent?

Is self-defense violent?

Is killing and eating an animal violent?

Is paying taxes in the U.S. violent?

Is revolution violent?

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:50288”]
look out my window in New Mexico at the nearby mountaintop where the Los Alamos National Nuclear Weapons Labs stands, where twenty thousand sociopaths build weapons of mass destruction to vaporize people and get well paid for it. Everywhere I see widespread poverty and suffering, and the ongoing destruction of the earth. Violence is an epidemic that touches us all. The only antidote is creative nonviolence.[/quote]

Not much unlike the Third Reich where many civilians joined the Nazi party to ensure well paying employment.

Our youth is our future. The Greedy Old Pricks who are currently in Washington DC, are our soon to be past.

There’s no need to connect those dots as only our youth are “worthy” of being part of the Global Nonviolent Revolution.

The GOP is not.

The 60’s were priceless.

The planet only had a little over 1/3 of the number of people we now have and the music had soul. And I am not talking about Soul Music.

Gas was pennies a gallon, beer was $3 a case and “Love the one you’re with” was in the air.

Well, we can’t go back but we can sure remember.

At least until we get Alzheimer’s.

I didn’t start driving until 1967, and gas was only 33 cents a gallon. I do remember gas in the 20 cent range during the 50’s though.