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'For a Greener Future': Omar, Sanders Lead Bill to End Destructive Taxpayer Subsidies for Fossil Fuels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/greener-future-omar-sanders-lead-bill-end-destructive-taxpayer-subsidies-fossil


It is unconscionable that we are helping the giant US oil monopoly cartels who have been making unprecedented profits especially after Bush Junior’s enormous tax giveaways starting in 2000. As far as I know the oil giants have never been unprofitable.


‘For a Greener Future’: Omar, Sanders Lead to End Destructive Corrupt Democratic Party Betrayals of voters and future to start a new People’s Progressive Party!

The fantasy of an actual “opposition party” in the DP is shown repeatedly by every vote to subsidize Big-oil, Big Pharma, fund the obscene for-profit War machine and bloated Pentagon budget, betrayal of Universal NFP Single Payer, the Green New deal, and a host of other critical issues this Democrat or that and the mob that are in collusion with Republicons on regarding issue after issue - shown by the complicity and cozy relationship of DP “leadership” with R’Cons and big-money interests and their sabotage of progressive issues and candidates in favor of shills that are little more than Republicons with a ‘D’ after their names!

The DP can be used to end the trumpenfuhrer’s reign of corruption and monumental stupidity and malignant extremism, then the new party rolled-out immediately after to work to elect genuine people of conscience and integrity and remove the Quisling R’con-lite ‘D’ shills and traitors from office! The entrenched DP hierarchy never will! Nor will they ever truly represent the people and sustainable future!


Since a hefty chunk of the $15 bil comes back to legislators who vote for it, they will vote for it. Our “system” of open massive corruption grinds on, grinding Americans into the dirt–no problem there.


Ending gov’t subsidies of fossil fuel corps is and has been a no-brainer for a long time.


Past and current d-party senators, Heidi “Fracker” Heitkamp, Mary “Offshore Driller” Landrieux, and Joe “Coal Miner” Manchin, will not be pleased.


We agree that Trump must go and that so must the Democratic party. We advocate different approaches to accomplishing those two goals.

You want to use the Democrats to get rid of Trump and then, somehow, to eliminate the Democratic party. I’m not sure that’ll work: the Democratic party will be stronger than ever once Biden assumes office.

I advocate the reverse sequence: use Trump to eliminate the Democratic party and then get rid of Trump.

The more difficult goal is to eliminate the Democratic party. I think the best way to do that is to allow the Democrats to lose in November. It would be a colossal defeat and would amplify widespread disgust with the Democratic status quo. The Democratic party would be forced to reform and/or it would be abandoned by voters. The ideal outcome of the November elections, for me, would be a loss by Biden, with Democrats narrowly taking over both the House and the Senate.

Trump can be impeached and removed from office – ideally as soon as possible after winning re-election. There are thousands of grounds for doing so, all better than the dubious pseudo-attempt based on Ukraine.

The combined effect of a Democratic defeat followed immediately by Trump’s removal from office would send exactly the message we need to be heard. The American people will no longer accept politics as usual.


More unrealistic blather. One or the other will win whether you or I like it or not.

But we keep putting down people like Omar, Sanders, OAC, Mark Pocan and a bunch of other democrats working for the people.
Keep it up though, it might screw up another election. Maybe we can also give the House back to the republicans if we really try.
Question: Where does it make sense to have trump president for four more years?
We know everything agreed upon by the House and senate would be vetoed by trump.
Other than angst for democrats I see no good coming from your suggestion.


Thanks mbob for the thoughts. I don’t really think we can survive another term of trump with either house or senate in RepubliCon control, and maybe not with trump still prez - he is just too malignant and pathological… The possibility you bring up of trump re-elected but toothless (hopefully) , and thus - again hopefully - that second loss to trump & co destroying the entrenched DP, DNC, DLC, elite sellouts r us betrayal mob is appealing - if the DP sellouts wouldn’t continue to betray us as they would certainly try by cozying-up to trump to continue to betray progressives and our issues. Any bills passed would have to have a veto-proof majority or trump would just shit-can them all.
That sounds like a plan tho and interesting. I agree generally a biden DP win would solidify, at least for a time, their power and that is a problem as you write.
I am just so damn pissed and disgusted at all the betrayal, extremism racism, for-profit war and environmental sleepwalking, I can hardly stand it.


I disagree with those two points. For one: they did impeach Trump but he and the GOP are never going to let him leave office and frankly the Dems won’t do any concrete action to either. Which leads me to my response to your second point. The Dems ultimately are enablers of the GOP and Trump, and they all serve the corporations. The Democrats can placate the masses by continue to blame Russia, China, etc. and the corporate masters will not let them self destruct as they help with the kabuki theater.

I don’t know who out of the two I want to see “win” this November, frankly I think we shouldn’t even be discussing it and just focus on fighting outside the electoral system. Government, no matter what party is in power, will not give us any hope and will not save us. It is up to the people.


A person of modicum intelligence would be able to ascertain this fact.

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It’s definitely time to change the perceptions of people that helping the starving and underemployed is a waste of money – and giving welfare to those who destroy the planet is a good thing. Ayyy…

Go Omar, Sanders and colleagues!


Good proposing of a first step to a necessary dismantling of the structural giveaways the fossil fuels mafia, along with other extraction industry oligarchs, that adds up to billions every year. However, be reminded some of these tax credits, subsidies, favorable laws and regulations, etc., have been fossilized into American federal governance since the 19th Century. Removing them will be very hard as there are well entrenched entities that have benefited from these for multiple generations.


I accidentally deleted my response to your post. I’ll answer it again, a bit differently this time.

Here’s your alternative (from David Sirota’s TMI newsletter):

Then this past Monday, Biden told his Wall Street donors that actually, he is not proposing any new legislation to rein in corporate power or change corporate behavior — and this was reported exactly nowhere, even as his campaign blasted it out to the national press corps.

You don’t have to believe me, you can read the full pool report that the Biden campaign distributed to the press after his teleconference fundraiser. That event was headlined by Jon Gray, a top executive at the Blackstone Group, which is a private equity behemoth at the center of the [climate], [health care] and [pension] crises. Blackstone executives had already donated $130,000 to the [Biden campaign] and $350,000 to [a super PAC] supporting him.

Here’s the relevant section, reviewing what Biden said:

Second question, again from Mr. Gray, who noted that there are “a bunch of business leaders” on the line. “What do you think is essential to get this economy rolling again?”

“I come from the corporate state of American, many of you incorporated here,” said Mr. Biden. “It used to be that corporate America had a sense of responsibility beyond just CEO salaries and shareholders.”

“Corporate America has to change its ways. It’s not going to require legislation. I’m not proposing any. We’ve got to think about how we deal people back in."

There’s an obvious contradiction here. Before making these comments, Biden had previously promised to pass legislative initiatives to change corporate behavior on everything from [climate change] to [tax policy]. He has an entire section of his website outlining promises to pass [corporate accountability legislation]. He has received [praise for these kind of promises].

But now he’s telling his donors they can rest assured that legislation to change corporate behavior is not forthcoming. Indeed, read Biden’s comment again: “It’s not going to require legislation. I’m not proposing any.”

Biden lies as much as Trump. Maybe more. But he’s better at it. He’s the more effective evil.

Why should I vote for him?

I won’t. I won’t vote for either lying dog-faced pony soldier. And neither should anyone else!


I respect anyone’s final decision on who they might choose to vote for.
Joe Biden for all of his apparent and supposed flaws, he isn’t anywhere near as horrible as trump. Not in the same immoral universe.
The voters already decided twice now that a Bernie revolution of big changes was too uncomfortable for them. Biden’s incremental, if any changes are 1000 times more acceptable than trump’s, even though they may not be the progressives cup of tea. imho

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Good to see Ilhan join Bernie et al in this bill. “Way past time” we do away with theses subsidies as Bernie says.

I have been confounded by Kennedy’s challenge of Markey’s seat. They are generally on the same side of the issues – both either sponsored or co-sponsored this bill. Is it because Kennedy believes that a Massachusetts Senate seat should by royal decree be occupied by a Kennedy?

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Biden inhabits exactly the same dark universe Trump is from. Biden was there first. His flaws aren’t “apparent” or “supposed:” they’re real. Look at Biden’s career. I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand why anyone who has looked at him carefully doesn’t see who he is.

As for voters “preferring” Biden, perhaps. But don’t you realize that’s because the MSM consistently lied to voters about both Bernie and Biden? Who do you think voters would have preferred if the MSM had been even slightly honest?

I no longer have an interest in Bernie since he endorsed Biden. I still have in interest in Bernie’s policies. In the age of COVID, Bernie’s policies are increasingly relevant even if he himself no longer is.


It makes much more sense to destroy the Republofascist Party first, which is on the verge of imploding anyway. With a landslide defeat of Trump, & a Democratic sweep of Congress, people will be exiting the GOP like lemmings & those remaining will engage in vicious intraparty fighting for the little that remains.

If the Democrats continue to ignore & dismiss the progressives, then the progressives can & should leave the party & join with progressive Independents & 3rd parties to form a new party or coalition of existing parties. Corporatist Democrats could join with corporatist Never Trumpers fleeing the GOP, & then you’d have 2 major parties again, this time far to the left of what we have now, & a configuration where progressives finally have a decent chance of winning some presidential contests.

When a party becomes too big & powerful, it tends to begin to splinter & disintegrate, especially when any faction is consistently deprived of any real power, which has happened time after time to the progressives. So if progressives continue to have no real say, it makes sense at that point for them to finally give up on the Democrats & make their own party coalescing with the many independent & 3rd party progressives.


Taking your standard, writ large, what about Howie Hawkins? Do you believe he is nowhere as horrible as Biden? If so, will you vote for him?