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For a New Generation of Climate Activists, It’s Too Late to Wait


For a New Generation of Climate Activists, It’s Too Late to Wait

Chris Wright

BONN, Germany - I remember pretending not to be so excited. There was this nervous energy that kicked up my heels as I prowled through the U.N. negotiations that afternoon. You could feel it all around. Circling our meeting point like sharks quietly rounding our prey. If you knew what to look for, you would know exactly what was about to happen.

All it took was a side glance, and a slip of a white t-shirt, and the voices rose up.


Recently indigenous leaders from the Ecuadorian Amazon urged Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang to cancel plans for Chinese state oil company Andes Petroleum to drill for oil in their territory. Li has
promised to use an “iron fist” to punish companies that destroy the environment. Ask him to live up to his promise and cancel China’s plans to drill the Amazon.


Consider the time element in the massive front-loaded predatory drive to extract ‘profit’. Constitutions and societal/social equilibrium are being preyed upon and treated as ‘externalized costs’ to be extracted from 99% of the world. It is control by systemic premises of transnational impoverishment - the core of the dominant derivative system rhetoric of what it means to be ‘developed’. It sets alarm bells ringing that everything - monoculture, mining, drilling, criminalization, surveillance, secrecy, TTIP ‘trade’ has to be done NOW!

Gee, why is that? Could it be that the dominant systems thinking is so thoroughly spreadsheet metric self-referential that it cannot break out of the maelstrom of free fall failed models? One thing about so many aspects being ‘externalized’ is that they are neither seen nor recognized. Imagine that - whoopie! instant miracles of metrics. The component of greatest conceptual expansion is that which is said to not exist. Guess Noam Chomsky was on the right track: looks kind of schizophrenic, doesn’t it?

Look at the hyper fast computer algorithms being used for derivatives trading; how many millions of homes and how many communities decimated to feed the bank operations that STILL must be bailed out; the indigenous peoples who must be forever sacrificed - for what? a system that cannibalizes its own starting with ‘others’ and climbing the food chain of starvation - both literal and figurative?

Look at the social spiritual ie: functional consequences of institutionalization of lying by omission. Why is it done? To buy time to buy power because so many fundamental aspects of equilibrium are being shed that it really begs the question: what does ‘the end of time’ really mean? I really don’t think natural time is a matter of concern here.

The media apocalyptic craze, the dystopian systemic imaginary is produced to make YOU make IT a self fulfilling prophesy. The system is so dependent on usurpation and impoverishment that it MUST extract in one region and keep the social, ecological, and real economic consequences secret from the “consumers” in the sales regions. Perhaps this is why behemoth operations, I mean trade deals like TTIP must be kept secret. Its like a cartoon of a delusional perpetual motion machine. Soul? I see no indication of there being any soul in this configuration, much less any benign long term logic.

Be strong, loving and as the old aeronautical engineer put it: Simplicate and add lightness.

“We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody.”
R. Buckminster Fuller

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