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For a Path Forward on Climate, Let’s Learn From the Original New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/17/path-forward-climate-lets-learn-original-new-deal

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I have watched 40 years of bipartisan dismantling of “the original New Deal”, dismantling that continues unabated.

None of the progress that Cha advocates can start until all of the “original New Deal” regulations that have been decriminalized in the name of “deregulation” are restored.

Let’s learn from millions of little kids. During the Depression, kids were saddened that their friends and classmates were suddenly killed or crippled by polio. They sent their dimes in to President Roosevelt, who himself was in a wheelchair from polio. That, and not through any government largesse at all, is how the Salk polio vaccine was funded. The March of Dimes was originally 100% about polio. Polio just disappeared from the U.S. of A. around 1960.

If kids are scared of the predictions of climate change, maybe the kids need to do something that our federal government and all of our state governments too can’t ever, ever seem to do.


Don’t these “experts” look at the facts. We have yet another ill-informed article that claims the New Deal is something to boast about.

The New Deal failed. It took a war to bring the USA out of the depression, not FDR’s economic policies nor his labor camps.

As a brief summary by me here


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Climate change:… People will respond, will have no choice but to respond when they realize that the planet’s life support system is collapsing, is being destroyed by our current way of living. But by that time it may be too late for them to do nothing but to react to the chaos. And governments and corporations they too, they will not respond to take preventative actions, no they cannot as they are locked into obligations to their people and to their shareholders…Certainly the Biden administration will not have the power to make the necessary changes…

Nope…at this time, real change can only happen at the individual level…I mean YOU dear reader… You must prepare for what is coming, for no one else will… A New Message has been delivered into this world by a greater power, a message to warn you, to prepare you and to bless you for what is coming to this world. Part of this New Message can be found in the book, The Great Waves of Change… by Marshall Summers.

Of course, our Biosphere is ultimately not a merely Left issue at all, affecting as it does, every creature and life-from in our sacred biosphere. Republicans have been “lead” by such an unhealthy guy -who, -it follows… appointed equally unhealthy men and women who will be sycophantic to him, that the Repub.'s have just been wholly out of touch with reality!

“Repubs have been totally out of touch with reality” ?

When Saint Ron ascended the throne 40 years ago the “repubs” created a new reality. Subsequent to the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation the Democrats enabled that reality to embed itself. Trump is not an anomaly…simply what we would expect on the path to neofeudalism.

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The Spectrum of Sustainability (Comparing Tomatoes to Tomatoes)
Back to Reality

Good read. Thanks for that perspective.

The New Deal did not pull America out of the depression. It helped absolutely hugely and might have accomplished that if the Republicans hadn’t put a lid on it. But they did just as things were getting better; so it took WWII to do the trick.

The Democrat party fat cats nixed a Wallace VP for the last FDR term. Wallace was a socialist. Thanks to them we got the reactionary Truman who started the Cold War; and nuked the Japanese, who wanted to surrender, in order to scare Stalin.

This unfortunate lesson is behind the bloated military Keynesianism that was instituted after the War. After all, US industry made out like bandits; so they wanted it to continue and politicians were afraid the economy would shrink again without major arms production.

Stalin gave them a convenient excuse even though he had no intent to go beyond the Eastern bloc countries- many of which had been pro Nazi to varying degrees.

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Let’s just put this one to bed, if we don’t have the “balls” to do it right. Because NOTHING else will fit or fix the problem.

For one thing, we MUST fix the taxes the RICH pay (because now they DON’T). We must also fix the Lobbyists, for good this time, or they WILL kill us off, by way of “benefiting” their Corporations, and the CRAVEN ROTpublicans (and yes, more than a few Dems as well) will SELL US ALL INTO WORKING SLAVERY, in order to increase Corporate earnings.