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For a Sustainable Recovery, National Groups Call on Biden to 'Build Back Fossil Free' With 25 Executive Actions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/17/sustainable-recovery-national-groups-call-biden-build-back-fossil-free-25-executive


We need to develop an economic system based on human need not human greed.


Absolutely we do. It is, after all, a matter of survival. My own belief is that the first step to doing that is to end the stranglehold of corporations on our government…
I would be very interested in ideas of how to accomplish this, in my opinion, very necessary step.
My first step might be to make elections free, thus negating the influence of corporate money on our candidates for office.
A good second step might be to end the practice of lobbying for all but nonprofits and other charitable institutions.
Any ideas?


We must also end the stranglehold of corporations over international politics. Through “trade” agreements – which function as enshrinements of monopolies – corporations have woven the corporate rights to prey and exploit into the fabric of global governance. Arguably, this needs to change before we will have a reasonable chance of restoring the rule of People.


we know that biden is resistant to executive actions, but the science tells us we are looking at some form of societal collapse this century (or within decades depending on feedback loops). he has a moral responsibility to use every means at his disposal


“The EPA administrator should enact standards under the Clean Air Act to limit greenhouse gases and set regulations to achieve the maximum possible pollution reductions. Automotive standards must be renewed so that all new cars are zero emission no later than 2030.”

These two sentences are diametrically opposed. “Maximum pollution reduction” is only possible with a significant number of “non zero emission” plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. PHEV tech should serve 60% of EV demand and need. BEV tech would serve the remainder, mostly in lightweight vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cell tech may only serve a niche market of ‘stationary’ power purposes rather than EVs. Hydrogen utilized in PHEV drivetrains store at much lower pressure and meters more reliably into an ICEngine of a PHEV than in a fuel cell EV.

The first reason to defend PHEV tech is based on “equitable” battery resource distribution.
The following chart demonstrates that point:
“1” BEV freight truck 550kwh battery pack.
“30” BEV Tesla ‘S’ sedan 85kwh battery packs.
“170” PHEV Chevy Volt 18kwh battery packs.
“500” PHEV Prius 5kwh battery packs.

The freight truck will burn out a battery pack in less than 2 years
The equivalent battery resource in passenger cars will last 10 years,
plus up to 5 years as stationary ‘low-power’ supply for household use.

The Chevy Volt is rated an effective 150mpg, an 80% reduction of CO2 derived from various biofuels including ‘near’ zero emission hydrogen. The Prius is rated an effective 110mpg, a 65% reduction of these “renewable” biofuels. PHEV tech achieves this terrific mileage only by driving less.

Solar PV arrays are arranged in two types: Decentralized rooftop arrays or vast arrays in fields located in rural settings, Centralized and dependent upon long-distance transmission lines and regional utility grids which are vulnerable to power outage. Rooftop and neighborhood mini-grids will keep the lights on, fridge, stove and communication devices working indefinitely in power grid failure. Rooftop solar ‘complements’ regional utility grids. Rooftop solar arrays are smaller when matched to the smaller battery pack of a household PHEV.

I’m willing to explain several additional benefits PHEVs offer, but if this post doesn’t quite prove my point to posters here, they can just chant “Leave it in the ground” and watch with dismay as Amazon buys up all the battery and solar PV resources to waste on their frikin BEV trucks and delivery vans until they’re gone and Bezos retires to one of his reclusive sustainable plantation estates while the world burns.

The fossil fuel industry, especially David Koch with Exxon’s minor help, hires trolls to come on these comment forums. They are ordered to be as vague and off-topic as possible, as long-winded as possible and put in as many comments as possible.

Whenever SOMEONE ELSE converts to automated transit 20 feet above the street, we can ship half ton freight pods and people’s personal gondolas too with battery packs that swap out every ten miles or so. If we never need more than a ten mile range, any old battery will work fine.

Pods will also fit onto the overhead equivalent of commuter trains to get vast numbers of pods into downtowns at rush hour. Pods will then park themselves and pick up your groceries.

When I say someone else will invent this, I mean that some other nation will get there first and be fabulously wealthy. The United States of America, in contrast, will suffer from climate-induced mass hunger because its people are criminal-hugging dupes these days.

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presidential campaigns should be 100% government funded. instead of serving the “donor class” you serve the taxpayers


“Vast numbers of pods will fit atop commuter trains to downtown at rush hours. Pods will then park themselves and pick up your groceries.”

“Driverless” AV (automated vehicles, pods) is a ruse meant to distract public attention from actual solutions to traffic havoc, air pollution and many woes from which corporate interests derive income. If they were safely possible - they aren’t and never will be - they would only do more harm than good.

I would like to see all elections free to qualified candidates. The giveaway of the airwaves was the single biggest theft in all of history frankly and it is time for the media to give back. Free airtime, free print space, election day a national holiday!


“Ending new fossil fuel permits”

That shouldn’t be hard. What about ending OLD fossil fuel permits?

SADLY (so what?) we are going to have to “whip the soles of their feet,” to fix their attention on what needs to happen now. We MUST handle Climate Change, we MUST fix up what Donald Trump BROKE, and in the process fix up the damage to come, if we don’t kick the Bloody Fascists out of our misery (hey, THEY caused it in the first place!).