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For Agenda That 'Betrays American People' Resigning Interior Dept. Advisor Calls on Zinke to Quit


For Agenda That 'Betrays American People' Resigning Interior Dept. Advisor Calls on Zinke to Quit

Julia Conley, staff writer

"You have not silenced me; I will continue to be an outspoken advocate for action, and my voice will be part of the American chorus calling for your resignation."


Zinke resigns, and like the clown punch bag another James Watt, Zinke pops back up. Come-on man, Americas whole political system is rotten to the core, isn’t it?


Now that’s one brave man.

We the People have a mission, and that is to take to the streets with one common message for the world to hear,



Can we find a vacant Congressional seat for this guy.

And can we have a go fund me for his campaign.

We need these guys, cause we still gotta fix things



Diogenes would be proud!


Political systems rot, but neither all nor most are rotten to the core. Humanity’s original tax collected was food, distributed to those who didn’t have the means to grow, raise, harvest and prepare their own meals.


One wonders why there isn’t a mass exodus of true public servants, such as Mr. Clement. Or perhaps there has been…but the MSM won’t cover such things as they’re too fixated on the tweets of the clown at the top and not concerned about the systemic rot. Will they even cover this story?

In any case, just as Trump is a brilliantly perfect archetype / manifestation of the degradation of American culture and politics, Zinke, Pruitt, et al are the reflections of the same. It has long been SOP (and most aggregiously though not exclusively by the GOP) for our leaders to put the hen-houses in the care of foxes. The most rapacious of them are now in those posts, and they don’t care one whit about what the majority of people think.


The original Purge started in ready for the Bush Administration.
It was brought into existence about a year prior to the Coup
(Gore v Bush SCOTUS Treason)

For so many the Scarlet Letter was attached, so that if one wasn’t in on the New Crusade for Empire,
you were eliminated.

Obama continued the Purges throughout his tenure.

Campaigners were Not brought in, in fact the grassroots website was shutdown, effectively saying
“Your assistance was appreciated, but now that is over, we don’t need your policy inputs”

You followed the rule “Sit down, Shut Up, Do as the DNC Demands” otherwise you were eliminated.
Though rather silent at the time, if you had friends still in administration, the Purge was quite obvious.

So after 16 years, all the Old Guard was purged, because continuity with the past was something neither Party wanted since the course forward was truly going to be Lawless.

So here we are. Terra Firma is now quite fluid.
Opinions without Logical Foundation are passed as Facts.
No examination, no follow up, no need for any qualifications…save One.

Your Purchase Price Please.


Because the all have families, decent health insurance, which goes with their jobs and mortgages to pay. They stand to lose any or even all of it, if they quit. So they pinch their noses, hold their breath and hope for this nightmare to blow over.


Yes, of course that goes almost without saying. Just as a large # of other citizens feel they have little choice but to work for companies whose operative principles may be in conflict with their own. Yet some do manage to draw lines that they will not go beyond - either because they can’t hold their noses that long or because they have better opportunities. In any case, my wondering was really rhetorical.


No, they won’t cover this story – because the decline & fall of the MSM is a big part of the story – the systemic rot includes the Korporate-owned MSM, a key component in the dumbing-down of 'Murika.  What little is left of the “Free Press” has been so marginalized – and infiltrated with trolls – that there’s almost no-one left to guard what little is left of our “democracy”.

That reminds me of another of Walt Kelly’s highly quotable thoughts:
    “When it comes to Terra Firma – the more firmer, the less terror.”


Zinke: an empty suit with gaping holes where a brain and heart should be, which highly qualifies him to be in the most heartless, brainless tyrant’s cabinet coterie.


Zinke was corrupt as hell when we had him as a housemember here in Montana… Moving him our of our state got us Greg “Bodyslam Reporters” Gianforte whos just as bad. Zinke’s empty words about wanting to save public land are continuing to come out just as poorly. He should do us all a favor and resign but he wont. Corrupt idiots dont resign, they have to be removed.


Sadly, Zinke was one of Trump’s better picks, as far as it goes. On a list of baddies, he was one of the least worst. Could’ve been Trump’s eldest son, who wanted it at one point.