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For All His Endless Lies, Trump Has Exposed Some Important Truths


For All His Endless Lies, Trump Has Exposed Some Important Truths

Andrew Bacevich

Irony, paradox, contradiction, consternation -- these define the times in which we live. On the one hand, the 45th president of the United States is a shameless liar. On the other hand, his presidency offers an open invitation to Americans to confront myths about the way their country actually works. Donald Trump is a bullshit artist of the first order. Yet all art reflects the time in which it’s produced and Trump’s art is no exception. Within all the excrement lie nuggets of truth.



“We can therefore thank Trump for inadvertently laying bare the reality of civil-military relations in twenty-first-century Washington: The commander-in-chief isn’t really in command.”

Preferring to not give President Balderdash any credit, I’ll note that while I agree with your general conclusions (as I almost always do) Mr. Bacevich, I believe that history will record Trump as a failure to competently obfuscate the power structure in the nation/world at this time. Obama proved much more successful at holding Toto at bay from the curtain, as did Clinton before him. The trickle of truth that is seeable from the outside is only available with those who have the patience and inclination to wait for brief glimpses.



‘For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face’–this from the Bible came to me as I read Prof. Bacevich’s latest on CD, describing so well the face we see of Trumpian D.C.
Always, insightful and well-reasoned–and dauntingly acerb and cynical, I say well done. And yet, I wish he would not only write and teach and publish, but also go on the road, to military academies and other such venues, get a pr campaign, join hands with veteran’s groups like Vietnam and Iraq Vets, do a speaking tour. Raise some ire and consciousness and dialogue, maybe. I admired the FTA tour in the Vietnam era; Jane and Tom and their troupe did us a service, early on in this America is War century. So, Thanks Andrew, for your eloquence and passion to get some metanoia in our nation–but I want you to go on the road, as well.



America is a government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich, and any who stand in there way, whether foreign or domestic, are toast.



Much of the damage to democracy and people in the US came out of the dark-side that set up the nastiness in Central America resulting in masses of people trying to find life. IF Trump or someone like him manages to keep control the military will be the question. We see the drama in Venezuela with the local military against the Trumper attempted take-over and theft of oil. Trump has always been a criminal with no loyalty to the US beyond self-benefit. Perhaps the dark-side has also been criminal in terms of power and lack of respect for ordinary people. Dark-side meaning CIA, FBI and military plus the power behind the throne.



If you have never heard Steve Schmidt define how Trump and the GOP are establishing a real threat to civil liberties for all of us, listen hear…

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I think a list of truths exposed by Trump must include the actual depth of racism, hate and bigotry in this country. Much of the public has wanted to believe that, yes, racism is certainly still with us, but that it has been confined to isolated pockets of government, institutions and some despicable individuals. It’s a dirty skeleton in our nation’s collective closet, but, hey we’re making progress, right?

So much for that myth. When enough people in this country voted to put an obvious and on the record racist and bigot in the White House and continue to support him, blindly, it’s hard to make any claim for progress. With Trump as president, the depth of racism, bigotry and hatred in this country is out in the open for all to see and it ain’t pretty.



Internationally, America cannot claim any moral high ground. We are a shit hole nation while Trump is in charge



Not to put too fine a point on it, but all of these things were apparent to anyone paying attention long before Trump.



Don’t forget that inequality doubled under Obama, his hope and change was a lie even tho he might of gave us a few more crumbs if repug had not thwarted him.



While Obama’s 8 years scored progressive with some LGBTQ social issue improvements and the Iran deal, Obama’s economic agenda was center-right (a charitable characterization, I agree) all the way and his claims of being a constitutional law expert fell flat long before he enabled the GOP to “thwart” him and he lost the ability to have a third SCOTUS appointment confirmed.



‘We can therefore thank Trump for inadvertently laying bare the reality of civil-military relations in twenty-first-century Washington: The commander-in-chief isn’t really in command.’

The author might (or might not) think he is engaging in constructive hyperbole, but he is not. In the truest, since USA has been a defacto military dictatorship since at least 9-12-01, if not earlier. And that is why wars never end, military spending is never challenged, and why the media brainwashes us to worship the military.

This is the central fact of our federal government. The military is the sun, around which all other things must orbit, otherwise they will be pulled in & incinerated.



“Central fact” indeed !

Trump is not an anomaly…just the logical extension of four decades of implementing Lewis Powell’s memo.



We are so good: The US will pay any price, bear any burden, impose any burden, sacrifice every principle to serve Israeli interests. We should ask, “how can we do more?”. To criticize this posture is anti-Semitic - after all, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East (although on reflection, what this has got to do with, I don’t know)



Speaking to lies here more from Jimmy Dore speaking to the MEDIA lies.


Hilarious “My mother left Venezuela in the 80s because of Chavez and Socialism”

It not just Trump that lies. It pervasive.



After trumpy is gone we are still a shithole nation. Going back to the ‘status quo’ isn’t going to change anything.



Excuse me, but in my opinion, all the past commander’s-in-chief’s have never really been in command! May be with exception of JFK which sent the message loud and clear that you may have been elected as POTUS but you are not really in command!



We’ve been a Korpocracy for many decades, and it’s only getting worse as the merging monopolies become fewer – and bigger – every year.

Schmidt is undoubtedly correct about the 'PoopLickens, but I turned off the video the instant he referred to the DamnocRats as being a viable alternative.  “Three Strikes” and “The War on Drugs” began long before Tweetle-Dumb was elected . . .

The current POTUS (Piece Of Totally Ugly Shit) is merely a symptom — We’ve been a shit-hole nation for a lot longer than 26 months.

O’Bummer was a failure right out of the gate when he and P’Loser let the War Criminals and the Banksters off the hook without even any investigations – much less any trials and incarcerations
– during the first months of 2009.  History will record him as better than Trump only as an orator.

Trump is an inevitability, not an anomaly.  Sadly (from my personal perspective) he arrived eight or twelve years sooner than I was expecting.   (Or maybe 32 years late:  1984 — Here At Last!! )




A Monster in the form of the President of the United States is spreading darkness and misery to you, your family, the nation and the world. He is a continuous criminal threat against the welfare of Humanity and the Biosphere. He is deliberately accelerating human extinction, with lies, threats and fear, issuing orders against the welfare and safety of millions of regular Americans.

Ancient legend tells us that once before a terrifying Monster attacked the world, spreading darkness and misery all around. An ordinary man, outraged by the Monster’s unrelenting evil, challenged the Monster in direct combat. A ferocious battle raged between the two. The man, feeling everything could soon be lost to the Monster’s darkness and misery, realized the truth of (clear) light in him and plunged that light directly into the darkness of the Monster, cutting through it, causing the Monster to die. The man was called “the hero.”

The human ability to defeat darkness is in light but we humans take light for granted, like a fish takes water for granted. Light is the origin of life, the consciousness of the Universe. Light gives you life, sight and vision; it nurtures you, sustains you and provides life to every cell in your body. Light lives in you and you live in light. We are all united in light and by light. Light is our moral imperative, the compelling experience of conscience in support of light’s life-giving behavior.

Light carries information from one place to another

And is the information it carries.

Light is the medium and the message. Æ

Light is what it is physically and what it infers psychologically.

Light, loves, guides and protects you, it gives you life, illumination and enlightenment, without condition, demand, cost or limit. Embrace light’s psychological behavior as you determine it to be using your intuition, gut feelings, commonsense and cell intelligence.

See the psychological behavior of light as the psychological behavior of a symbolic person, a pro-social hero; compassionate, benevolent and empathetic. The hero’s psychology of light can conquer the darkening world. Light and dark are a choice. Chose light. Love what loves you. Live in light. ©



I disagree G. America is not a shithole nation, we are a nation with a piece of shit at the helm. And a GOP aiding and abetting a massive cover-up of a criminal in the White House.

The portion of the country who bought the lies of the POS are being manipulated by him and the GOP to build another Nazi Germany here.

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