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For All His Endless Lies, Trump Has Exposed Some Important Truths


Myth #3.0: Bracevich is impartial

The Democrats, for all their faults, are not even 1% as devoted to “stacking the courts” as the Repuglicans. So much so, in fact, that one can only wonder if they’re not just going along with them in a Bokonovian game of “good guy bad guy”? Makes me wonder if we shouldn’t give Mr. Bracevich “the hook”?

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G, I’m laughing on the inside.




Listen to ThisOldMan. By Jove, I Think He’s Got It.




I’d eat grass first.



I think these are in spite of Trump not his doing.



Henry C. K. Liu’s article on this matter:

World trade is now a game in which the US produces dollars and the rest of the world produces things that dollars can buy. The world’s interlinked economies no longer trade to capture a comparative advantage; they compete in exports to capture needed dollars to service dollar-denominated foreign debts and to accumulate dollar reserves to sustain the exchange value of their domestic currencies. To prevent speculative and manipulative attacks on their currencies, the world’s central banks must acquire and hold dollar reserves in corresponding amounts to their currencies in circulation. The higher the market pressure to devalue a particular currency, the more dollar reserves its central bank must hold. This creates a built-in support for a strong dollar that in turn forces the world’s central banks to acquire and hold more dollar reserves, making it stronger. This phenomenon is known as dollar hegemony, which is created by the geopolitically constructed peculiarity that critical commodities, most notably oil, are denominated in dollars.



Yea, after the republicans destroyed this country economically.
Obama pretty much saved our bacon. Yet lot of damage still unresolved, as the repugs continued to fight against the Workingman.
Flush Washington of repugs, and the rest of us can rise.
That pretty obvious, why are you blaming Obama, that’s just really stupid.