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For Always Making It Clear 'Which Side He Is On,' Bernie Sanders Nabs First National Union Endorsement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/26/always-making-it-clear-which-side-he-bernie-sanders-nabs-first-national-union


Go Bernie! You’re on your way!

You’ve got this Teamster’s endorsement, again, member of Local 120 in Dubuque.


C’mon the rest of you unions out there! Bernie walks the talk for you now it is YOUR TURN!!!


No one else in this race has supported Unions and the Union movement more adamantly, more consistently and for more decades than Bernie. No one!

It’s time the Union membership kick their leadership in the ass and demand they support Bernie.

Let’s not have the crap that happened last time ha[[en again, where the Union leadership was bought by Clinton and the rank-and file had to support Bernie on their own

Bernie 2020


Lets hope that this time what’s left of union labor in the USA (and there isn’t much left) has the fortitude to go backwards, back to the days Eugene Debs.
The status quo has got to be stopped. And it has to be stopped now, or else we’ll all be standing at attention, wearing brown shirts, and singing the Corporate Anthem. Of course, it will be warm as hell. Maybe our corporate overlords will permit us to wear short pants while we sing.
While Bernie is no Eugene Debs, he’s the closest we’ve got this coming election cycle.


Can’t wait to see what teachers union and their goddamn sellout leadership do this time. Last time they couldn’t wait to suck Hillary Clinton’s member at every turn, despite the fact that the rank and file preferred Bernie.
We’ll see what happens. If Randy Weingarten screws the pooch again, tar and feathers may be in order.


SIDEBAR: https://www.cjr.org/opinion/bernie-sanders-media-silicon-valley.php

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Outside of a few, most unions are establishment supporters. Politically, just about meaningless.

Unions in support of political candidates seem to have disappeared along with the corrupt leadership and it’s Mafia ties.
It’s the lobbyists game now.