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For Better US-Iran Relations, the Iranian People Are the Key


For Better US-Iran Relations, the Iranian People Are the Key

Trita Parsi

American neoconservatives, Israeli hawks, and Arab dictators alike are haunted by the same nightmare: After a nuclear deal, the US and Iran will gravitate toward an unspoken alliance, after which the US will betray its security commitments to historical allies in the Middle East.


A terrible article . The author references the USA having its hands tied with the leaders it supports in places like Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region because those leaders best serve US Interests and then says in Iran the road to peace is to co-opt the leadership and garner the support of the people to serve those same American interests.

In other words he is saying “If we want peace the countries of the World must Serve US Interests and their goals must be the same as those of the USA”.

What poppycock.

It is the United States of America and its policies that drive this world to ruin and not the peoples of Saudi Arabia or Egypt or the leaders of Iran. Aligning oneself with "American Interests’ means a world at war run by Corporations and the theft of resources of people the world over so as to feed that beast.

Somehow I get the impression this guy is one of those exiled supporters of the Shah.