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'For Billionaires, Things Are Already Fine': Ocasio-Cortez Pinpoints Why Howard Schultz Has No Serious Tax Plan


yES, absolutely - Reagan was the beginning of the downhill slide. He initiated all of this. Instead of a shining city on the hill that Reagan fondly referenced we’ve gotten more like a neighborhood by the toxic dump with no regulation.


Sure I mean if he thinks there are better ways to do something then surely he should be able to discuss some of those better ways.


Cogent answer. Thanks, saved me a post reply.


Grass fed, grass finished beef has an Omega 3 / Omega 6 profile similar to salmon with far less CO2 impact than industrial feedlot grain fed beef.



Can’t afford a Green New Deal? Try affording global warming dystopia.


When Schultz says " BETTER WAYS" he means better ways that are a benefit to me!


We need to stop blaming parties and start blaming adult voters. If adult voters in the middle or lower classes are stupid enough to vote for Trump or someone like Schultz, they get the government they deserve.

You seem to be positing that 50% of the US population wants to vote for AOC or Bernie or some other aggressively left candidate. I see zero evidence for that hypothesis. In the rust belt states, please name me the progressive senator or congressperson who you would consider adequately progressive.

I like Andrew Yang very much and think he has the best set of solutions for the US. I don’t know if he can win in places like Iowa or Ohio or Penn.

But I think you need to stop beating the drum that the Democratic party is the problem.

The problem is the voter. The voters have LOTS of progressive choices this year. Bernie. Yang. Warren.

If they don’t choose a progressive candidate, you can say that Democratic voters aren’t really all that progressive in the US outside the coasts.


In the USA the Democratic party IS The problem. Any that continue to defend that party . one that is to the RIGHT of where the Republicans were in 1966 is part of the problem. There a reason so many ex-republicans (Warren and Hilary Clinton both) have found a home in the Democratic party is because that party IS what the Republicans once were.

Citizens in the USA have supported left of center politics for decades now for things such as expanding health care to all , something FDR originally intended to do. The reason it has not happened is the Democratic party insists on being Centrist so as to get Corporate dollars in their pockets.


When I was a child and even a young adult, the maximum income tax rate was 92%. As far as I could see the economy still worked inspite of the complaints of the rich about the high tax rates.


So you don’t realize that things are different now than then? I don’t object to higher taxes but to completely miss the change in the world from then to now and compare now to then makes no sense. Just one example: after WWII the US was flying high as the world’s remaining manufacturer and there was no concern with regard to pollution, resource availability or global warming. The high tax rate was a left over from WWII and part of the reason it didn’t affect prosperity is that the US was a powerhouse manufacturing monopoly. Things have changed.


Thanks all for clarifying and that sure is why RAY-GUNS is so revered by the right.


I will be checking for local supplies of that and beef-allo I haven’t cared for salmon in the past and have taken a twice-a-day fish oil supplement for many years.


It sure isn’t my Dem senator Baldwin. A good centrist that can work with dems and rep’s as well, but doesn’t seem to have time for progressive issues since she garnered her first million bucks.
Johnson ® is worthless.


I’m not sure that your points are valid. Yes, things have changed but they are also relative. 92% in 1955 is no different the 92% in 2019. CEO pay in the 1950s was a small multiple of the average worker’s salaries and today it has skyrocketed as they have outsourced many of our good jobs. There was a sense of loyalty to the country which seems to no longer exist in the business class. There was a certain humility and manners. No - it was not perfect but there was a focus on investment and quality. Now we seem to be focused on cheapness and quantity. Schools seemed to be better funded and worked well. Not so much now. There were many flaws in that time but I think many things worked and people were optimistic. I can’t imagine the people of those times ever even considering someone like Donald Trump for president.


Salmon best when fresh out of the water (and not farmed).


The whole country has shifted right since Reagan. Sorry, but true.

Americans have never elected a true liberal president, not once, save FDR, who was not a liberal when first elected. Perhaps one could count Jimmy Carter but what, pray tell, was his major legislative accomplishment?

The fact that most people support a higher min wage or student loan forgiveness or higher taxes on the rich is not as telling as the fact that most Americans continue to believe with religious-like zeal in the paramount virtue of free markets, low taxes, privatization, and small government. THAT is the real root problem.

Conservatives have been very successful in the last 50 years turning people against government. Almost four decades ago, Reagan famously convinced voters that government is the problem.

So, counter to your assertion, Americans at actual ballot boxes in actual elections have certainly NOT supported left of center politics.

At every state and federal level, Americans have voted for more hard right Republicans than left leaning liberals in the past 30 years. Full stop. This explains why so many senators, congressmen, governors, and state legislatures continue to be in Republican hands.

The real hard-to-swallow reason that so many Americans have not voted for progressives is that most Americans, especially white Americans over 40, are NOT progressive. They never have been, except on a few social issues, like gay marriage and pot legalization.

I haven’t seen a wave of protest against ICE’s treatment of immigrants at the border. If most Americans were truly progressive, there would be much louder and larger protests.

Moreover, there is also not one America. What works for AOC in New York will not work for Joe Manchin in West Virginia and did not work for Beta O’Rouke in Texas.

I do believe many Americans are drifting left, albeit slowly, but once again, there is no voting majority to make America into a more socialist country like Sweden or France. Not yet. Hence the only Democrats that win elections are centrists like Obama and Clinton (do not forget that they are the only 2 Dems elected POTUS in the past 40 years, doesn’t seem very progressive to me).

In a recent Hill TV poll, 76% of Americans said they would not vote for a socialist politician. Now that’s a conservative org and may be off, but where outside the northeastern US has an avowed socialist won? Where in any red state, in any rust belt state, in any southern state, in Florida or Texas?

To go on record, I like Andrew Yang. I think his understated, anti-slick personal presentation, his sublime intelligence, and his support for UBI in the age of AI may well attract a lot of working class voters.

I certainly hope so.

Lastly, the Democrat party is what liberal voters make it. Everyone seems to remember that Hillary beat Bernie, no one seems to remember that Obama beat Hillary. It can be done if VOTERS, not THE PARTY.
Whining that progressives can’t get elected because of “THE PARTY” is both counter-factual and defeatist.

It’s a democracy. It doesn’t run on auto-pilot or hope or idealism. Everyone has to grab a ballot and vote in, first the Democrat primaries, second the national election. Sitting on the sidelines and complaining about big brother is, to state the obvious, the path to more losing. And holding out for, and supporting nothing less than, your ideal progressive, is equally defeatist.


How well are things for assholes like this? He has a six percent approval rating, no real policies, no popular support, and of course a townhall on CNN. That is how good he has it. He offers nothing and the media can’t give him enough exposure to annoy almost the entire country. It would make more sense to give Jill Stein a townhall than this sleep inducing prick.


I would argue that the Democratic Party is in transition to becoming a Progressive Party, if we continue to vote in candidates like AOC.


Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Pete ButtiGeig: all liberal as hell, all from the rust belt.


The guy is literally running on nothing more than being a centrist.

As such, he needs no actual policies. Just positioning.