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For Canada's 2015 Election, Green Party Sets the Bar on the Environment


For Canada's 2015 Election, Green Party Sets the Bar on the Environment

Ole Hendrickson

Canadian voters who care about the environment above other issues will likely vote for Green Party candidates in the upcoming election. The recently released Green Party platform, Vision Green, covers everything from Arctic strategy to zero waste. It addresses important issues such as "Railways—re-establishing the national dream," and "Reporting the well-being of the nation more accurately."


I have reviewed this policy platform several times over and on each reading find myself ever more likely to vote Green.

Preserving the environment trumps everything .


Proportional Representation (Fair Voting) is used in Canada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-party_system A vote for Greens in Canada means:

One of the key advantages is that Canadians have several options in terms of who they can vote for. There is a greater variety of perspectives presented which means that more Canadians could potentially identify or agree with at least one of the party’s policies and be more prompted to vote in an election or become involved in the political process. Also, when more parties have seats in the House of Commons, more ideas can be shared and more views of Canadians can be represented and debated. In a multi-party system, there is also more likely to be a minority government which means that the party in power doesn’t have enough seats to pass laws and make decisions without the support of members from other parties, especially the opposition. This means that the government is held more accountable as they don’t have the power to simply do what they want without the other parties weighing in. It provides a balance whereby different views are represented and power is more shared. http://hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/mackinso/CAN%20HIST%2011/Why%20did%20Canada%20develop%20into%20a%20multi-party%20system.htm

A vote for Greens in the US does not register and is lost. Bernie supporters could lobby to include proportional representation in his electoral reform platform.


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