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For 'Challenging Us All to Confront the Realities of the Climate Crisis,' Greta Thunberg and Fridays for Future Movement Win Amnesty's Top Human Rights Award

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/07/challenging-us-all-confront-realities-climate-crisis-greta-thunberg-and-fridays


A very well-deserved BRAVO to all the young (and old) activists who see the truth and actually give a damn! My respect to all.

The flip-side is the denial of the crisis and silencing of voices that attempt to inform and educate.

US schools accused of censoring climate crisis message in graduation speeches

“Students say authorities have barred them from reading a text that warns of ‘catastrophic climate change’ for being too political”
“More than 350 students set to speak at ceremonies as valedictorians, or in other roles, have pledged to read the message, but many have complained that educational authorities have barred them from doing so”
“Many of the US students planning to speak out say they were inspired by Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager who inspired an international wave of school strikes over the climate crisis.”



All these kids, all over the globe and here at home? I paid a visit to a few sites, nothing grand in searching but there was no mention of Greta, the award or the kids fight. Only here. I have been updating my site and have seen an increase because someone on reddit posted something. I fear in america t___p has dumbed the country down to the point that stupidity is the brand. The actual news is much worse than we think but we gotta try.


“Non deve cambiare il clima, ma devono cambiare i nostri abitudini”–“Climate does not have to change but our habits must change” --can anyone honestly argue with that?

With appologies to @PonyBoy (for dabbling in his turf and beating him to it)

The Who



PonyBoy says, “Play it loud and proud.”

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Screw Perez and the DNC. Greta could come to America and we’ll have our own climate debate.

Thank you Greta. Love and congratulations.


No, Greta Thundberg - this award is yours - and yours only.

Glad to see Kumi Naidoo is at Amnesty International.

I was looking around in downtown Calgary this am, where I went for my morning read.

And was amazed at the diversity of types of human beings I saw arrayed about me.

We are the ‘Lone Survivor’ of the many homo species from our Ice Age past, but far from reducing diversity, we are here I think because we have the most diversity encoded in our genes.

Resourceful, adaptable, curious almost beyond words.

That is our hope for the future.

We can and will change behaviors in the awesome presence of climate change, the crash in biodiversity, overpopulation, and perhaps exponentially increasing complexity.

We will need to choose & prioritize - this requires wisdom.

"Pain makes man think,
Thinking makes man wise,
Wisdom makes life endurable"

  • Marlon Brando in “Teahouse of the August Moon”

Wish she would but she will only travel by train or car.

Maybe by cruise ship.

I am a 71 year old, so I remember the power youth had in the anti-war movement. You don’t realize your power- or maybe you do. I hope so, for I have three young grand children who’s future I am very concerned about. Concerned does not cover it- I am terrified for them. If you have grand parents or other folks who love you, please talk to them about the future you hope to have- the one you are fighting for.


I heard her tell Robert Llewellyn that she will only travel by electric car. That is how she traveled to Poland- where Robert interviewed her.

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I fear that the only ones who are listening are not the ones who can truly change the trajectory of fossil fuel. The wealthy owners who only see their profits and power diminishing and they will never let that go.

If this young woman came to the US she’d find out just how awful it is here. Anybody else posting ever get beaten by cops? It changes you for life and forces you to realize just how rotten this all is.

Hell,if she came she’d probably start being threatened with assassination like some of the uppity women now in congress…you know, those ‘commie socialist feminazi’ types that are out to destroy the country and ‘our way of life’ !! S/

The wealthy never let go of their privileges without force. Never have in history. And they control pretty much everything at this point. The kids are starting to find that out.

@emphyrio started these replies by posting the Guardian article about the censorship going on all across the US by school authorities, and those of us who have been through this know where the censorship leads to. State-sanctioned violence.

The wealthy are not nice people, they are not smarter than you, they are not going to let go of their power, and they’ve got enough of their ‘judges’ in positions to make sure that doesn’t happen. And they’ve gotten their enforcers armed with war weapons and total immunity for any acts of violence perpetrated on civilians worse than back in the 60s & 70s. Talk about what a perp is, look at the uniforms and think to yourself just what kind of people are beating protesters…still. Not much has changed, has it?

What does one do when the so-called ‘legal system’ is infested with cockroaches masquerading as judges? Who can one appeal to for change? Us old fart longhairs certainly know the answer to that one from experience.

I wish the kids luck but don’t hold out much hope. Too much experience tends to do that.


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I kinda doubt it because of the massive pollution required to sail the sea. For her it is all about what pollutes the least.

God bless Greta whatever she does.

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She truly is a Hero. Someone we can all aspire to be like, a shinning example of what being a human is all about. I could go on and on and on :-)))The thing that is the wonder is she set herself up, personally, to face danger alone. That speaks volumes about her character and integrity. WOW.

“Anyone get beaten by cops”
I am what is politely called electrically sensitive. And even this is denied by the general public and trolls in particular. Doctors are not allowed to diagnose it as anything except lulu. Every domicile I live in gets electrically maladjusted so that shocking me via computer to the circuit box is a very frequent event. My muscle are always getting pinged and sore. Security alerts sound at every public transportation event I go to and appear on everyone’s phone everywhere I go, every phone except mine that is. Security gates can be painful to pass through, especially for my knee, which crosses the threshold first. This phone? I wrap it in rubber electrical tape.
I am happy that the kids are protesting. I won’t go stand on the street, but I’ll try to find other ways to help.