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For Chronically Ill People Like Me, the ACA Repeal Is Life Or Death


For Chronically Ill People Like Me, the ACA Repeal Is Life Or Death

Jamison Hill

I haven’t been able to get out of bed on my own in nearly two years—and I’m only 28 years old.

For more than a year I was unable to speak, sit up, or eat solid food. In June 2015, first responders wheeled me into the emergency room, too weak to eat, drink, or elevate my head. I had been, essentially, waiting to die of dehydration. Besides administering some much-needed fluids, doctors offered little help.


Sorry to learn about your health issues, Jamison. Several physicians have videos worth
watching on line [you tube] and free subscriptions-www.nutritionfacts.org. Nutrition is a key
factor regarding our health. Meats, dairy and eggs have been incriminated in causing a
variety of diseases in areas using the standard western diet but not in areas of the world where they aren’t -Asia, Africa. Now that fast foods are becoming global these Western diseases are showing up in the places utilizing them. Dr. Michael Greger wrote a book - How Not To Die -
which is worth reading as is a video _Forks Over Knives. Best of good luck to you.


I hear you loud and clear! I had no health insurance for 15 years prior to the ACA. In late 2013 I began experiencing severe, devastating pain on a weekly basis. I got ACA coverage 1/1/14, went to the hospital, and found that I had a necrotic gallbladder and kidney cancer. I am still paying off the debt of three major surgeries in 2014, but it was under 10,000 dollars and I am grateful to still be alive to pay it off. Had it not been for the ACA, I would be dead now, having died in excruciating, prolonged pain. It ain’t perfect, but the availability of health insurance, and thus access to necessary health care, saved my life. I therefore have to conclude that republicans are actively trying to kill people like you and me by denying us affordable access to health care.


If our Government was not a sham, it would have been spending Military-like sums on, among other necessities, Antibiotics.
It has not been a secret that the number of effective Antibiotics has been dwindling, while bacteria continue to Mutate and Evolve.
While the Military continues to absorb more and more of the Government’s Discretionary Spending like an out of control sponge, the Research and Development of new Antibiotics, by the Nation that put a Man on the Moon, is treated like a Dickensian Orphan.
As has been suspected by perceptive observers, that the loss of millions of Common People worldwide may be in the plans of the true PTB, this Negligence may be intentional, as it makes not the slightest bit of sense otherwise.


In addition to wasting money on the military, the DC politicians committed $20 trillion of US taxpayers’ money to bailing out too-big-to-fail banks after they crashed the economy in 2008 when those banks controlled 25% of US bank assets.

The $20 trillion and favorable legislation has enabled those banks to control 50% of US bank assets today with no end of sight in their march to monopoly and even bigger bailouts the next time they crash the economy.

The amount spent bailing out banks (that should have been broken up and sold off) is more than enough to fund the first DECADE of Sanders’ single payer medical insurance covering ALL Murkins.


To the author, I would like to say I am so sorry. I too, have CFS, and have was deemed “totally disabled” by the medical community ten years ago. I was therefore able to obtain early Medicare and Social Security, without which I would be doomed. I am wondering why the author didn’t mention SSDI, because it’s available if one has the requisite disabilities. Also, Medicare comes with it, which is a lifesaving program for me, I also developed serious pancreatic disease, and have a feeding tube in my small intestine, so things have gone from bad to worse, but at least I have those two federal programs. Please, find out if you are eligible!

All the very best, fellow sufferer!