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'For Common Benefit of All,' Ireland Nationalizes Hospitals for Duration of Coronavirus Crisis, Sparking Demand for US to Follow Suit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/26/ireland-nationalizes-hospitals-duration-coronavirus


After all, there is still sanity in an insane world. Thank you, Ireland!!


“How wonderful is this. A beautiful silver lining.”
How good to read some good news for a change! Thank you Ireland!


Let’s remember that the party that now holds the reins of power in the U$ does not believe in good governance. On what basis would one expect them to run a nationalized hospital system starting with zero inertia and perhaps a perverse incentive to sabotage the effort in order to prove their ideological underpinnings? Color me skeptical, if not downright cynical on this matter.


Not mentioned in this article the (nominally at least) socialist Sinn Fein Party broke the Fine Fail/Fine Gael Duopoly stranglehold in Ireland’s most recent national (s)election by getting about 30% of the parliamentary vote.

It’s all very complex as the parties jockey to form a new government, but the pressure is clearly on from a significant and clearly identifiable left party (and coalitions) forcing this and like actions.

Such formations don’t exist in the U.S. at a significant level as we dance the Kabuki dance into oblivion.


Ah. But will England follow suit. It’s in the process of completely dismantling it public healthcare system and giving it to investors. My guess is that Boris the Bonehead will pass. As for the US? It’ll be a cold day in hell before it happens here. Even the DNC is totally against it.

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And then there are the talking points. Can’t you just about hear them already.
“We won’t let government decide who gets what care and when.”
We know the game. Are we prepared to deal with it if it were ever to become a reality?

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My thoughts precisely. Thank you. The people in power here would F it up without question.

What we used to inherit from our mothers and fathers, important agricultural knowledge, artisanal and cultural wisdom, a sense of place and belonging, have all been traded in for money or the acquisition of money.


British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell own Houston, Texas.
The London bond salesmen created the demand for USA mortgage backed bonds that bubble broke in 2008. They skimmed off their 2% commission and offloaded the junks as AAA+++ to trusting buyers.

So, screw the Britz.
Ike did it once.
They woke up broke.

I would call you insightful and WISE, Owl.

Could be happening here without the corrupt propaganda of the corporate-owned media.


Not as long as there are neo-libs posing as progressives.

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It may all be in the numbers. But, I fear the numbers (the votes) are still in jeopardy.

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“Even the DNC” … ?? I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you! Who’d a thunk it? Who’d a thunk that one essential half of the GOP-DNC monopoly would be against nationalizing hospitals? What’s next? Is the DNC going to announce that it, too, is against peace?? Good golly Miss Molly. There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on.


You expressed what I was thinking when I read that,


my first reaction, too: ‘didn’t Sinn Fein finally win?’

'cause this doesn’t happen otherwise.

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Meanwhile, it looks like America is going to be on top of the Coronavirus Sweepstakes by the end of the day!!
Berners for Mr. MaGoo
(Wasn’t he a bit short-sighted too??:slight_smile:
Let Rome Bern!!!

Let’s make it permanent.


Can I apply for a Visa to Ireland? 80% Irish ancestry, right here!

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