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'For Common Benefit of All,' Ireland Nationalizes Hospitals for Duration of Coronavirus Crisis, Sparking Demand for US to Follow Suit

Here’s Sinn Fein’s election statement on healthcare.

“Sinn Féin is committed to the realisation of a world-class system of universal health care, accessed on the basis of need, free at the point of delivery, and funded by progressive taxation for the Irish state. We believe there is no greater good worth striving for.”


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They have all been outted now. Maybe the virus will free us of their closed minded ineptitude…

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Pump ya fist if ya love freedom
Pump ya fist if ya love culture

For 150 years you been creatin’ us
be hatin’ like Satan
by beratin’ us
in punch cartoons,
you depicted us as swill
and whack TV shows like that dead fool Benny Hill
Amazin’ ya never came to your senses
Figured out you’d have to face the consequences
Sent us across the water but you didn’t scope the tide
and now the tide is risin’ worldwide


From Devoy to O’Neill and John O’Mahoney
to Joe McGarrity and Michael Flannery
Sedition’s our tradition and it won’t just go away
Say it loud say it proud I will stay an
Unrepentant Fenian Bastard
Unrepentant Fenian Bastard
Unrepentant Fenian Bastard
Respect to all who refuse to be mastered


They won, but didn’t win.They got the largest % of votes, but didn’t have candidates in a lot of districts (a lot like the (S)Electoral College in the U.S. Also, the FF/FG Duopoly only need a small party or indpendents to retain a majority. Lottsa dealing going on until a new government is formed – or there is another election. Meanwhile, the same neoliberals govt is in control.

Also, as a side note: in the localities where Sinn Fein controls govt (they have pretty much sold out any pretenses of socialism, democracy or even benefits for the 99%. sodon’t hold your breath. But it makes a nice story for lib/progs in the U.S. and beats dingo the work of trying to organize for left power in our reality.


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You don’t need a visa. Nationality might be a bit harder.

The irish still apparently have some politicians and leaders who give a damn about nation and people; that morality and integrity is clearly extinct in the good-ol USA. the 2 trillion bailout scam succors the wealthy with a few bones for workers but nothing for the poor or others outside the “system”. Munchkin should be hung.

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I thought that Ireland already had national healthcare. Is it an apples and oranges set of differences or what?

My sentiments. “for the duration…?” same old. Turn the expense over to the taxpayer in total and then hand it back to private control so the corporations can continue where they left off raping the public purse.


Spot on! I said it ‘tongue in cheek’. Should have put quotes around it. The point I was trying to make there was that the DNC is, at last, showing its true stripes in full view. There was a time when the DNC would do this shit behind closed doors. The beauty of Trump is that now the curtain has not only been rolled back; it’s been torn down. The grotesque monsters are now in full view. And even better, they’re proud to be in full view. If Americans can’t see them now, then they never will. Thanks for your reply!

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QUESTION: For about 10 minutes this AM I could not link to any of the CD articles or opinions. Started to think that maybe CD had been attacked by hackers. Anyone else experience this?