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For Corporate Media, Bloomberg Is the Better Billionaire


For Corporate Media, Bloomberg Is the Better Billionaire

Molly Knefel

On the third night of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took the stage to tout his non-partisanship and call for a “sane, competent person” for president. It was a celebration of conservative centrism, and so was the establishment media’s reaction—to a politician who is also one of the nation’s most powerful media moguls.


Thank you. Bloomberg has been a mess for New York and a perfect fit for Clinton.
His appearance at the convention was right in line with the other very well off people she assembled. Never caring that most of the voters she needs are in deep financial trouble and can't relate to her buddies.
Bloomberg has a terrible reputation for his very poor decisions among the real people. He certainly isn't a better billionaire to us and Clinton is completely out of touch.


"I know what a con looks like.”

Everyone quoted here does

Every time they look in the mirror.


When was the last time so many cons convened as they did in Philly at CLINTONCON last week ??