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For Corporate Media, It’s ‘Anybody But Sanders or Warren’

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/02/corporate-media-its-anybody-sanders-or-warren


We have to keep in mind that mainstream corporate embedded media are not there to represent corporate interests. They ARE corporate interests. Which is why, as I wrote in an artice, they are not the free press.
So do we have a free press? Yes, we do – not the embedded corporate mainstream media but the reality that we have alternative sources of legitimate journalisl and institutions that monitor, fact check and correct them. Those of us who want to be informed know that it takes a little digging but, because we have a free press, the truth is available to us if we look beyond the official shills.

I was surprised yesterday to find a positive opinion piece on Sanders in the Times, certainly an aberration , most of the comments were pro-Bernie.


I wouldn’t tout an endorsement from the NYTimes’ designated right wing ideologue as too too important.

As for the media and the way it shills for the d-party establishment, there’s a fundamental reason. The power structure of the Democrats is center right and the media is forced to report this plain and simple fact: 60 Blue Dogs exert many times the influence over the party than 90 members of the House Progressive Caucus. And let’s be real, half of that Progressive Caucus consists of moderates. Need an example? Here you go:


Just a reminder, “anyone but Sanders and Warren” includes supporting this guy instead:

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The voters are finally realizing the legacy of joe “credit-card/banker debt” biden - the campaign-contribution bribes he received from education lenders he chose to serve rather than American education opportunities! That debt-slavery biden served has dominated the lives of 45 million people under crushing financial usury

Joe Biden never served the American people, only predatory lenders and debt/interest slavery! He is still the same old swill trying to pass as new wine! Just like the other “stop Bernie” at any cost DINO “centrist” establishment streetwalker candidates whose job #1 is stop Bernie! (and Liz for that matter) biden, buttigieg, klobuchar, and the late-comer billionaire attempting to buy the nomination, all sellout (or buyout) shills to deny Bernie the nomination that threatens the system so much!

Bernard Sanders, the Real Deal, for the people and new direction!


Hard to disagree with premise of the article… a repeat of Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent” manifesto.

I think for hard analysis though, Solomon should turn to TV, then MSM websites (not newspapers), as Americans generally don’t “read”/surf beyond the title, but rather look at images… so again CNN, NBC, ABC audio visuals including the debates as spectacle/ game-show.

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No, they don’t say “anyone but Warren”. That is reserved for Bernie only. Warren’s just not their first choice, but they know she will back down if pushed.


If the 95% of us that vote for the NeoLiberal or Neoconservative candidate every four years does so again in 2020, we may lose the opportunity to once more vote for someone like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

Support for "Centrist candidates will never bring about true social change, as those candidates are already loyal to the moneyed interests that have bought and paid for their loyalty.


Thanks as always, Norman.

One caveat: while I think your “ABSW” analysis is accurate - and that it makes the important point that, despite being less progressive, Warren, too, is opposed by mainstream media - the one thing missing is the ‘Bernie news blackout’ which works by making Warren the single news-mentioned representative of any progressive political issue.

Thus, for example, you find whole articles on Warren’s M4A plan - attacked by corporate media…but w/no mention of Sanders’ plan - though his commitments and plan long predated hers, though support for her plan is built on his and his “army” putting M4A on the table, and though it obscures the breadth of electoral and progressive support to make Warren the sole representative of pro-M4A views.

In the end, mainstream media is not only erasing Sanders from the public eye - in focusing on Warren only, it’s at the same time admitting progressive ideas into the news by focusing on the weaker and less threatening proponent…


The DINO corporate-whore, big-money machine is flirting with disaster for us all as they attempt to cling to power by coddling the right and betraying the progressive/independent left.

Their “strategy” failures certain the recipe to “win” is abandon the left and seek support from “centrist” ex-trump voters - an arrogant stupidity that defies common sense and the Common Good!

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results" - the MO of the DINO sellout camp!

Corrupt and blind to the truth of what the electorate supports, and why 100 million eligible voters didn’t bother in 2016 - didn’t bother because of the DP craven timidity and myopic constipated stupidity!

" Noam Chomsky: Preliminary comment: I find it psychologically impossible to discuss the 2020 election without emphasizing, as strongly as possible, what is at stake: survival, nothing less".

“Four more years of Trump may spell the end of much of life on Earth, including organized human society in any recognizable form. Strong words, but not strong enough.”


Noam Chomsky: Preliminary comment: I find it psychologically impossible to discuss the 2020 election without emphasizing, as strongly as possible, what is at stake: survival, nothing less”.

I believe Chomsky is indirectly saying two things.

First,when Chomsky speaks of “survival,” he is not just speaking only of the survival of “the republic,” or the survival of the possibility of progressive resistance; rather, I think he is saying, in effect, ‘there is a real danger of Trump - in his primitive rejection of every human value, including life on earth - starting a nuclear war as a last, culminating, destructive act.’

And second, relatedly, I think Chomsky is speaking to progressives, saying that - in line with his past declared electoral strategy - progressives should vote third party except in swing states, in which case it is, in this particular election, imperative to vote for the lesser of two evils, if that is the choice.

One may or may not agree with such a position…but I think that’s what he’s saying…


Anyone in Hartmann’s Chat or Twitter feed should send that article to him.
Im really sick of Hartmann and others telling us how many “good” bills Pelosi has passed in the HOuse but have died in the senate. Remember at the beginning of the Impeachment thing Pelosi was saying whats the point of impeaching him he won’t be convicted in the Senate ? So she’s been passing things she knows won’t get through the Senate. I wonder how many of THOSE would have even come up if she thought they would pass in the Senate?


the mass media of the United States—owned and sponsored by corporate giants—are in the midst of a siege against the two progressive Democratic candidates who have a real chance to be elected president in 2020.
I disagree with Mr. Solomon about Warren being a progressive Democratic candidate, from my view she is being used by the Democratic, elite to stop Bernie.

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Chomsky’s " will likely alienate progressive activists " has already happened to some extent. Biden got a big head start ( send off ) from the MSM, but small business people I visit with, have moved on to more of the Warren policies/positions. Especially so on the wealth tax provisions. And, no one like Bloomberg or Bootsie’s Gig ( centrism =s center-right ) seem to interest them in the least. One is way too rich and one is way too inexperienced for their liking.
Biden, to them, is simply not up to the task and is a worse campaigner than HRC; yes I know, it’s hard to imagine. Plus, 12 years ago, is long gone.
When Sen. Sanders and Sen. Warren’s activists/primary supporters reflect on and, catalogue the many slights and political shenanigans foisted on them by TPTB during the run up to the convention, the lack of enthusiasm will more than measurable. It’ll be a game changer.
Just speculatin’.


Biden = normalizing dementia as methodology for smarmy collapse syndrome in politics.


Yes, like I have posted before. The Amerikan, Fourth Estate is the propaganda media to support the Amerikan, Fourth Reich.


I think that the power/money elites among centrist democrats are unwilling to risk reform from any and all candidates. They participate in the ongoing freeze out of Bernie (by the media) and in the concentrated attacks on Warren (by the media) by never discussing either progressives positions. For Bernie, they count on his identifying himself as a socialist to knock him out of contention (despite the fact that people like and trust him). For Warren, the fact remains that Warren is a fighter, the strong woman leader who scares the pants off of Wall St because she is not a socialist but nevertheless she is a progressive reformer. She scares them more than does Bernie because they worry that she would be a competent leader who is a progressive. That they aren’t used to. Warren beat Wall St already and they are actually scared that she could become president and do crazy things like reigning in Wall St and enforcing our near dormant anti trust laws. Nevertheless, it hurts her all these unending negative attacks on her and if you notice, the “two progressives” theme allows the corporate media to attack both whenever they attack or freeze out the other. It is already like Bernie and Liz are a team. The media treats them as if they are… I wish they were because the two of them would restore this country to decency instead of plutocratic greed and give us an administration that is based on science and common sense about the climate.

I often say Bernie and Liz in 2020 but the funny thing is that the media and centrists already treat them as if they were running together - the progressive slate!

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And, the swamp complains about Trump? It appears that he’s not alone in the cadre of what the swanp deems to be hateful politicians who might want to reign in corporate excesses.

I guess that how a politician gets to be hated.

I will not vote for a centrist Democrat. Not ever again.


Solomon’s lumping of Warren with Sanders seems unwarranted, here as elsewhere.