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For Corporate Media, It’s ‘Anybody But Sanders or Warren’

Thanks for your perspective.

Quit talking about the media like it’s not a chamber of corporate commerce.


Hi SkepticTank:
OMG, he is like Trump. The mouth starts going----and where it goes—no one can follow!
Forget about it Joe! Have you heard ourself talking??? “You love kids jumping on your lap.” and," the golden hairs on your leg–"and some weird pauses that seem to disconnect from what you’ve been saying Somehow, Joe, your mind and Trump’s seem to work in strange and mysterious ways—that no one really wants to follow, nor are they able to follow. : (

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Trump will run that video uncut as an ad.
ByeDone needs to bow out or become Hillary 2.0.

I find it increasingly difficult to believe that Mr. Solomon is a Bernie supporter, as he claims. By constantly referring to “Sanders and Warren” as if they are essentially the same, Mr. Solomon helps Warren and hurts Sanders.

Sanders and Warren may sound the same, but they’re not the same. Warren is not an improved, “woman-friendly,” version of Sanders. Ambition drives Warren. Outrage drives Sanders.

Warren’s history looks nothing like Sanders’. Her history (and even her present) provide serious grounds for concern. Sanders’ history doesn’t. He’s been consistent his entire political life. He doesn’t equivocate.

The media and the elite certainly see a difference. Warren is fine by the elite (e.g., Krugman) whereas Sanders is emphatically not ok. Were the two essentially equivalent we wouldn’t see such differences.

Sanders’ support is working class; Warren’s is “liberal do-gooder.” Sanders will therefore be much stronger in the general, where his support will subtract directly from Trump’s. Warren’s won’t.

Warren is an unnecessary risk.


Hi SkepticTank:
Yes, Trump probably will—but Joe will not be “the one,” now or ever.

Meanwhile it is the establishment media who refers to ‘the two progressives’ and so forth as if they were in a separate category. The end result is that every attack on either progressive paints all progressives with the same brush. This is like a grade school level manipulation technique. First you define the opposition as different from everyone (those two progressives in the race) then you associate them with negative characterizations and misinformation (they want to raise your taxes and their plan takes away your choice etc) and after establishing a base line then whenever you mention or attack either progressive the public assumes that all progressives are basically the same. Killing two birds with one stone! It is this doubling down on Bernie and Liz which allows the media to skip over discussing their platforms and issues by referring to their differences as if that is merely infighting among progressives and not part of the election debate. The media wants progressives to provide the ammunition that can be used to attack one or the other but both Bernie and Liz refuse to play that divide and conquer game especially since they both share similar views and have frequently cosponsored legislation and have long been allies and friends.

Welcome to the community.

Thank you! It’s nice to be here.

I agree that their (claimed) views – and many of their votes – are more similar than different. Their policy differences, such as they are, do not greatly concern me.

What does concern me is not what they say, but who they are. Obama said some great things, but IMO he was a fraud. What he did and what he said were essentially unrelated. (And Obama reportedly claimed he would intervene against Bernie if it looked like Bernie would become the nominee. I don’t suppose he’d do that with Warren.)

So the question I struggle with is, is Warren another Obama? Of course I do not know, but there’s increasing evidence that she is. I don’t think our country can survive another Obama. (The last one got us Trump.) At any rate, why take the risk? Why chance waking up in 2021 to find out that we didn’t get what we thought we would?

I’ll also admit I’m disturbed with Warren for not supporting Sanders in 2016. If Warren can’t or won’t stand up to the DNC, why should anyone believe that, once elected, she’ll stand up to the powerful forces that will oppose her agenda? She’s already planning to take their money in the general if nominated.

I’m also disturbed with her for running against Bernie in 2020. Despite Buttigieg’s current polling, I think Warren is all that stands between Bernie and the Democratic nomination and then the Presidency.

Further, I do understand why the two candidates (Sanders and Warren) don’t attack each other. But that doesn’t mean their supporters should do the same.

Bernie claims he and Warren are friends. He also says the same thing about Biden. I’m not sure how to interpret either statement.

Maintaining the fiction that the two are essentially similar helps Warren in the primary and hurts Bernie. Waiting “for the gloves to come off” until later is a recipe to prevent Sanders from being nominated.


Well said. Thank you. “Ambition drives Warren” would explain her not stepping up in 2016 when it could have made a difference. We gotta hope its not more sinister than that. I fear her role is to take enough votes away from Bernie to drive the Convention into the smoke filled room


I notice you don’t address my point. The media is defining the playbook and with corporate blessing, it does a number on both of them. Moreover you make such broad statements about Warren and your opinion as to her legitimacy but you don’t back any of them with some proof.

Also you skip over my point about why Wall St is afraid of her. She has a record of fighting the plutocracy/Wall St and deserves real credit for getting her legislation passed despite McConnell and fierce Repub and centrist dem opposition. She has shown her mettle and earned her progressive creds. No she isn’t a socialist. She is a capitalist and at least honest about just how hard it is to change or reform our system. But she actually did get reforms in banking policies passed. She isn’t just talk.

Also try to remember that this is still a democracy and most of the country is capitalist. She as a woman should be ambitious because as all real progressives should remember the glass ceiling in the White House has yet to be broken. Look if you want to help the right trash a progressive then you will continue trying to weaken her (but never noticing that attacking one progressive weakens the other because they are long time progressive allies and the media puts them together in a special separate category).

Progressives should support progressive positions no matter who says them. But the divided progressives have always been conquered. Enough of handing the right free attacks on progressives. They love it when you do it for them, don’cha know?

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If the PTB were truly fearful of Warren, she would be erased, like Bernie. No, they love her, because she is there to split the progressives. If she should get the nomination, she will pivot so fast she’ll look like Taz. She is not a real progressive.


Fine report, Norman. I saw this shared on Facebook this morning.
Bernie Sanders 2020!

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Never fear! Uncle Joe has a rootin’-tootin’, new-fangled, sure-fired campaign slogan sure to light a fire under all the young’uns! Y’all ready? It’s the “No Malarkey” tour! Ain’t it a peach!?!

What’s that ya say? Speak up, young-un! I cain’t here ya. Ya say ya don’t know what “malarkey” is? Well, I’m gob-smacked! Flabbergasted! I’m all a-tizzy and a-whirl. Dagnabbit! What’s this flat old Earth a-comin’ to?

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Just because some of the media Lumps Liz and Bernie in the same category doesn’t mean they are in the same category. Liz recently weasel-worded her explanation of her MFA roll out and how to pay for it – a two-part plan that was rightly perceived as cowardly. Her poll numbers dropped.

Lesson for Liz: You can try to Steal the Bern but authenticity is earned over decades.


Sounds like you got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning, Ed. Too much coffee, man? Tweaking possibly? Spun up and maybe wiggin’, eh? Kind of a bizarro world response, to a innocuous word that replaces " bullshit ", mostly. Do you think that word would look better on Biden’s Bus or would " cow puckey " make the message a little more age appropriate for the younger demographic you’re so concerned about?
Seems like the word malarkey has triggered your disdain; are you more than a little verklempt, possibbly?
Try hot yoga and some tea or Kumbucha.
And, by all means, stay away from buses with the word " shenanigans " , in big letters, on them.

Billionaire Democrats (‘center-left’) Bezos and (‘centrist’) Gates cajoled another billionaire (‘liberal’) Bloomberg into running as a (‘moderate’) Democrat, opposite to, but not actually against, a (‘conservative’) Republican billionaire, the ('hard-right) populist Trump, the real intent is to knock out fellow Democrats (‘hard-left’)populists Bernie and Warren. A pitiful political farce this may be, but it does have one positive consequence. To wit:

We are finally forced to admit how ridiculous it is to hang onto the old left-right, conservative-liberal, Democrat-Republican framework, former rivals long since merged, diced up, reconstituted, yet the labels live on like zombies in the media. Older pundits can’t seem to wrap their balding heads around the fact that all the real political battles of our time are between two types of people, only two: One looks at life through a neoliberal lens, the other has a progressive outlook on life. Search diligently, you’ll find them every time.

Neoliberal. nn. adj. Ancient practice from the time of first settled hamlets, dusted off and re-named ‘neo-liberal’ at the University of Chicago, circa 1971. Main tenets: Me first. No rule but my rule. Acolytes are entitled by myth, bloodline, inheritance, wealth, school ties, raw power. Commandment: Thou shalt not contemplate how much is enough.


What in tarnation-twisted panties are you on about? I was just playing, don’cha know. In fact, I have never in my life heard or read the word “malarkey” except when people were clowning about old country bumpkins (think Red Skelton’s Clem Kaddidlehopper character, if that helps). So I just riffed! For fun! I’m not sure my mockery rose to the level of disdain; nor do I think it warranted more thought on your part than I put in on my part (in fact, many of my comments rate that level of regard, and I well know it).

P.S. I think I would like it better if his bus said, “No bullshit.” After all, nobody “calls malarkey” on anything.

P.P.S. I stay away from buses that say “Evening Magazine.”

P.P.P.S. Are you not concerned about the younger demographic (seems like you scorned my concern).

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Best comment I’ve seen in a long time! Kudos!