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For Corporate Media, Space Belongs to Washington

For Corporate Media, Space Belongs to Washington

Joshua Cho

Another day, another opportunity for our perpetually “behind” and “vulnerable” military/industrial/media complex to assert the need for yet another military upgrade–this time in outer space!

It a shame no one figured out this sham previously:

Sciutto sez:
"U.S. (risks) ‘losing ground’ and potentially suffering an ‘outright military defeat at the hands of our foes’—unless, of course, the U.S. commits to a ‘more robust Space Force.’”

Oops; minor typo there. Should be “Space Farce.”

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Thanks FAIR for reporting on this.

i support the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, which has been reporting on these issues, and organizing nonviolent resistance, for many years.


Sott.net has a special section updated daily about sightings of meteors, comets, and strange lights in the air. Few explanations are given, but the prominence given to this section suggests to me that something is going on right now with stuff flying around the earth and there is way too much of it.