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For Death of Trumpcare, Thank Disability Rights Activists, Not John McCain


For Death of Trumpcare, Thank Disability Rights Activists, Not John McCain

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following the Senate's vote on Friday that dealt a crushing blow to the GOP's hopes of repealing Obamacare, major media outlets, Democratic lawmakers, and high-profile pundits singled out Sen.


Sorry, but I WILL thanks Collins, Murkowski AND McCain for the courage it took to buck their party, insane though that party may be. At least SOME in the republican party still know what it means to represent their constituents above their party, unlike the two craven and cowardly senators from my state, Iowa. And, thanking these three senators in no way diminishes my admiration for those who rose to defend the rights of their fellow citizens. While the republican party in general deserves unrelenting scorn, let’s at least drop the sour grapes for a while and give thanks to ALL who helped defeat the current republican death plan.


McCain is one of my reps. While I give the asshole credit for little. This vote is an end of life guilt ridden ‘there you go!’
Did you listen to his 1950’s - 1960’s rap on the floor.
McCain is war damaged goods. Retire and die at home, Johnny( got his gun.)


He did confer with Pence before his vote. Makes me wonder if McCain’s nixing the skinny and taking ‘the blame’ from fellow Republicans isn’t a strategic move to placate the constituency and hold on to offices for 2018. Apparently right after his vote a dozen or so moderate Republicans thanked him. Taking one for the gipper so to speak.


I guess if you are this close to meeting sweet Jesus you don’t want to show up at the Pearly gates just having voted for Trumpcare.


The sooner the better. Adios, Senor’…:pray:
Too bad his longevity didn’t end before The VietNam Police action.


Thanks for mentioning Stephanie Woodward. She’s amazing and her musical group was quite interesting. Great interview on DN! yesterday.


Almost certainly true. For Hellyer in particular.


Hey turtlebutt, how’s it feel to lose??? Get used to it, backing the reptarded prictator will give you many opportunities to lose – hopefully even your next election! :pray::rofl:


This has always been in a tempest in a teapot.

They never were going to repeal it. They had to make a big show about it, after all from the moment Obama was for it they suddenly were against it, all to rile up their base against ‘Socialism’ and because it was their job to oppose everything Obama. So they did the Conservative Boogaloo and shuffled to the right.

But don’t forget who wrote this law, where it came from, and who first did the test run at the state level. This always was a Republican policy and the real benefactors are the big for-profit, vampiric corporations that get subsidies from the tax payer now and a mandate that citizens have to buy their product.

(Don’t get me wrong, there are some good things embedded in it- mainly the expansion of Medicare and banning the pre-existing condition restrictions. These, though, could have been done by themselves but instead were grafted onto this horrid corporate cash cow.)

There was no way the plutocrats would let this be repealed. When push came to shove at the SCOTUS a few years back everyone was surprised that the Chief Justice saved it. But of course he did, someone had to do the corporations’ job.

As long as the POTUS was Obama the GOP could make a big show to back up their rhetoric that they wanted to kill it by passing bill after bill to be vetoed. But once Trump was in the White House they had to do Kabuki Theater and keep themselves from following through on their rhetoric. (They know how to do this as well as the Democrats do- find it impossible to follow through on something they’ve promised their base but their corporate masters don’t desire.)

They will never repeal this. It never was really under threat. It was all a show.

That’s good for those of us with pre-existing conditions and who got Medicaid due to its expansion. But it’s better for the big for-profits.

Now. Will the Democrats follow through on their Liberal Boogaloo and shuffle to the left and really make Single Payer their platform for 2018 and 2020? Well, maybe the Kabuki Theater part.

Elizabeth Warren- it’s been a month and counting. You going to walk your talk?

Bernie Sanders- well, ObamaCare has been saved. You now going to introduce the bill?


Love the vid. Visuals are intregal.:pray:
MEDICARE For ALL… The way forward.:v:


All about profit — Follow the money

(1) Politicians are the most responsible for medical industry enriching itself upon the misery of the sick to the tune of $3.3 trillion a year, more than double what it should be compared to other nations. For a politician’s highest priority is to maximize jobs, the economy and profit for the rich.

(2) The all encompassing goal being to give the privileged upper-half of society all of the land, wealth, political power and healthcare. Which is why the 50% laboring-class must be kept powerless by poverty, terrorized by killer-cops and mind blown by the horror of suffering a premature death without healthcare.

(3) To maximize profit in the medical industry you must maximize repeat business,
the number of patients, the amount of treatment and with the duration of illness always on the increase. Start by not giving doctors the slightest training in diet or the correlation between nutrition and ability of the body to repair itself. Corruptions of such a system are unlimited, such as increasing the cost of healthcare by 40% just by the 100 year old practice of doctors receiving a 40% kickback each time they refer a patient to a surgeon or specialist.

(4) To maximize profit in the food industry, you must maximize processing and refining, as it maximizes cost, profit, taste and addiction. It maximizes sickness also, but frosting on the cake for all who profit from the sickness industry.

(5) Health insurance industry keeps 30% of all money spent for healthcare, the main reason why there is dead silence on anything relating to illness prevention. Also why insurance premiums are never reduced for those into a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet, free of addictions or engaged in an occupation requiring vigorous exercise.


Credit where credit is denied


What does it take to escape party loyalty and indifference to human suffering? Thank you John McCain.
I loved Ike and voted for Nixon twice. This isn’t any longer my party and I have noticed that more and more of the Fox addicted crowd that I know are watching less and less.


So glad to know you opened your eyes and heart, and threw in the towel. Great decisions sometimes take time and experiences.


Ah-yup.  I don’t agree with him on policy issues, but at least respect his courage in standing up (on his last legs?) to flip a bird to the RePooplican Establishment and their rotting pumpkin “leader”, Tweetle-Dumb.

I can’t help but wonder what would have happened in 2008 if McCain had chosen a rational running mate instead of that twit Sarah Palin. If the RePooplicans hadn’t had O’Bummer as a target for the past 8 years
it’s pretty likely that Tweetle-Dumb couldn’t even have won the 2016 primary, much less the Presi-Duncy.
For want of a nail, the shoe-in was lost . . .


“The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government.”: Thomas Jefferson

For those “originalists” who claim the Founding Fathers never intended for the government to provide health care, look at what a leading Founding Father said. Just as people worship a god they created in their own image, so people create a society in their own image. Decide which society you would rather have, one that protects everyone or one that only protects the powerful.


Is it OK if I thank ADAPT, the protestors, and the 3 senators INCLUDING John McCain? After all, he had HUGE pressure on him from the (yes, dwindling) Trump fans, but most all of his party, too. So I do thank McCain the most for being so brave, and doing the right thing.


Both the activists AND the electeds who voted against Trumpcare are to be thanked. It is NOT one or the other, but BOTH - and more - who are needed to make change. Protesting doesn’t mean squat if there is no one in a position of power who responds to do what you are demanding. The left needs to get its head around the fact that it’s only a multi=pronged strategy - and I do mean strategy - that will get us to real change. Stopping this bill isn’t a victory; it’s a reactive rear-guard action that only keeps us from the worst outcome, for some unknown but surely limited amount of time. We need to fight FOR national health care, not just AGAINST Trumpcare. or for the sadly limited and profit-based Obamacare. Yes, the protesters were brave, and activism rarely gets the credit it deserves for moving electeds; but in and of itself it is far from sufficient.


When it came down to the vote McCain delivered the death blow to Trumpcare. Whether you like him or not.
Susan Collins had been steadfast in opposition to the Republican leadership all along, kudos to her as well.
And don’t forget Senator Murkowski, her vote was key as well. Three Republicans who defeated Trumpcare, Good on them.