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For Defending Discrimination of Homeless Transgender People, Ben Carson's Fearmongering Called 'Deeply Alarming'


For Defending Discrimination of Homeless Transgender People, Ben Carson's Fearmongering Called 'Deeply Alarming'

Julia Conley, staff writer

LGBTQ rights groups slammed Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson on Wednesday for resorting to "fearmongering" tactics to defend the removal of anti-discrimination materials regarding transgender people from his agency's website.

In a House subcommittee hearing this week, Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) asked Carson why information meant to prevent mistreatment of transgender Americans in homeless shelters was removed from HUD's website last summer.

"Over nine months later, these valuable resources are still missing from the website," said Quigley.


Carson was not put there to help. He was put there to destroy. Between his obvious drug addiction and his personal relationship with Jesus he is the perfect tool for this job. He is a traitor to his race and to his profession.


This man performing brain surgery, what a frightening prospect.


djt=only the best people…oh to be part of their “special” club.

We wonder what causes school shootings, torch carrying wacko’s and other weirdnesses. It is because of the lack of inclusion, people being marginalized into non-existence. In today’s world, if you aren’t rich you cannot be part of their club. This equates to 99% of us.


I wonder if transgendered people delivered and set up Dr. Carson’s new $33K dining table, he’d feel uncomfortable in his home?
Showering in a building with Ben’s wife nearby would make me feel uncomfortable. Does she even have an anatomy?


I think Trump and Carson are in a contest to see which one can lie or deceive the best. It seems like a toss up. Both of them are pathetic creatures who should not be allowed with 10 miles of any government agency.


maybe he performed the lobotomy on Trump.


I think he is an idiot savant–bright about brain anatomy, incredibly, pathetically and alarmingly imbecilic about everything else on the planet. Darwin’s Blade did not perform its duty there, for sure.


They say sociopaths make the best surgeons. They feel no pressure when operating since your life or death has no importance, they can concentrate better on what they are doing.

I know…Ben is beyond all of that…it is truly frightening that the man was allowed to operate on anyone.


Being transgender is still one of the most difficult roads regarding sexual minorities. You will find transgender people at homeless shelters likely nationwide, and situations run from some acceptance to dangerous very brief stays. I am pretty sure most heterosexuals have very little understanding still. If you are gay, and had to go through any period like that in your life it rings true. When I came out in Lost Angeles in the late 70’s at age 19 it was relatively easy-I lived in the less expensive area of West Hollywood and had supportive UCLA film student room mates, two of whom were gay. I was also very male identified, had blue collar work, and “passed” without trying.
But a mile away on Hollywood Blvd. nearly daily I saw the thousands of kids who come to LA all the time with no place to be. Some were transgender. They were then on the lowest rung of the social hierarchy and prostitution was about the only means of survival open to them.
Yes, this was decades ago, but in many ways times have not changed. These humans are still treated like subhumans if they are not exceedingly careful where they go.
When I look at an individual like Mike Pence I have really bad thoughts-his trip is pure sadism.
I would wish for him and his kind to learn better, but I know they won’t. He is pure evil, and that’s not an overstatement.


Wow! What a rotten, bigoted statement from someone who probably couldn’t hold a scalpel correctly.


Life is very simple. If you have a Johnson, you go in the men’s room. If not, you go in the ladies room.

More complicated is the fact that people who think they are of the other gender have serious psychological problems and need loving helpt to get straightened out.

Let’s look at this from the aspect of being a machine, which the human body is in a sense. Whenever a machine is created to perform a function, there is a “brain box” in it (computer) that directs it to act in a certain way. If that machine starts acting outside of the mode for which it was constructed, no one tries to defend its actions. If it was made to put boxes of chocolates in a carton and seal the carton, and instead begins flinging bon-bons all over the warehouse, the machine is stopped, checked and the problem in the computer is rectified.

If a human machine has one X and one Y chromosome, it is male. Therefore, the computer in the male (aka the brain) should function to make that human act and think in a male fashion. If this is not happening, then something has gone wrong with the computer and it needs to be worked upon and fixed.

Feelings are not facts. Feelings come and go, especially in the teenage years when kids are really trying to figure out just who they are. To push a kid into thinking that his feelings - confused, troubled, misunderstood - constitute a fact is wrong.

But don’t let me just say it - take it from a transgendered person himself:



Walt Heyer has something to say about this also:



You can walk the bigoted BS backwards. Just because the man is African American doesn’t mean his incompetence can’t be pointed out.


Ben Carson is a goddamn disgrace but par for the extremist bigoted trump course! An apparently ignorant token, with zero background or qualifications for the role he was chosen to play. A role like others from minority groups, who allow themselves to be used, trotted-out on stage during political events to give the appearance that a party or candidate actually gives a shite about anything more than big-money, further destruction of “The Commons”, and extremist vulture capitalism!

Carson is especially symbolic, although in the odious trump regime it’s hard to point to one cabinet member who is more vile and revolting than another…you however, given your comments, would fit right in…


Well, this is a typical Liberal response. Present facts and get called names.