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For Dell’s Billionaire CEO, Taxing the Ultra-Rich is a Joke


For Dell’s Billionaire CEO, Taxing the Ultra-Rich is a Joke

Sarah Anderson

At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a panel moderator asked Michael Dell, America’s 17th-richest man, what he thought about the idea of raising the top marginal tax rate to 70 percent.

This idea has been in the headlines since Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez floated it in a 60 Minutes interview on January 6 as a way to pay for a Green New Deal.



Ass hole…



Patriotism is dead, and we have killed it.
–Virtual Nietzsche

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If I’m the one who gets to skewer him with a pitchfork, I’ll be sure to give him a quick tax history lesson. Clowns like him are more likely to escape to another country when the tax rates go up to a sustainable level, and that’s fine, they pay very little if any at all here, just leaches on society. They’ve snubbed American workers, so screw them, I say kick them out, and let them leach off of some other country.



D(eath kn)ell sez:
"Name a country where that has worked, ever.”

He’s got a point. The U.S. had a decided dearth of billionaires during the Eisenhower-Kennedy eras. Under such a restrictive tax burden, Dull and his ilk would today be slumming with the unwashed rabble of multi-millionaires.



Dull is correct…the 70% tax didn’t work…for the 1%. During that era they could only afford every luxury good and service they had ever desired, but the number of politicians they could buy was limited.

Billionaires definitely don’t want to “be slumming with the unwashed rabble of mutti-millionaires”, a group that lives a life of luxury but could never afford to own politicians.

Not to mention the 1996 decriminalization legislation that enabled the billionaires to monopolize media ownership.



he’s right! just ask Howie. it’s not only a joke, it’s unAmerican, fco!



This is an American/Republican/Media problem. Lies and liars have not been held to account in Amerika for decades. They have learned that lies and repeated lies work, bottom line. American lamestreet media with tapes and digital facts don’t reveal facts to the lamestreet votes who listen to Fox News and lamestreet media.



Of course he doesn’t like it.

All of those people of lower social caste than himself were out there living, just like worthwhile and valuable human beings. We were purchasing homes with one income, raising families, returning to wives and children in the evenings and mowing yards on the weekends, and counting out bills from their wallets to pay for medical expenses.

It must drive him nuts.

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Think Iĺl choose another make of electronics.



Play a game of dominoes:
30 domino, all fossil fuel uses - transport, household, manufacturing, agriculture, chemical, etc in category or class, 2% and under to 25% for transport, 40% for household/industrial uses, etc. The object of the game is to guess which domino to tip first, the others to follow. Answer to the game: ONE hint: The first domino is assumed to be a near 2% or nearer least polluting domino. Write your guess in simple terms the first fossil fuel domino to tip. Projection: Measurable progress in 5 years, the next 2 years of course wasted effort fighting warmonger thiefdom.



I remember the early 1980’s when Dell was selling mailorder while he was a kid in college. He clearly should have stayed in college long enough to at least get a history lesson, economic history.
In any case, now that he is in a higher bracket he’s done what almost every other formerly a seemingly regular person does when they get “success” - he pulls the ladder up after himself and pontificates about all those he left behind.



If we don’t tax them, we’ll end up imprisoning or executing them. You can only steal the profits from the workers for so long before the workers decide they’ve had enough. The French aristocracy found this out the hard way in the 1790s, as did the Romanoffs in 1920s Russia and the imperial family of China in the 1940s. It’s looking like we’re headed for another bloodletting of the super rich, and as usual they are blissfully unaware that they’re digging their own graves.



sharpening my guillotine now !!!

long past time for some major civil disobedience

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Right? Bless the hippies, but we are far worse now than we were in the sixties, so the time for ‘peace’ is over. Screw that.



”Name a country where that has worked, ever,” the mega-billionaire said.”

Ok, how about HERE fool!!! From the end of WWII until Reagan came along and killed the golden goose for everybody but people like you by doing away with Keynesian economics and replaced it with neoliberalism (supply side) most people could afford products in the same price range as those you sell. But no, we couldn’t have that could we? Even though the rich were rich and generally had difficulty amassing fortunes big enough to last them more than ten lifetimes they still did pretty darn well. Yes, you could have still had your Westlake Hills house that’s bigger than a Holiday Inn (sorry, didn’t mean to compare your palace to a place where ordinary people stay, just using the hotel for size comparison) plus all the other luxuries you currently have but like I said, just enough for ten of your current lifetimes in lieu of a hundred or two. The difference was at those higher tax rates you would have been better off investing some of your corporations profits back into the company for r&d, the streets you drive your Mercedes on wouldn’t be so full of pot holes, there would be less starving children, you wouldn’t even notice the difference really. I know, it’s just KNOWING you have all that $$$ stashed away isn’t it. Who cares if it’s not benefitting anyone including you. It’s just knowing you have all that unused money that matters. Whatta pig.

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Right peace aint gonna cut it now plus have the 1% been practicing peace ??

no they’ve been waging a 40 year class war and the middle class is pretty much dead

i want to put on a yellow vest