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For Democrats, Debate Night Means Being Quizzed From the Right by Corporate Media


For Democrats, Debate Night Means Being Quizzed From the Right by Corporate Media

Jim Naureckas

The Democratic and Republican debates have this asymmetry: Republican candidates are presumed to need ideological sympathizers among their questioners—Fox News, for example, or Salem Media, which teams up with CNN for GOP debates—while Democrats are thought content to be quizzed by representatives of mainstream corporate media outlets like CNN, CBS and ABC (FAIR Action Alert, 10


The game seems to be to allow Hillary to move rightward from "center right" by having the nation (or at least the saner parts) breathe a sigh of relief that "at least it isn't Trump, Cruz, Carson..." Come on Bernie, foil their plan!


Right-on call! This is the constant way things are framed and then message shapers pollute these forum opinion pages with the same sort of pre-fabricated pabulum. As in LIES told often!

"He also pushed Clinton and Martin O’Malley to endorse “the idea of a halt or a pause” in acceptance of Syrian refugees, and challenged Clinton to explain what was wrong with Donald Trump’s “proposed ban on Muslims coming to America,” given that “36 percent of Americans, more than a third, agree with him.”

"What about the concerns of the nearly two-thirds of Americans who don’t agree with Donald Trump?"

This is also a very savvy call, Mr. Naureckas:

"Voters who are worried about “a chill wind blowing through American law enforcement” were represented by ABC News—but those who are more worried about police officers killing unarmed African-Americans with impunity were out of luck."

The legions of paid opinion shapers then purposely go to work taking the MINORITY view and insisting it reflects the mores, interests, sensibilities, beliefs, and stances of ALL Americans.... as one grand uniform SOUP referred to casually as "we."


Taking place right after the Paris Climate Summit, how can there be NO questions about climate change from the ABC crew? Nothing on the TPP, TTIP, and TISA either.


These are very perceptive observations. Although, to some extent it doesn't matter how the question is asked because the candidates often just go into their stump speeches without actually answering the questions. Whatever the questions there were some pretty heated back-and-forth exchanges between the candidates in this latest debate. All three did well in my opinion.


The questions reveal more about those posing them than those responding to them, don't they?


"Civilian casualties" is an inappropriate criterion of war crimes. We attack them in violation of international law, not in self-defense, and ALL casualties are therefore war crimes. People defending their own country with armed resistance are guilty of no crime and are not fair game for US predatory hunters. Obama should be impeached and tried, alongside Bush & Cheney, for war crimes too numerous to itemize.


It is mind boggling given the potential threat of climate change and the importance of the Paris agreement that not one question on climate change was asked. I was watching a C-SPAN showing of Martin O;Malley talking to people in a house in New Hampshire and he suggested that there be one debate focused entirely on energy and climate. Now that sounds like a good idea but given the likelihood of low TV ratings surely will not happen.


Can't address TPP, TTIP and TISA because they are top secret classified info., right ?


If you ever watched either of these "reporters" they are the most corporate Orwellian characters on tv. Sanders shouldn't take on Hillary but the corporate media. The corporate media and corporate democrats are the ones Sanders should be running against. Sanders has made comment on the media but he needs to take it to a higher level. Trump is doing this from the right.----And understand something I think people who support Sanders could also vote for Trump if Hillary is the nominee for the democrats. The New York liberal elites are all smirking thinking Hillary has it in the bag-I think people are angry-they see a rigged economy-a rigged healthcare system.


Ever consider the possibility this is the reason for Trump's crazy off the charts awful rhetoric? I think the goal is to make Hillary seem acceptable.

I think the voters are being manipulated from every side on a vast scale.

They (TPTB) don't even want Bernie in the conversation. I have never seen such blatant media bias.


Just remember,
the Presidential Debate Corporation is owned by the Democratic and Republican Parties,
and the DNC has to negotiate and agree to any format of the Democratic Party debates.

Back in 2008, RT conducted an excellent debate series for the third party candidates.

So how about Senator Sanders calling for a debate on The Real News Network,
Democracy Now! or RT -- and then watch the Democrat Party power elite go bonkers,
and of course the DNC would forbid it.


It's David Muir and Martha Rabbid! It would be nice if ABC News were to give both of them a one way ticket to report from Al-Raqqah, Syria!


I agree!