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For Democrats, Resistance Trumps Ideas


For Democrats, Resistance Trumps Ideas

Robert Borosage

Democratic Party luminaries and 2020 presidential mentionables gathered this week for an “ideas conference” organized by the Center for American Progress, the Democratic establishment’s premier think tank.

Its stated purpose was to focus not on “what could have been,” said CAP Vice President Winnie Stachelberg introducing the day, but on “new, fresh, bold, provocative ideas that can move us forward.”


there were many quotes in this article but all I read is "blah, blah blah"


Clearly, Borosage is bendig this piece towards Warren and Booker. Yet Warren fails to take a clear stand on Single Payer and while she rails against Wall St., she won't be firm about $15NOW or reinstate a modernized Glass-Steagall law.

As for Booker, he's led the charge for privatized schools and has done little else.

Of course not a single Dem will take on imperial foreign policy, and especially they will never EVER attack the apartheid Zionist regime that occupies most of Palestine. Never EVER that.

The Dems will always be "loyal" and never actually in opposition to the Rethugs because they have the same paymasters.

But BE VERY AFRAID OF THE RUSSIANS AND PUTIN. J. Edgar Hoover used to say that he wanted everyone in the U.S. to believe that there was a "communist" hiding in every mail box. The Dems have succeeded in making that true.


I liked this piece by Doug Henwood. It's mostly about how the liberals went insane.



The Democrats have been weighed, measured, and found wanting...

Their Cut.


After Trump is Impeached

If one were cynical, one could imagine that the individual overseeing the damaging White House leaks is Mike Pence. But, who is so cynical?

Regardless of who the key players are, if Trump gets booted out of office, if he resigns, if he suffers a heart attack or aneurism due to his inability to handle the stress of the Presidency, it will be Mike Pence, not Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat, who will be appointed President. This would ensure an undemocratic power grab of a figure much further to the right, much more competent, and much more intelligent than Donald Trump.

A prospective Pence Presidency is just one reason that it is not enough to just go after Donald Trump. Progressives need to develop and articulate visions and action plans regarding social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, democracy, and peace. I see some of that happening at local levels, in grassroots community based organizations. But, the establishment Democrat power structure continues to focus on building fear and loathing for everything Putin, WikiLeaks, and any critique of the espionage power structure. The anti-Trump only momentum, void of any progressive vision, has the potential for stymying or rolling back advances at the grassroots level.


It is still "All Trump, all the time," still with no solutions to help the people.

"Even on economic reform, Trump hijacked the discussion. CAP released a new report for the conference – “Towards a Marshall Plan for America” – calling for “large scale permanent public employment and infrastructure investment program” – that would move towards a jobs guarantee for working age Americans. For CAP to call for a jobs guarantee – even though it dilutes it in the text – is a big, bold idea worthy of real attention."

Nice words, but both parties want public-private investment in infrastructure.

"This is the Wall Street solution. Public guarantees will be used to attract private investors, who will finance, own and rent back to the people the entire public infrastructure of the United States."


Hmm. Trying to figure out what's going on in that graph...

It's like the Democrats took all the support and public outrage they got after Trump's election, and then they frittered it away by allowing Tom Perez to open his mouth, and Rachel Maddow to jump off the deep end into anti-Russia hysteria. Now the Democrats evoke as much utter disgust and despair as the Republicans do.

It takes a special kind of commitment to poll as unfavorably as the Republican party in May of 2017.


excellent links....please read them


Indeed it does.

and I might add Hillary to re-emerge in her $3k black leather biker jacket while in the back of her mind humming hell no $15 minimum wage.

Not being the republicans should never be enough anymore.


Low favorability ratings mean nothing in an era where corporate money trumps voters' wishes.


At least some of them are coming up with ideas to push for. Renewables to save the environment and create jobs, Medicare for all, affordable higher education, antitrust action, attacking the revolving door between business and government, but there are other ideas that weren't mentioned in the article that would be worthy of consideration. Putting controls on banks, taxing stock transactions, improved internet access and net neutrality, voter desuppression, concrete proposals for how the "Marshall plan for America" will work, ...


Am I the only one who wasn't aware of the DNC and the RNC being Corporations?

And through this we can see that they're attempting to tighten the noose.

The Party doesn't need 'our' support. Their benefactors/beneficiaries will take care of the finances. All they need us for is our vote, and I'm beginning to wonder; for how much longer. Since the Sanders campaign, I have contributed directly to the candidate of choice and not through the Party, by choice. I will continue to do so in the future.


Tom Perez (gag) The guy who said the Party will 'not' support progressives? There goes any hope for Warren etc.


I did and I fully concur.


While the corporate and "progressive" media have labeled Warren a "progressive" and she makes anti-Wall St. speeches, the millionaire former Republican does not have a record that matches the rhetoric.


What a pathetic and sorry lot. One member is worse than the next, with each one trying to find the next rear end to stick his or her nose up. The quintessential whipping boy was either the intellectually challenged and narcissistic Drumpf or Russia.

The whole lineup was quite nausea evoking. With this self-indulgent confederacy of dunces on the one hand and the ludicrous gaggle of dysfunctional members of the "opposing" party on the other, and with a voting population that cannot get beyond the Janus head of an insipid US party duopoly, where can hope be found by a world that is essentially owned by the US and fast approaching Armageddon?


She did not come out at all for Bernie's ideas in the primary.


Uh, remember the super-pitched "incrementalism" battle? Wasn't the whole idea we needed revolution immediately versus slower progression? Most of their differences were matters of degree, not immutable totally oppositional ideas, except in the looney-tune land of Trump-is-really-a-progressive-way-better-than-Hillary believers.


I totally agree. Trump & Co are dangerous sick puppies. And the "opposition' are feckless power hungry pols so where does that leave us little people? Up sh$$ creek not only without a paddle but with holes in the boat....
I see no fix here....
I know many teachers and professors of many different ages and age levels and subjects from music teachers in elementary school to linguistic professors at universities and everything in between. They all agree from the youngest( teaching about ten years) to the ones ready to retire that students have gotten so lazy and stupid that everything has to first be dumbed down, then made multimedia entertaining and EVEN THEN, SPOON FED, into the kids.
The only people we have entering any political position from local to national are ignorant, greedy and grasping - willing to put themselves up for sale to garner money and adulation and power. Even people who seemed to start out honest and unselfish and with good ideas seem to get corrupted in short order.

The Democrats have been the most disappointing of all. I used to think that at the core they really stood for serious change and caring for people above all. Hahah... the joke was on me. It was their love affair with Wall Street and money all along..... what a fool I was to hope....

I know, I know, cynicism is a dangerous thing. It retards action that could change the trajectory. I have been hearing that over and over for decades and often it was me saying it..... but I have reached the end of hope. All the legwork for the last three decades since college I have done seems to have been for basically..... nothing. All the hours I have spent at local meetings , researching, visiting officials at their offices, protesting, calling, emailing seems to have been for nought.
Too much time wasted away from family and friends.... so I have called it quits.... to those of you who still feel it is viable to fight on - I commend you. Godspeed. I am still rooting for you.....