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For Denouncing Vast Israeli Abuses, Nikki Haley Says UN Human Rights Council 'Lacks Credibility'


For Denouncing Vast Israeli Abuses, Nikki Haley Says UN Human Rights Council 'Lacks Credibility'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

After the United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday adopted a number of resolutions aimed at Israel, Ambassador Nikki Haley once again criticized the body and suggested the U.S. may cut its ties with it.

In a statement, Haley contrasted the single resolutions that targeted three non-allies with the five focused on Israel.


Nikki Haley claiming a group lacks credibility, that’s a hoot. With all of the bad news now days, it’s good to have comic relief.


The UN is a waste of time and money because no country follows its mandates.

“Can we bomb and invaded this country?”

UN - “No!”

Too bad, we’re doing it anyway."

Tell me what it’s done in the last two decades?


What else can one expect from that BITCH?!!


On the other hand, while Israel’s abuses do need to be called out, the UN rarely goes after any other Middle East countries. The attacks on Israel at the UN are very political. Israel should end the occupation, but I don’t see UN resolutions against the treatment of the LGBT communities in Arab countries, for example. Israel is often targeted by countries and entities who do not support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.


The UN has many flaws but it is the closest we have come to a world-wide planet Earth government. Right now the US is becoming a rogue state allied with the despotic Saudi Arabia and neurotic Israel, a nation where many people are still traumatized by historical persecution. Anti UN propaganda is common on Fox Views etc. The UN is maybe the best hope we have for peace in the world, so Haley, Bolton and the Neocons hate the institution.


Jewish state =s religious state. Fine then and conceded.
However, the U.S. is not a theocratic democratic republic. In fact, about 35-40 million adult Americans identify as agnostic or atheist. That’s more than 2xs the entirety of the Jewish population occupying the same turf and, living under the same Federal gov’t. Which includes the same, cohesive foreign policy and accepting of the same laws/rulings of the various int’l institutions and governing bodies. Which, of course, we signed onto and said we’d follow and support. But, of course we don’t, just like Israel doesn’t because it’s against their official state religion to do so, right?. Fine then, conceded.
Recognizing this should make it quite clear that Israel should be treated the same way as say, the country of Sudan or Somalia. When they are so clearly violating universally accepted norms and international rules of the road ( laws and treaties ), so to speak.


For Denouncing Vast Israeli Abuses, Nikki Haley Says UN Human Rights Council ‘Lacks Credibility’

There is someone lacking credibility, but it is not the UN Human Rights Council. Most of us know who lacks credibility, and it’s a conglomerate of Americans, including Haley herself.


But Israel has far more power and far more illegal actions than “other Middle East countries”, starting with the illegal development of nuclear weapons and illegal incursions and annexing of Palestinian lands. Israel is the Middle East Bully and needs to be reined in and tried for its crimes.


Give it a rest Nookie. You’ll never get the Presidential Grab. And as a Christian you only support Israel to help usher in end times.


You can thank the Gang of Five for the UN’s failings. We are the leader of that pack.


Israel has their sugar daddy, the US. And we bomb the shit out of all the other Middle Eastern countries. Israel is doing just fine.


I am not defending the occupation, but Israel does not have more illegal actions. The occupation must go, but it began after Israel was attacked in 1967.


Israel always intended to take Palestine as its own, starting in 1948, under the strength of Zionism.

There are other sources of history if you want to look them up.


I have always found it Ironic that after what Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazi’s, that they off all the countries of the earth, would so quickly adopt their tactics in subjugating a race different from their own. What they have done to the people of Gaza is a crime…little different then the warsaw Ghetto was to them.

Nikki Haley would blow satan himself if she thought it would enhance her career. She has no soul and therefore can say anything without fear of a guilty conscience. What a group of psychopaths Trump has assembled. Remarkable.


I have no beef with the UN. The imperialist countries that try to reduce its effectiveness are another story.

I support the majority of the 15 different peacekeeping missions the U.N. currently has going and think they do a good deal of good (e.g. they help avoid a shooting war between India and Pakistan).

I also support their missions in delivering humanitarian aid and the work of the W.H.O. is extremely important.


There are about 30 countries that have Islam as their official state religion. The U.N. doesn’t condemn them for their human rights abuses because those countries would block the resolutions–whereas they are all quite happy to gang up on Israel. I do not see you, however, blaming those Islamic human rights abusers on their official state religion. Therefore you are merely an ignorant racist.

It is well


I agree, lets call out all bad actors in the region for their human rights abuses. Sadly that would include nearly all of them (including allies and enemies of the United States), most countries in the region need to be called out for blatant disrespect for human rights on a level comparable to Israel.


Theocracy always equals tyranny


Indeed. They’re as hypocritical as every other plunderbund cartel out there. Having said that, Israel’s smug arrogance as it abuses the human rights of everyone else, whilst still bleating about the Holocaust, is as astonishing as it is hypocritical.