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For Donald Trump, A Historic First Year For All the Wrong Reasons


For Donald Trump, A Historic First Year For All the Wrong Reasons

Karen Hobert Flynn, Fred Wertheimer

American democracy is resilient. It has withstood attacks from enemies, both foreign and domestic, for more than two centuries.

As President Trump prepares for his first State of the Union Tuesday, he will try to turn the page from the chaos, lies, and incompetence that marked his first 12 months in office.

But we cannot afford to gloss over his historic first-year failures on matters core to the functioning of American democracy.


My question is what made people think he would change as he passed through the Whitehouse doors?


Trump voters had no expectation that “he would change”, or that he would do anything constructive. Destruction was the theme of the campaign. In that light he IS fullfilling their expectations.

They voted for him because he is NOT a Clinton and NOT an Obama, with the expectation that he would at the very least undo everything Obama did.

Think of Trump voters in terms of heating up Ronny Reagan’s racist/sexist cauldron to the point of boiling over, no analysis or critical thinking needed or desired.


The trump MO is lie, cheat, steal, and divert attention from actual truth. Here is another piece of evidence on who this tiny little mind and astonishingly ignorant person works.


I don’t have any confidence that Trump can be stopped unless voters turn out at the polls in November and vote against Republicans. What Trump has done could not have taken place without full support of the Republicans Party. It is not that the Republicans are all racists and authoritarians like Trump and support him because they agree with him, it is that most lack the courage to do what is right and have opted to only focus on get getting re-elected. Rather then caring about the country they only care about their own careers. The don’t want primary challenges from the right. They are playing it safe for themselves and letting the country drift toward fascism. The Americans voters will have their say in November. Do they want democracy or fascism? We will find out on election night.


And yet at at least some of the voters who voted for Trump voted for Obama twice. You are right that they did not want a Clinton or Obama but at least these voters didn’t do it out of racism/sexism. They were willing to vote for someone who they knew was a faux populist because it was different than the usual mealy mouth neoliberal garbage Hillary was pushing.


I tend to think of Trump as the ‘post-media’ occupant of the offal office. The kleptocratic heavy lifting that has brought the other two branches of government under direct corporate control was done by previous administrations in not so “blatant” a manner - yet equally egregious. Tump is late-stage everything-at-the-end-of-the-puppet-strings. Most debate is like basketball dribbling warmups - hardly ever having breaks from the patterns even made visible unless leaked.

Hey toss some toilet paper rolls around OK?

Mid terms might be important - but municipal, state and regional affairs still leave the traces of reality in everyday life.


The money-power requires blood and treasure. It is the mortal enemy of democracy.


Voting AGAINST the RePoopLickens won’t cut it — D’uhMurikans need someone / something to vote FOR, which the DamnocRats and their Clintonista DNC are NOT very likely to provide . . .


Well, I am certainly aware of several previous presidents in the history of the U.S. who has lied very blatantly and debased so dangerously American values and institutions of self-government. One of the more recent ones is certainly George W. Bush who attacked a foreign country and sacrificed thousans of American lives and possibly about a million of foreign lives based on lies and fake news. So Trump is by far not the singular evil culprit he is currently portrayed by the American left. At least not to date.