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For First Time, a US President Backs a Fascist France


For First Time, a US President Backs a Fascist France

Juan Cole

While she is highly unlikely to win the run-off presidential election on May 7 against the Bill Clinton of France, Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen managed to come in second in the first round on Sunday. She came ahead of the leaders of both major French political parties, the Socialists and the Gaullists. It is a sad day for France, and for the world, that such a hateful person– a neo-Fascist— is in the running to be president.


It has been my experience as a human being on planet Earth that there are two different types of people.

There are those who Love and have compassion for their fellow human beings, and there are those who Hate and have no compassion for their fellow human beings.

Fascism in governments is Hatred personified.

Trump's endorsement of Fascism in France is a call to all peoples to Resist his endorsement of Hatred.

Trump must be Impeached before he begins killing United States citizens with his Hatred.

Impeach Trump


The alt-left no doubt loves her.


Why do I get the feeling there are two corporate interests fighting here. Nothing about how the so called socialist gov has been taking away worker rights-------If this guy is Bill Clinton watch out!


One way to understand this is in terms of the "history lesson" presented by Eugene Linden in his 1979 book Affluence and Discontent: For centuries our species has been on course for "apocalypse." Now in 2017 it appears that either global warming will "do in" our species (within a decade, per the scientists at the Arctic News Blog), or our demise will occur both sooner and quicker because of thermonuclear annihilation initiated by Drumpf. If Drumpf is likely to be responsible for the demise of our extinction, why is it surprising that he would support this French bitch?!