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For First Time, Major National Poll Shows Bernie Sanders at Top of 2020 Democratic Pack


For First Time, Major National Poll Shows Bernie Sanders at Top of 2020 Democratic Pack

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A national poll released Monday showed Bernie Sanders leading the 2020 Democratic presidential field.

The new Emerson survey marks the first time the Vermont senator has come out ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden in a major survey.

Emerson's poll put Sanders in first place with 29 percent support, Biden in second with 24 percent, and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg in third with nine percent.



could not be happier! GO BERNIE!



The DNC and the MSM, not to mention trump and the GOP, will actively try to squash Bernie but I have a sliver of hope that they will be unsuccessful.



Maybe we will be lucky and the other side will be just as stupid as Hillary was with Trump and view Bernie as the best possible opponent. We definitely have to worry about the DNC though.



I would ask how Biden is at #2 but that would be a rhetorical que$tion.



From my perspective, there is no way the DNC will back Bernie in 2020…Biden is their boy, just like Hillary was in 2016.

The poll I would like to see is a poll of the 2020 Democratic, super,corrupt, delegates.



One thing that would show the country that we are serious about wanting different government is if an army of us old farts join the young farts and hit the streets and cafes.
Knock on doors and plant seeds of change in our local newspapers.



The DNC won’t back him but they have no Hillary to front this time. Biden is already going down. No one else’s “turn.” They’ll pray that O’Rourke or Buttigieg takes off. But really, it’s Sanders’ “turn” if it’s anyone’s. And he’s got millions of backers carrying him forward. Still the most popular politician in the USA. They very well may not be able to stop him.



Isn’t it interesting, webwalk, that this conversation is even necessary when THE VOTERS are supposed to “elect” their choices?



The healthcare plan has to be nailed down by convention time. Then a massive tell all, all the time, to inform even the most skeptical of voters exactly what it is, and how it benefits, and how we pay for it. No smoke and mirrors that the republicans always use.



Agree. Biden’s numbers will start going down, the moment he starts facing the crowds. Buttigieg and Betto are the Dems’ hopes. But neither will deliver to them as Bernie would. I think, Bernie (and the people behind him), will force DNC’s hand this time. Oh poor DNC.



Now now. Some of us duffers keep active and eat sensibly, so there’s not necessary any difficulty on that end to worry about.



Jeffrey thinks Biden will shoot to first place after declaring he’s decided not to run.



Too early to trust polls, but Bernie zooming from 17% to 29% is almost incredible.

Gillibrand, Hickenlooper, Castro, Booker, and Klobuchar will be gone after the NH primary if not before.

That 6% will get split between Beto-and-switch or Buttigieg or Harris.

Liz Warren’s maybe got 10 primaries in her before dropping out and sending more votes to Bernie.

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&c. It’s astonishing to me there can be a couple dozen of these prezcans running around, with virtually no discernible difference between them – while the yawning gap remains between acceptable discourse and insistent reality. For instance: so far as I can tell, Gabbard is the only one willing to speak up in Julian Assange’s defense.

All the rest of 'em think I care about their haircut or something. It’s insulting.



Yes, but you won’t vote for anyone without GP attached to them, so why should The Sandernistas care?
No offense; but really, why should they care? Fox viewers could be more moveable than GPers in primaries or the general.



The DNC Crooks always need a ScapeGoat and Biden is an easy Goat to beat. Sanders is out there, again, telling the people he is fighting for them on Healthcare, Income Inequality and much more. He’s not on the Take like Harris, and keeps his word, unlike talk but never produce Warren. Unless he has a plan to beat the DNC at their own game, we will be disappointed again. We shall see.

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“No offense” but why bother an Alaska voter?

Are you under the impression your vote counts outside of a dozen swing states?

Or are you implying that building votes for a certain party can lead to seismic shifts?



I’m not so much into parties. I actually like living human beings with pulses more.

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Julian Assange or M4A? Really? You think that levels the discourse when a non-voter gets up the gumption to pull the lever for Sen. Sanders in 2020, possibly?
Whoa? I’ll have to re-examine Michigan’s over-the-counter drug laws. I know Canada is close, but not that close.