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For First Time, Major National Poll Shows Bernie Sanders at Top of 2020 Democratic Pack


Fvck PeLoser

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Biden in 2nd place? The new Hillary?

A lot the public doesn’t know about him.



And, he’s a done a fabulous job of making sure they don’t find out, either.

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Bernie will always be in an uphill battle because the Corp Dems and MSM are still against him! They will use tactical framing to turn off the middle centrist citizens with crap like “But Bernie could never win against Trump and even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to govern!” This turns citizens cynical of our political life. There is good evidence from the social sciences. Here is a link to one: Tactical Framing

At the same time, we need to amplify the message that voting Republican or Corp Democrat is immoral, dangerous to our family and planet, and profoundly anti-social! Make bumper stickers, yard signs, billboards!

It's Immoral To Vote Republican!



Bernie has an incredible record of being elected even though a political outlier. There is no lack of talent in those Democrats vying for the nomination but Bernie knows what he is up against in Washington and if he has the support of the people he can begin to turn this country around. Rallying around him early in the campaign and not letting the media determine who should be the candidate would put the media in its place, reporting rather than manipulating.



The DNC would like Pete because he has no experience building consensus or team and so Pete has no choice but to appoint DNC apologists.

What’s GREAT about Sen. Sanders is that his administration would look more like America than the DNC… which is why they hate him. Sanders BUILT the Progressive Caucus from the ground-up; the same Progressive Caucus which has been decisive in getting youth and women and hispanics and blacks into politics.



Those polls that include non-accurate selections/misleading questions and subjects are considered “push polls” They are used to manipulate, not to enlighten. Including Biden, Oprah and Jesus as selections are big red flags.

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It will soon be revealed that Touchy-Feely Biden is a Bigot with not a single Progressive Bone in his body. He belongs in the Republican primary.



Keep spreading the news – send them to YouTube to see
Joe Biden in action fondling young girls at Dem Searing In Ceremonies
being filmed by C-Span LIVE … !!

If the scene with the two young Asian sisters isn’t on this video, please find it – it is heartbreaking.



Quibble from a picky math teacher:

“Sanders’ campaign announced it raised raised $18.2 million from nearly 900,000 individual donations in just 41 days. The average donation was $20, according to Sanders’ campaign manager Faiz Shakir.”

The $18.2 million and nearly 900,000 donations are according to the campaign. The average donation of $20 is according to arithmetic: $18 mil. / 0.9 mil = $20/donor. What would also be interesting is the median donation – probably even lower than $20.

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Don’t worry about the
Establishment Democrats, “they will have nowhere else to go”… unless they want to fess up to really being Republicans.

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…or to the students with college loans … or to credit card holders.