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For First Time, More Voters Support Trump Impeachment Than Oppose It


For First Time, More Voters Support Trump Impeachment Than Oppose It

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

For the first time, more Americans support impeaching President Donald Trump than oppose the idea, according to a new survey from Public Policy Polling.

The poll, conducted in the wake of Trump firing former FBI director James Comey, found 48 percent in favor of impeachment and 41 percent against. Just 43 percent of respondents think Trump is going to serve his full term as president.


Huh? I'd like to be able to BDS the orangubrat, but he keeps shooting off his retarded mouth to the point where I can't boycott it! Impeach his lying @ss b4 things get any worse!


I want the Clinton bots that talk Russia Russia, Russia, and blamed that, sexism, Comey, or the critiques that Bernie Sanders articulated about her for her loss (among other things) to take particular notice. This man is an utter incompetent train wreck, is historically unpopular, and he still polls better than she does. Think about that. This ignorant prick and Clinton were our two options this last election. And to think that the DNC’s idea seems to be to offer essentially nothing, to change nothing and to wait for people to turn to them in reaction against Trump. My god are we utterly screwed.

Regarding impeaching him, from a policy standpoint, a Pence/Ryan Whitehouse is terrifying. They’re to his right on most issues, their ideologues and they are more competent. His incompetence is not good overall, obviously, but it also undermines the right’s ability to destroy the world and the country a bit, probably more than the pathetic Democratic Party does. There’s some value in that.


Did everyone see that Nancy Pelosi has already come out in opposition to any movement to impeach Trump?

Not surprising really since she took "impeachment off the table" at the exact moment she had the power to hold the Bush Administration accountable for war crimes.


"One thing hurting Trump is that Americans expect honesty from their president and his aides, and they feel like they're not getting it,"

Since when have Americans expected honesty?


Just sayin', we are in deep shit. Impeach Trump? We get Pence, Ryan and Hatch, in that order. I guess TPTB will figure it out for us. I just don't know anymore as we still have to deal with fighting "Onward Together" obstructing any progressive movement.. https://theintercept.com/2016/11/15/mike-pence-will-be-the-most-powerful-christian-supremacist-in-us-history/


One step at a time. Get Trump out of there by keeping the pressure on towards impeachment and hope he gets hurt feelings and quits. Pence may be a self righteous Christer but at least he has some past experience running an elective office and odds are if he has any hopes of reelection in 2020 (assuming the industrial world holds together that long) he will be a lot more careful than the current sorry excuse for a president.


I think my, and I'm sure others, emotions go up and down each day with the constant barrage of news against the citizens here and all over the world. One day at a time...thanks.


Nancy must go. She accomplishes almost nothing, pulls in 196 million a year, goes home to her vineyard in Marin and basically rolls over, I had better hopes for her here in CA, but no-she is horrible.


What is it the rank and file Democrats do not understand about "impeaching" Trump? Trump is a despicable human being who still throws tweeter tantrums like a new born porcupine stabbing his liter mates fighting for the last teat. That is Trump in a nutshell - he is clearly one of the most despicable charade of a politician in our twisted history. But is he worse than George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama or Ronald W. Reagan? No, about the same. Give him a chance to get his presidential feet wet and then the sparks will really start to fly. Politics is the national parlor game of deceit, self-aggrandizement and treason committed for self-enrichment. Is there someone else who would shine as one of the worst presidents ever? Yes. Mike Pence. Pence was on the ticket just to lock in the right wing Christian extremist vote for Trump and to stand in the wings to take his place. Pence is simply a dyed-in-the-wool Christian extremist bent on a theocracy in service to the Plutocrats and their money. Given the bleak choice we should not be scream impeachment but instead we should be making sure that Trump stays in office until he is booted out in the next election. Contrary to the talking heads and the so called Democratic Strategist there are currently no grounds to impeach Trump and remove him from office. I do not trust Trump but I surely do not trust Comey and his formal inauguration of our two tier justice system on 5 July, 2016. They are both dishonorable and treasonous men who have and will continue to sell out We, The Rabble for their own personal benefit. As bad as Comey and Trump are Mike Pence will commit the ultimate treason in delivering the final blow to our once adequate Constitution!


I hope that you really do not understand how dangerous the right-wing Christian extremist actually are. If you did you would understand that the Sunday, Wednesday, Etc-Go-To-Meetings are not "church services" but continued indoctrination of the congregation in a unending meeting of The Revolution And Regression Committee. You and I are simply little bugs to be quashed because we do not believe in their Gawd the way they do. The utter ridiculousness of "religious faith" shines in Pence and his ilk as a searchlight of religious lunacy. The only way these folks compromise is when you have them cornered and let them blame Satan for their glorious and god fearing suicide!


Do we want to spend the next year or two standing watch over a dozen investigations, making sure none of them are being undermined by Trump? I don't. And yet, his behavior thus far says that is exactly what he will do. He will get away scot-free, and likely the lives of many more dedicated civil servants will be ruined in the process, and our democracy with them.

By the same token, Americans will not trust the findings of bi-partisan commissions, because they don't trust either party, with good reasons. Besides, there are too many snakes attached to the head of this Medusa-like monster for a short-attention spanned Congress to take down.

The only viable solution is to put a truly independent prosecutor in charge, and give him everything he or she needs to do a thorough job. And do it soon, before the trail grows cold.


Is Pence a terrible threat? Some would say no. i.e. Can anyone recall Gerald Ford's accomplishments other than falling down in good humor?

There is a good chance, with the betrayal by the GOP of their voters on health care, jobs (other than coal), infrastructure, medicare/medicaid etc. that the party will simply continue to fall apart, just like this presidency (ahem) is currently falling apart.

Many of these Bozo's supporting DT will be in deep doggy doo come time to beg for votes, as we have been seeing in the last week, the natives are restless.


I read this article and its comments two days after reading this article:

The one concept ought to concern even readers on this page. ¿ Is there a ruling class ensconced in our permanent government bureaucracy, and do they heed the opinion of the people much? Or are they busy enriching themselves, sometimes prescribing how we live, and sometimes wag-the-dog shooting off missiles at other countries in order to distract us from what they are doing?
-- And, to what extent were the election victories of Sanders and Trump the voice of the people rebelling against 'the establishment' and 'the ruling class'?


2 primary attributes of the plot line in Orwell's 1984.


"Before Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) began his town hall Saturday morning,
he instructed his aides to play a tape. It was, he explained, a voicemail he had received earlier in the week, shortly after he had delivered a speech on the House floor to become the first member of Congress to call for President Donald Trump to be impeached."

"Hey, Al Green, I've got an impeachment for ya—it's gonna be yours," said a man's voice. "Actually we're gonna give you a short trial before we hang your nigger ass."

A murmur went up in the audience of 80 or so Houston-area constituents who had packed into a church hall in the city's southwest corner. Green played another voicemail, which warned, "try it, and we'll rinse out you fucking niggers, you'll be hanging from a tree."

Not saying those phone calls were from Texans. But having spent many years in the state--they sound like some Texans, the ones that fly confederate flags from their trucks.

Overall, Texans can be great. But too much of a hate streak in the state now.
I am sure it was always there, gurgling just below the surface, but now people feel emboldened to be racist assholes. Maybe because they helped put the chief racist asshole in charge.

Oh, and a big cross-burning in the news in the south today. Long live slavery!

And speaking of racist assholes, how about that Sheriff Clarke for Homeland Security. Could this reality show performance become anymore surrealistic?

But for a different Al Green, listen:
Al Green. Let's Stay Together '93