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For Future Summer Olympics, Climate Change Is No Game


For Future Summer Olympics, Climate Change Is No Game

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

The first marathon, legend has it, occurred in ancient Greece in 490 B.C. The Athenians had repelled an invasion by the Persians, and a messenger was dispatched to run from the scene of the battle, the city of Marathon, to the capital at Athens, with news of the victory. He ran the distance, about 26 miles, delivered his message and collapsed, dying on the spot. Scholars question the accuracy of the legend, but it persists as a founding myth of the popular event. The future of the marathon, and of the Summer Olympics in general, may be at risk.


Trump believes what he believes and facts have nothing to do with it.


Frogs, backstroking through a caldron of toxic stew, spiced with ignorance, superstition and greed, while the pot gets ever warmer.


I would not be concerned about former Secretary of the Interior Salazar. The important thing is that Hillary Clinton gets it. She was there on the front lines at the Copenhagen climate conference in 2009 working with Obama to try to get a deal with China. They succeeded in coming up the Copenhagen Accord which served as the foundation for the recent Paris climate agreement. In her campaign she has set very ambitious goals for transitioning to green energy. She is all in on fighting climate change, there should not be any doubt about that. What is of most concern is what would take to stay under 2C which itself is a very risky goal but one that is probably now nearly impossible to achieve. It will take a lot more than Hillary Clinton. But, obviously right now priority number one is keep Donald "climate change is a hoax" Trump out of the presidency. If he wins there is no hope. As climate scientist James Hansen would say, "game over."


" The science increasingly suggests that the climate is changing faster than predicted, and that urgent action is needed now"
Every time I read that urgent action is needed now... I am stumped... well, if it's urgent and has to be done now... why are they planning a strategy of building all new infrastructure of renewables... which, to make a difference, will have to be completed, NOW... in order to make a difference in EMISSIONS... right now, EMISSIONS are still increasing..... and how is it that building this all new infrastructure of renewables will not INCREASE THE CO2 ....since it takes 2.5 years to make up for the co2 produced in making ONE SOLAR PANEL.... and we are going to make billions.... then, where IS the reduction in emissions?.... NOW READ CAREFULLY.... IF we were to STOP frivolous activities, like flying to Bermuda.....flying all over for business trips... manufacturing make up... pet toys, yard ornaments... oh, and lets not leave out professional sports... OR OLYMPICS... yes, flying EVERYONE .... all over the world... for something that can be done in your back yard... or in the park with your neighbors...Well, then, I suppose we could try the renewable thing.... otherwise.... I JUST DON'T GET.... WHY DO WE CHOOSE THIS EXCESS AND LUXURY OVER A LIVING PLANET.... /?????


“exertional heat stroke and its negative outcomes, including mortality,"

Ummm....negative outcomes again. Is a negative outcome a positive income? Does the IRS know this?

Mortality; mortality means that we are not immortal. So I presume that heat-stroke will remove our immortality. Interesting.

By the way, has anyone noticed that , since the invention of "business management" and the MBA Degree, the word "result" has been replaced by the word "outcome".

Now, to clarify things, why didn't the author of the report write, "'exertional heat-stroke may kill the sufferer". Though one might also think that as non-exertional heat-strke can also kill the sufferer...................


Amy points out that things we take for granted will be changing quickly. As an example she cites the expectation of raging heat in summer causing hazardous conditions for runners in such excessive heat.

But consider that we may have seen the virtual end of winter as most Americans know it. We may be seeing the end of flood plains development too. Cities might end up needing to be evacuated if catastrophic flooding becomes a yearly event. Wheatfields becoming steppe and desert? The Corn Belt moved to Canada?

The point of this article is that we have created unpredictability amid extreme instability. We just don't know anymore.

How do you plan for that?