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For Immigrant Children, Empathy Is Not Enough


For Immigrant Children, Empathy Is Not Enough

Richard Eskow

There’s no “civil” way to say it: The Trump administration is torturing immigrant children. A liberal television personality wept openly for these children a few days ago, and I’m glad she did.


we are shamed in the world’s eye. but there are those who don’t feel shame or can be humbled. those of us who do care have to continue the protest, raise our voices and vote these supposed humans out. we will have to try to make up for what our gov’t did to these kids one way or another. we have fallen down the hole of indecency, along with the ridicule we so rightly deserve. it is time to wake up and force them out of resturants, bombard their homes with protests and make it known that not all americans follow this jerk who has no empathy or compassion for anyone but himself.


Thank You and…


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


I reckon if it was the late 1930’s and Trump was president then, while Hitler continues to exterminate Jews, what would Trump do?

Would he emulate Hitler and agree with his views that Jews were an infestation?


It’s a cryin’ shame that when Trump’s base were young and learning how to live with others, they passed up the class for “Empathy and Compassion” and opted for being taught “Apathy and Agression.”


This is perhaps the best-written article yet, concerning the tragic injustice occurring at our Southern border. Our demagogues assign blame and dispense harsh punishments on the
victims of our policies, when we should be apologizing to them and treating them as the human beings that they are. We are no better than they are. Given the history of our mischief in their home countries, we owe them respect and fairness.


The United States is the Last Great Bastion of Freedom.
We must follow the Rule of Law.
Instead of setting hearing dates months later; we should immediately upon
locating illegal immigrants, intermediately the illegal immigrants should be
deported to a large safe place in Mexico. Philanthropists such as Buffet, Gates,
George Soros should each give a Billion dollars to create this territory which will jointly
run by USA and Mexico.


We need a modern day General Groves (head of the Manhattan Project) to help build
a community for illegal immigrants fleeing Mexico. The community would lease 100,000
acres from Mexico (under and subject to 199 year leasehold.); The Gateway territory
will offer housing, schooling, healthy food and the beginning of a Pathway to Citizenship
in USA. Both USA and Mexican can hire workers from Gateway Territory. The workers earnings
can be deposited in a USA Bank located in Gateway Territory. Carlos Sims, (the wealthiest Mexican citizen
should be asked to give 5 billion dollars to this endeavor, so let us beging by finding our General and identifying the best appropriate site. Wolf Blitzer, on Lemon,Chris Cuamo, and Wolf Blitzer pony-up a
million dollars a piece for this crusade,


The Mexican illegal immigration problem, goes back to President Reagan.
Nobody addressed the real problem that very poor Mexicans were having too
many children The key to taking care of a family begins with Birth Control, which
will lead to Capital Formation (Saving for an emergency or a down payment for a home).
The current POPE, stands at the the USA border and hurls AD Homienen comments
at President Trump. The Pope must allow his dwindling masses to be educated about birth control.
The Drug dealers, will soon be dealing with USA Special Forces and Rangers who obliterate these heathens
Donald Trump is are last best hope to solve this problem compassionetely.