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For Indigenous Peoples, Megadams Are 'Worse than Colonization'


For Indigenous Peoples, Megadams Are 'Worse than Colonization'

Sian Cowman, Philippa de Boissière

Early in the morning of March 3, Berta Cáceres was assassinated as she slept.

A world-renowned environmental activist, Berta had been a driving force in protecting the lands and waters of rural communities in Honduras. Among the many victories of the organization she founded was the delay of a megadam project on the Gualcarque River that could be disastrous for the indigenous Lenca people living there.


Megadams are one of the leading causes of “water scarcity”. Water scarcity is being used to promote the privatization of more water resources with Corporations claiming that if water allocated under market principles it will be used more efficiently.

The “run it like a business” meme dooms us to extinction.


Add in the communities whose water was poisoned by coal slurry and blasted mountain top detritus left to pollute their streams… and much of West Virginia faces a battle that’s analogous to what all those brave souls throughout Central and South America are fighting— today’s conquistadors: the energy cartels.

On the Gulf Coast, many communities have been ravaged by deep sea oil drilling. Same thing outside of Santa Barbara and Alaska’s coast thanks to Exxon-Valdez.

Countless other communities are fighting the Fracking operations.

All over the world it is the SAME battle as corporate conquistadors in search of new natural resources to plunder treat the natives as did their European forbears.

If the world were governed by those who cared about human life and the planet’s necessary ecosystems, NONE of this could be possible. But since world leadership is on the puppet strings of the global banks and the banks want to bloat their fake wealth via these rapacious “investments,” community after community is forced to bow down.

The cowards KILL the bravest of indigenous leaders, organizers, and spokespersons. This strategy is the same as that of Organized Crime.

Meanwhile, glaciers are melting fast and no longer supplying water to South American river systems. In other areas, they are flooding. It’s no time to phuck with Mother Nature by building all these dams. And to add insult to injury, these dams do little to improve the lives of citizens. As this important article explains, they’re being put in place to power yet more intrusive energy technologies.

Heartless DEAD souls are running things… they can’t seem to hear the Earth Mother’s screams as she cries out against the endless paroxysms of overkill!


Also large dams produce significant methane, not just at inundation, but on an ongoing basis, and are recognized as contributing to the greenhouse effect and climate change.