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For Intentionally Acting to 'Exacerbate Climate Crisis,' Youth Filed Suit Against GOP-Led Florida Government


For Intentionally Acting to 'Exacerbate Climate Crisis,' Youth Filed Suit Against GOP-Led Florida Government

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Kids in Florida, says one climate activist, are "rocking it again."

That's because a group of eight young Floridians just filed suit (pdf) against the Republican-controlled state, arguing that it has—as a result of propping up a fossil fuel-based energy system—violated their constitutional rights.


You gotta love these kids!


Monday April 16, 2018.
As adults in the US find their knickers being twisted by algorithmic media that has countless [literally] flagpoles with wafters being tested, the shake-a-leg gang goosing layabeds on climate change denial are ahead of the storm, clear eyed and vocal.
This old bluehair is and has been reshaping life style to no car, local organic, indoor composting just to prove its easy and educational; community volunteering and cutting way back on any kind of meat, very rarely seafood, increasingly vegetarian, writing at least one letter to reps a week (for what its worth). I can’t protest any more, but can boycott, talk with folks in the community and cheer the youngsters on and thank them publicly. These young folks are living national treasures.


I have been a vegetarian for thirty six years- you can do it! Also, boycotting is a form of protesting. Why can’t you protest as you think of it?


At Port Lucie FL Indian River State College I tried to find support for solar energy innovation. After thousands of out-of-pocket dollars I was forced to abandon Florida. They can not use the words “climate change” in Florida.

MIT was more progressive.

MIT team explains cost-efficient solar power system


Include in the charges that the GOP has worked diligently, at behest of the Electric Power Industry, to make if more difficult and More Expensive to install Home Solar systems in Florida.


Right you are, Jerry. The State of Florida, once a fairly progressive state by Southern standards, has become steadily more and more regressive over the 40+ years that I have lived here. The “Welcome to Florida” signs at the borders proudly state: “Open for Business”. The message is clear. Governor Rick Scott and the Republican-dominated Legislature are whores for “business”. Environmental and Quality-of-Life issues…not so much!

The signs should be warning: “Florida: Underplanned and Overdeveloped and Proud of It”.


I always liked the bumper sticker " welcome to Florida, now go home." Or a highway sign at the state line saying Full Capacity. As far as Prick Scott and his AG grifter Bondi, they both sucked up to Trump before the election. What else needs to be said? Have you ever seen the Florida Public Service Commission make a decision in the people’s favor? Why hell no! I shudder to think of Scott becoming a US Senator.