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For Internet Users, 2015 Was a Year of Many Wins... and One Loss


For Internet Users, 2015 Was a Year of Many Wins... and One Loss

Timothy Karr

While not every fight ended in a win for Internet users, 2015 was a year when millions of advocates defied the conventional wisdom that tech policymaking was an arcane and secretive world limited to a small circle of insiders.

We organized online and off, sending millions of comments in support of an open Internet, beating back efforts to build even larger broadband monopolies, and creating new online tools to safeguard the privacy of our online communications.

Here are the many highlights... and a few less-than-spectacular moments:


Depending on who is elected next time means our country our democracy is just one election away from becoming totally owned by Corporate America they have skillfully over the years placed their strawmen into the political arena in key places in the Senate and Congress along with state governments and Governors... mostly all GOP and they have also corrupted a lot of democrats They are waiting patiently in the shadows to take over everything...Those of us who are democrats should hold their (politicians)butts to the grill....By voting them out..We dont have a chance with the GOP they are completely bought and paid for...So our only chance is some one like Bernie Sanders.....Hillary is one of them who will do their bidding....If we dont take charge and get rid of corrupted politicians...(and all of them are corrupted) we will be done for...I doubt once we lose out to corporate rule we will never get our democracy back..All laws will benefit them and we will be paying the bill for their corruption...We will be forced to eat their scraps...Demand an end to TPP this is corruption on a grand scale and supported by our traitor for a president Obama... and all of the GOP political hacks....If your political views are only about abortion or religion then we are in trouble because they have made these issues to hide the real evil they do....So put aside these issues and come together and vote all these crooks out of office.....These theology issues the candidates always talk about are nothing to them but ways to garner votes....How many times have the GOP been in power and done nothing about abortion or religion....Because they dont care..Their only interests are serving the rich billionaire class..They could care less if you or anyone gets an abortion...Dont be fooled by bulshit the people should come together and vote for all our interests and put corporations back in the boardroom and out of Washington..