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For Iranians, the War Has Already Begun

For Iranians, the War Has Already Begun

Elham Pourtaher

Not a day goes by without the Trump administration imposing a new challenge on us, the Iranian people. Those who think that the travel ban has been the hardest obstacle for Iranians need to catch up with latest foreign policy developments. Encouraged by Donald Trump’s foreign policy advisors, the Iranian people today face an increasing risk of military attack by the United States.


If I were king of the world I would, by decree, rule that not one more drop of blood be spilled for natural resources gathering. And that Israel be sanctioned until it gives back most or all of the territory it has stolen.
I would encourage a plan to re-establish the sovereignty of the countries of the middle east. Starting with Iran and Palestine.
Ask that the UN do my bidding or disband.


Good start for a campaign.It’s not too late for you to enter the race:)))

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Only the devil himself could think U.S. policy with respect to Iran is justified. Trump is Satan’s and Bibi’s little helper. The only excuses in going along with this horror are impotence and ignorance.


Two wars are now contemplated to turn off the spigots of two nations to FORCE suppliers to buy our FRACKED oil. China & Russia will more or less be on the side of both “enemies.” If we try to use the same “moderates” to help us in one of these wars, the blowback from that one’ll make Iraq & Libya’s blowback seem like a light summer breeze. But that’s not the end of it. THE SHALE BOOM IS ABOUT TO GO BUST.

other sources…

Trita Parsi https://www.democracynow.org/2019/5/7/trita_parsi_john_bolton_has_wanted

Gail Tverberg


I’d be looking for a humble VP.

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I wonder if this years California wild fires will wake anyone up.

Trumpies can’t be bothered with climate problems. It would interfere with profiteering.
Drill baby drill is still sounding off.

Please keep writing, Elham <3

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Lots of loony scams are conceived, but the ones that go far are the ones it seems that set the zeitgeist (like the days when Oliver North was a big hero). Most of’em don’t make the money hoped for, some make some, and some just end up a big embarassement. But the hero thing (Charlie Wilson’s War too eg) innundates the minds of the lemming-like, sometimes even if they do eventually end up an embarrasment. They were sort of wondering on the David Feldman Show which mob has Trump in its pocket. Well, the banks I’m sure have no problem with the Adelson crowd, so I’d vote
THE current plan/scam [most harebrained of course] in the lead is the one I described above. Almost “above board.”

Thanks, but the skeletons in my closet would be a detriment to you campaign. I’m sure someone here at CD would make a fine VP though.

Dear Elham…
Everything you say is true, however you are pleading with your readers to show other perspectives of those suffering at the hands of the U.S. governments ruthless polices abroad. The problem is that the same powers that create the unnecessary suffering of those in your country are there same powers that control the narrative in the mainstream of the American political and cultural theatre. A compliant media allows morally corrupt officials to go virtually unnoticed when those same elected officials approve of egregious sanctions and acts of war against innocent people everywhere. Rather than being called out on their support for such acts, they’re applauded for showing “strength against America’s enemies” without having the need to explain themselves. The fact that no one understands the suffering your family is experiencing at the hands of this evil foreign policy hatched in Washington and boardrooms across the American landscape, is a testament to how effective the media is at controlling the national narrative about these crucial topics. The 1% is always on guard against any media outlet that deviates from the official narrative and will respond quickly and without mercy anyone who steps out of line.
In more developed countries where open debates and critical thinking skills are encouraged, you would find much more sympathy and a better understanding from the public in general about the plight your people are dealing with. But instead you have transplanted yourself into the belly of the beast as if you could enlighten those around you about the crimes against humanity our government is committing supposedly on our behalf. As most readers here on CD will tell you, you can talk until you’re ‘blue in the face’ about what a farce our foreign policy is, yet you will never convince a single soul to reflect differently from the general consensus that has been careful manufactured over generations by the mass media.
Nevertheless I wish you luck in your quest to make the average person realize the crimes and misdemeanours of the American government and the consequences of those actions. Even opening the eyes of a single person, can bring a tremendous amount of relief to you and thereby give a glimmer of hope for humanity.


“Also, the Iranian currency has lost 80 percent of its value since last year”
I’m new here and having a hard time navigating just make a comment. I looked at exchange rates dollar/ Rial, I don’t see this 80% loss. Is there something I’m missing?

I didn’t think I could sympathize with the repressive Iranian regime but the Trump regime has accomplished that. Iran lived up to its nuclear agreement, there is no reason for sanctions, the world should stand up to Trump’s bullying by ALL trading with Iran whether the US likes it or not.

Elham, the US has been angry with Iran for a long time. It is a pivotal gateway to the Middle East. Energy-wise, it supplies America’s friends and rivals alike. And the US’s rivals are gaining on the US in power.
Americans are very, very weak in geography. Then they cant argue about places–they can’t find them on a map! The US media hardly ever adds a map to any world news. The US media ALMOST NEVER shares details nowadays with any nation outside Western Europe except to be negative for the purpose of invasion and war or the occasional weather disaster, which is rather meaningless without a map!
Democracies are encouraged, not for those countries’ benefits, but in order to have a chance to control the opposition if a leader is not compliant with the US.

NeoCons and Zionists. Who else has been the major supporters and backers of the wars which massacred multiple countries, killed millions, maimed so many of the other and of our own. A worse crime to ourselves than anyone committed against us, I’d add.

…wars that were perpetrated on the ignorant as well as the educated as these agendas govern everyone’s choices in life, the determination for an individual foreign, domestic and for whole nations. The U.S. current government is made up of former government cabinet who are well established war mongers and war criminals and economic criminals. Shouldn’t congress be in an uproar at these lies and fabricated events to cause hysteria and start war with Iran?!?

The lies of Iraq (and Afghanistan if we are honest with ourselves) are profoundly significant still for so so so many. What sort of evil and terrible place are we allowing ourselves to become when propaganda and contrived bigotry is how we conduct foreign relations and take our people into WARS (plural). Yes, it does have to do with you and your insulated existence. Machiavellian government was always a failure, so who would be telling you to conduct your nation ignorantly, I wonder?

Sanctions should be illegal. How can one country deny another anythingcthat others can have? The world needs a stronger world government.