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For Iraqi Women, 'Things Were So Much Better Before' US Invasion


For Iraqi Women, 'Things Were So Much Better Before' US Invasion

Hadani Ditmars

In light of International Women's Day as well as the recent appointment of Baghdad's first female mayor, civil engineer Zekra Alwach, it's an opportune moment to remember the many "firsts" enjoyed by Iraqi women.

The nation produced the first female judge, ambassador, and government minister in the Arab world. Iraqi women benefited from state subsidised childcare and education; they once formed about half the public sector workforce and 50 percent of the country's doctors.


Women surviving war and its aftermath are brilliantly portrayed in the Lina Wurtmeuller film, “The Seven Beauties.” While not focusing on Iraq, it brings the war god’s brutal imprint to life in a profound and memorable way.

The wounding repeats in virtually the same ways any place that Mars’ marching army boots touch down.


"For Iraqi Women, ‘Things Were So Much Better Before’ US Invasion’

For America’s M/I/I /Complex, things got so much better after the US invasion.


A study done that examines excess mortality rate due to war or conflict attributes some 85 million excess deaths due to the United States of America occupying countries since 1950v. The vast majority of these deaths are of civilians. Since the nation of the United States of America was founded some 250 years ago it has directly invaded or attacked some 70 sovereign nations. This is the second most in History next to the British Empire.

This is excluding nations destabilized through proxies. Virtually every country on this globe was “better off” before the United States of America invaded them or meddled in their affairs.


Just to add by way of example. In the mid to late 1970s half of all the Doctors in Afghanistan were women. They made up a third of the civil service and a majority of the teachers. They had equal access to receiving an education and Univerity. Afghanistan introduced Universal health care and programs to alleviate poverty.

It was then that that beloved of Liberals one Jimmy Carter became President of the United States and decided he would help the people of Afghanistan via the Mujahadeen.

Unwittingly one Ronald Reagan revealed a truism in his often repeated claim that the most feared words in the English language was “I am from the Government and am here to help” for if one was living in some foreign land and that person represented the Government of the United States of America , one might as well kiss the promises of a prosperous and peaceful life goodbye. That unless of course , you were already very very rich.