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For John Bolton, No Bad Deed Goes Unrewarded

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/15/john-bolton-no-bad-deed-goes-unrewarded

The State of affairs in the USA , all of it built around the LOTE nonsense is so bad that warmongering , murderous , criminal and incompetent boobs from past administrations are now seen as heroes and voices of reason just because the current administration is worse then the one before it.

In a more sane world , were the people to elect competence and compassion to the Presidency the likes of Reagan and Brennan and Bolton and Summers and George W Bush would never have surfaced again.

In 20 years time will they be trotting out Devos and Mnuchin and Pompeo as voices of insight and reason because there someone running things that is worse then Trump? That pretty well what happened over the past 40 years.


Invite John Bolton to Boston??
Formerly a liberal philosophy area and now the hedge fund, greedy hand, New England protestant home land. King Phillips War

Massachusetts is going to get crushed along with Chicago, LA, and NYC as their health costs go up with no end in sight. The federal DC government will back up pharma companies with tens of excuses and hundreds of billions of hard earned dollars. But remodeling to improve air quality, a slight vacuum in patient rooms, fresh air make up, no touch slidng doors replacing hinged doors, etc. needs to be accomplished nation wide quickly.

bad ass bolton may get his war in Iran. He and Rummy may get their war with China. But, do not come here to draft the orphans. Get the guys from gated communities who always slide by the call to arms.

Maybe the only thing that holds Bolton together is his ridiculous mustache! Ha! Maybe it’s hs Sampson power—and maybe being shaved would cause his to lose his “power.” At least psychologically .I wonder where he gets his hair cut? : )

sigh–yes Boston used to be something----but then --so did America. : (

“For [insert Cheney, et al.] No Bad Deed Goes Unrewarded.”

Bolton is the point man in the USA for Bibi.

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Bolton has become dollar wealthy lately.
His long time campaign for an Iranian war backs up your analysis.

It seems we now have more evil in DC than ever before.
And November elections may not send them home.