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For Journalists in Mexico, Hunted Down for Speaking Out


For Journalists in Mexico, Hunted Down for Speaking Out

Laura Carlsen

Earlier this summer, Ruben Espinosa fled Mexico’s Gulf coast state of Veracruz after receiving death threats. His work as a photojournalist there had made him an enemy of the state’s governor, who presides over one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a reporter.

On July 31, Espinosa was found beaten and shot dead in a Mexico City apartment.


One telling sign of the epidemic of violence against women is how few males will give it voice!

Recently, John Dear and regularly, Robert Koehler speak of racism, poverty, and militarism… but neither gives voice to the preponderant misogyny that’s resulted in world wide femicide.

In this instance, a parallel phenomenon shows as a similar need to “Say Her Name”:

“Three more women were assassinated in the normally tranquil, upper-middle class neighborhood that afternoon — an 18 year-old Mexican named Yesenia Quiroz, a Colombian identified only as “Nicole,” and a 40 year-old domestic worker named Alejandra. The press generally refers to the case as “the murder of Ruben Espinosa and four women,” relegating the women victims to anonymity even in death.”

On a semi-related note, I was doing research on serial killers. Some Ivy League researcher (whose name escapes me) spoke openly of the statistics: that 90% of serial killers are male. Yet he STRAINED to make the problem of serial killers gender neutral. If something is 9 to 1, that is not neutral!

That is my primary objection to the promiscuous use of the WE-pronoun. It takes what’s largely normal for men, or more likely exhibited by males and generalizes these results to both genders falsely.

Such deeply buried, crippling misogyny explains why this particular prejudice is not given due discussion, neither is its name nor those of its millions of targets typically spoken.


“Since 2008, the U.S. government — through the Merida Initiative and other sources — has provided some $3 billion to the Mexican government for the war on drugs. This is a period when attacks on human rights defenders and journalists have skyrocketed, and more than 100,000 people have been killed by criminals and security forces alike.”

The crackdown on journalists revealing facts and data that “official sources” don’t want exposed is also taking place inside the U.S.

Commondreams published an article some time ago–and Amy Goodman interviewed several of its witnesses–regarding the brutal murder of many environmental activists in South America.

Other journalists have complained that the protections usually afforded to journalists covering conflicts in foreign lands no longer provide that airtight security.

It’s open season on Truth Tellers; and that’s a corollary to the Stasi State. It wants to be “all knowing” about citizens’ actions and ideas while its own acts and plans are cloaked entirely.

The greater the collective repressions, the faster the vice will break. And it will. How many will be martyred between then and now is like asking how many more forests will fall before people with power stop burning this planet and blocking the changes that so many citizens are wanting to implement.