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For Many Democrats, Six Primary Season Debates 'Is Just Not Enough'



Hillary is trying to sit on a lead, which usually doesn't work very well.


And will all those folks who want "more debates" also support opening the general election debates to 3rd parties? Ha, ha ,ha - no, they want to hear more only from Dems ....

The idea that we must limit our universe of ideas to those that come from D/Rs is what has kept us in the pickle jar - a diet of only pickles is bound to sour the stomach ...


Wasserman Shultz lost our vote.

Here is a most interesting candidate we never hear about:



I attempted to go to that site and my anti-virus program stopped me with a "threat has been detected".


Thank you. Try Braun's site instead. Very interesting:



I just did and I got the same response, "Threat has been detected."


Strange. I don't have that problem on my Mac. Please try googling Harry Braun,


Something strange is happening. It happened when I clicked on his site on Google. "Threat has been detected. Mal ware."


I may be paranoid, but somebody may not want any more competition for votes. Can you open it anyway? Its safe.


I don't think I should, it might be something on my computer only.


Harry Braun was a candidate in the last election. For some reason, few heard of him. I think he might be too dangerous to Big Fossil and Big Nuke oligopolies so they are excluding him.


OK, thanks,


Harry Braun for President.US
Empowering the majority to replace the bribery-based Republic and its
highly toxic Oil Economy, with a Democracy and a Solar Hydrogen Economy by ratifying Braun's proposed an Article V Democracy Amendment.

Harry Braun with hydrogen production Windships in the backround
The USA Has Never Been A Democracy!
Democratic Presidential Candidate Harry Braun acknowledges the vast majority of Americans believe the United States is a Democracy, because they hear it daily from elected officials and journalists in the corporate owned news media. But as Braun points out, "one only needs to consult a dictionary to know that the USA is, and always has been a Republic," which is based on a tiny number of elected officials getting bribed in secret by lobbyists. This is why countries like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Syria are all Republics and not Democracies.

And Braun has found that few American's are aware of the only Constitutional Democracy in the world that was formalized in the year 1291, in a country so diverse it has four official languages, where the world's first automobile was created in 1807 that was using hydrogen fuel made from water with electricity, and which has not been in a war since 1847 when its federal government was established, and that country is Switzerland.

As Harry Braun has stated, "calling the United States a Democracy is a really big lie," which is just one of the reasons he has written and proposed a 28-word Democracy Amendment that will empower the majority of citizens to approve all laws and Supreme Court decisions. Braun has also prepared an Article V Citizen Ballot to ratify his citizen-sponsored amendment, which can be downloaded from the DemocrayAmendmentUSA.net website. Once the ballot is completed, the voter merely mails it to their Secretary of State, where the paper ballot can then be verified, counted and archived, and when majorities in 38 states send in their ballots, the amendment will be ratified.

Braun also documents other Big Lie's, including there has never been a substitute for using oil and the other highly-toxic fossil and nuclear fuels that are making the Earth uninhabitable, or that the THC in cannabis (i.e., marijuana) is a dangerous drug that the State and Federal governments have spent over a trillion dollars to arrest and destroy the lives of millions of Americans in a drug war that is really a Civil War that disproportionately affects African Americans, who are attacked with "shoot to kill" policies for a crime with no victim. But according to medical research published in Scientific American (December 2004), the THC in cannabis is not a toxic drug at all (unlike all of the oil-based pharmaceutical drugs, including aspirin), but a 500 million-year old neurotransmitter that switches on a two-way communication and feedback system in every person's brain, which has redefined the science of neurology.

Moreover, a 500 million year history means the protein receptors for THC and other cannabis cannabinoids have been a fundamental part of every vertebrate animal's brain and body since plants and animals left the seas for the land, which has profound First Amendment religious freedom implications that have been ignored by Federal and State courts. For these and many other reasons, the editors of Scientific American have referred to the cannabis laws as "absurd."

In the case of energy, Braun's Phoenix Project books and technical papers have documented that less than two million, two megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production would displace all of the existing oil and other fossil and nuclear fuels now used in the U.S., and such systems are no more difficult to manufacture than the 16 million cars made each year for the U.S. consumers. This is why Braun's "Phoenix Project" plan to replace all fossil and nuclear fuels with solar-sourced hydrogen could easily be accomplished by 2020.

Given that pollution-free wind and hydrogen fuel production and engine systems were developed and used in the 1800's, the Oil Age was never necessary. It was just highly profitable for oil corporations. But Braun's research has documented that the two Big Lies about oil and cannabis are directly related, and the key link was a man named Henry Ford.

Henry Ford's Vision of Replacing the Oil Economy with the Cannabis Economy

As Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920's, the least expensive hydrogen, ethanol and plastic automotive components that were 10 times stronger than steel, were all made from cannabis, the most efficient biomass crop known. Ford produced an entire car from cannabis and other agricultural crops, except for the tires and steel frame. But Ford's real vision and mission was not just to make Cannabis Cars that could be safely buried when they were worn out, but to replace all of the oil, coal and other toxic fossil fuels with cannabis and other crops, including weeds, which could all be converted into hydrogen and ethanol so the vast wealth each year from such fuels would go to farmers instead of oil corporations.

This is the real reason why oil company lobbyists, led by Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, the richest man in America who was also the CEO of Gulf Oil, as well as the principal investor in DuPont's new patent to make plastics from oil instead of cannabis, which increased the profit from a barrel of oil by a factor of 1000. The problem was that plastics made from oil and coal were not nearly as strong and were much higher in cost, making it impossible for them to compete with cannabis crops.

Thus Mellon appointed his son-in law, Harry Anslinger, a former alcohol prohibition agent, to head up the new Federal Narcotics Bureau (FNB), which changed the common name of cannabis (i.e. "hemp") to an unknown slang term, "marijuana" so it could be called a "new" dangerous drug that was made illegal in 1937 with no recorded vote in ether the House or Senate, and over the objections of the American Medical Association. Indeed, the AMA's Congressional representative, Dr. William Woodward, who was also an attorney, was angry that he had been left out of all of the secret meetings, but he and his colleagues at the AMA were shocked to find that the new marijuana "killer drug" was really cannabis, which had been used as a highly-nutritious food and medicinal herb not just since the Pilgrim's landed in 1492, but since civilization was founded.

Details and the AMA's contentious testimony is published in the Documents section of the BraunforPresident.US website, but for a graphic overview of this subject, every voting citizen should make time to carefully watch the documentary "The True History of Marijuana" that is on YouTube. They will not be disappointed.

The last half of the documentary deals with the remarkable medical aspects of cannabis, including dramatic video of its cannabinoids attacking and killing cancer cells, while leaving normal cells alone. This is in contrast to antibiotics that are "dumb" toxic pharmaceutical drugs that indiscriminately kill all bacteria they encounter, and most people who are not molecular biologists, do not realize that 99.9% of the bacteria in our bodies are "good guys" that are actually critical for our health and metabolism. Thus the "germ" theory that all bacteria must be killed is absolute nonsense.

According to DEA administrative judge Francis Young, cannabis is completely non-toxic and highly-nutritious, and given it has been used to successfully treat over 25 different medical conditions for the past 5,000 years, Harvard Medical School professor Lester Grinspoon proposed that a completely separate branch of medicine: Cannabinopathic Medicine, which would eliminate the need for the vast majority of the toxic oil-based "snake oil" pharmaceutical drugs, like aspirin, which are bankrupting the United States. Returning to such naturopathic medicine, which according to documents in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus was practicing, will be the subject of a future Press Release from Harry Braun on replacing Obamacare with a non-profit, no cost, no insurance needed health care system.

Given the American Republic is a government of corporate lobbyists, and given the largest group of lobbyists in the U.S. and worldwide are from the highly-toxic Oil & Nuclear Industrial Complex, which now includes the chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and news corporations, as well as all of the major Wall Street banks, it is important for the American people to understand that these private corporations are directly responsible for the completely unnecessary chemical contamination of every man, woman and child in the USA and worldwide, including the unborn who are contaminated from the point of conception.

These lobbyist-driven "free market" forces, along with the human population explosion, are also responsible for the destruction of the Earth's 3-billion-year-old global ocean ecosystems and atmosphere that is causing the Sixth Mass-Extinction event in the Earth's 4-billion year old history, which is almost over.

As such, Braun's presidential campaign is focused on helping American voters understand these issues and see the move on the Congressional chess board that will empower them to "Take Action Now" to bypass the lobbyist-based Congress and State Legislatures to ratify the Democracy Amendment with the Article V Citizen Ballot that can be downloaded from the DemocracyAmendmentUSA.net website, while there is hopefully still time to make a difference.

Media inquiries can contact Harry Braun at 770-905-7000 or 770-905-7020 or on the BraunforPresident.US website.



It is good to learn something new everyday.


Thank you red raven. Good to know.

BTW, have you thought about encrypted online voting and its democratizing potential for decentralizing government?


Good point.

What do you think the threshold for inclusion should be?


3rd Party candidates are celebrity driven. Ross Perot and Ralph Nader were the most successful candidates they've offered to the voters in the last 25 years. Perot had tons of money and business cred and Nader had the street cred and issues notoriety. Every thoughtful person knows the U.S. and it's federal, state and local gov'ts are either captured, dysfunctional or broken. Until elections are publicly funded or political contributions are capped ( the whole 9 yards thingy ) we'll continue to be frustrated and dispirited citizens. Which the PTB are fine with. Gatekeeping, corralling, veal penning; whatever you want to call it, it's being done by the Washington, D.C. and Wall Street crowd. Supporting public financing of elections and severely restricting political contributions, lobbying, et al is the best solution we have readily available. " Sunlight is still the best disinfectant. " " Always follow the money, always. "


therein lies the problem. "they have records to defend". which also means they have records to be attacked, and the front-runners know full well--especially Clinton--that they're substantively vulnerable. That's why she doesn't want to debate. That and she sucks at it.

so Schulz is actually doing her job properly from the perspective of power. her job is simple: ensure the Democratic party and its personalities defend this system and the prerogatives of corporations at all costs.


I think the Democrat party would have a much better chance if they would finally return to routing for and actually working for the People. Good dream anyway.