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For Media, Driving Into a Crowd of Protesters Is a ‘Clash’


For Media, Driving Into a Crowd of Protesters Is a ‘Clash’

Adam Johnson


Beware who Frames.


“…the pathological fear of placing blame on the far right.”

Once they blamed the anarchists. They blamed the Red Scare. They blamed the Wobblies. They damn sure blamed the Commies. They also tried to blame the Socialists too but it just confused people and formed the basis for starting conversations. They blamed nonviolent civil rights marchers for getting themselves attacked by violent hate groups. They blamed beatniks for wearing goatees and playing bongos while reading poetry. They blamed hippies for practically everything. Hell once they even used to blame comic books!

They will blame anyone and anything rather than blame themselves! They always have.


You hit the mark, Wereflea!


On the Minneapolis Star Tribune website one poster says in defense of the driver, Miller, “He was trying to get away from the mob that had been hitting him (and) probably panicked. Let all the facts get out there before any judgement is passed.”

I pointed out that, “Miller is pictured elsewhere wearing the uniform of Vangard America, a white supremacist group and holding a round shield with a WWII Nazi emblem. But yes, let’s get all the facts, ok?”

Another poster offers,“Maybe he was drunk.”

Damn Trump and his “…many sides, many sides.” Apologists, apologists Everywhere!


Note also how the deaths of the two officers in the copter accident receives equal weight to the murderous mayhem visited on the protesters.

Anything to diminish a reality the corpress refuses to acknowledge.


Assange and Snowden journalistic heroes? Holy Crap, who knew?


Ultimately, the responsibility for all of this goes back to the corporate media’s behavior over the past 30+ years.