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For Media in New Hampshire, Losing Is Winning and Winning Is Losing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/14/media-new-hampshire-losing-winning-and-winning-losing


As a candidate Sanders had the greatest percentage of votes from Colored voters.

Amy received about 4 percent from what I read from colored voters.

The media was insisting Sanders could never win the nomination as his appeal was only to white (male) voters. Now suddenly the colored vote not important when it comes to Amy?


“the thinking moderate Democrat’s electability candidate.”

Yeah, as long as you do no thinking about her stand on the issues, no thinking about the more of the same policies she promotes and no thinking about her record, both past and present. In other words, think only in terms of “electability”, which is the new snake oil term moderates are using this election to say you should vote for them because they are not Trump. Yup, electability sounds a lot better than saying so and so is not Trump. It’s especially helpful for those confused thinking Democrats who aren’t sure Klobuchar is not Trump. Whatever you do, though, don’t think too far ahead about Klobuchar actually beating Trump. That much thinking is not desirable in an establishment, oops, moderate Democrat.

Those democrats are going to save us from Trump - just ask them - but who will save us from the Democrats?


Go Amy! It’s important for Amy to make a strong showing in upcoming states, because it is easier to negatively campaign against Sanders as a sexist than as a homophobe.

Also, kudos to NPR for using the phrase “shocked the establishment”! That kind of “establishment/maverick” image that Trump played up so well in his “Drain the swamp” narrative will certainly help Amy prove she is a regular working class Jane with a Yale degree and a career in corporate law.

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Meanwhile, both corporate and “progressive” media are working to cover up ConAgra/Monsanto AK’s actual record, including the brutal railroading of a young Balck man (then a boy) during the 8 years when she was a vicious racist prosecutor in Hennepin County (Minneapolis) where two-thirds of her convictions were of minorities.

Of course she bragged about this in racist Minnesota in her “centrist” senatorial races and won by huge majorities.

Check Out:


NOTE: The Marshal Project has a very complete list of stories.

IMO her greatest crime was preventing the falsely-convicted young man (now in his thirties doing hard time) from attending his mom’s funeral after she died in a horrible car accident.

The silver lining in all this: Kolbuchar will eventually go back to MN, yelling “sexism” all the way and the young man has refused to cop a plea and will eventually walk and win false prosecution money – none of which brings his mom back or all the years, misery and torture he’s suffered.


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Obama was “electable”. Look where that got us, a Democrat that functioned like a Republican. I want an old-school Roosevelt Democrat as president, that would be Bernie Sanders.


Amy is no Bernie Sanders. The media’s attempt to elevate her is indicative of their sad effort to drown out the only “real” progressive voice.


Caveats first:

  1. I support Bernie.
  2. I do not understand why anyone would support any of the establishment psuedo-centrist candidates running against Bernie.

Nevertheless, half of the voters who supported Bernie in 2016 - 76,000 of 152,000 - voted in 2020 for an establishment candidate, and that’s a problem that cute ice cream shop analogies can’t explain or fix.

From the article:

“And the fact that some people picked strawberry or pistachio does not necessarily equal a rejection of chocolate.”

A customer who buys strawberry instead of chocolate may not necessarily be rejecting chocolate, but that customer is unequivocally expressing a preference for strawberry over chocolate. People who voted for Slowbutsure were unequivocally expressing a preference for her over Bernie. Second choice doesn’t matter if the customer is buying only one scoop.

These results may mean that support for Bernie is shallower than I want it to be and that mindless loyalty to the Democratic Party is stronger than I want it to be. That’s important because Bernie needs to clinch the nomination before the convention begins. Many DP loyalists will vote for Bernie over Trump, but we need them to vote for Bernie over the conservaDems now in order to get a Bernie versus Trump choice in November.

Hillary came to the 2016 NH primary with a quarter century of baggage that made her unpopular throughout the primary season. Maybe the 2016 voters for Bernie were at least in part rejecting Hillary. Amy and Pete carry no comparable baggage, so DP loyalists who supported Bernie in 2016 may have felt comfortable returning to the DP fold this year.

De gustibus non est disputandum. - that’s a real problem.

P.S. - I agree with all other parts of the article.

Yes, indeed. Good ole working class environmental maverick, Cargill Amy-Jane. Working hard for the good of the people and the planet.


They could call her showing a “moral victory”

But that would be rather ironic, don’t you think?

Amy and Pete have a tremendous amount of baggage that the lame stream media works hard to help them bury. With only Sanders supporters doing the outing, the playing field is not very level. Those picking the strawberries are clueless to the fact the ripe and delouses looking strawberries are rotten inside. Until they get them home and slice them open to place on the short cakes and whipped cream, they’ll have no idea what they bought.

Nevertheless, your point is well taken. It doesn’t look particularly good.

Another factor though, is that many of the NH polling places are still using the Diebold voting machines that have been proven to be anything but tamper proof – just a thought. I would never suspect the Buttigieg SS entourage or Cargill, Inc of doing anything to interfere with our elections.

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The mistake in this article is referring to the people in question as journalists, which they most assuredly are not.


This crowded field has Helped Bernie-------I think the real story is that a small city gay mayor is running second----but the media are ignoring him because they are not sure how Buttigieg will play out----South Bend is an interesting city----why is there so much violence in this city???

These people in Iowa and NH have seen these candidates up close—They see that Biden is NOT up to this fight-----Klobuchar could not do well in Iowa a neighbor to her home------and the same for Warren from Mass.

These people found Bernie the ONE to take on this fight. And really who is the best positioned to take on Trump and yes the Russians-----who knows maybe the Russians would prefer Bernie. The corporate media keep complaining about all those die hard Bernie people-----Yes ----this is what you need to win.

People should check out DN with Rep Rashida Tlaib discussing a lawsuit against the city of Detroit —using a high property tax to take people’s homes. And we wonder why people are homeless. How many low income people loose their homes because of a high property tax?

Even when Bernie wins the media whores say Bernie has lost!

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I may be being indelicate, but FEA.

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