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For Military Contractors, Tax Day Is Pay Day

For Military Contractors, Tax Day Is Pay Day

Lindsay Koshgarian

In tax season, most of us think more about getting our forms in on time—and getting our refunds—than about where our tax dollars actually go.

It’s probably no surprise that a significant portion—24 cents out of every dollar—of your taxes go to the military. But where those dollars go from there should be a national scandal.

Out of those 24 cents, just 5 cents go to our troops. But 12 cents go to corporate military contractors.

Every year, far more money goes to Pentagon contractors than to our troops.

MIC the only acceptable jobs program for a fascist nation … oops did i just call the united states of corporations fascist? MY BAD

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A rhetorical question. Were US troops paid $100,000 dollars a year to kill people in Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Somalia , Yemen, Libya and plug in country name here would it all be better?

You support the troops by embracing peace where those troops not needed in the first place. Those “troops” would be better served by never having had to join the Military in the wherein they could instead work at jobs that provided that same level of financial security.

“Support the troops” is little more than an embrace of the warfare state. It still wealth wasted . The phrase is jingoism developed by the Pentagon to ensure the warfare state exists far into the future. Support people not troops.


Depending on how you look at it. You can say 12c go to purchasing tools (rifles, aircraft, ships, tanks etc) for those soldiers so they can do their job.

A neurosurgeon makes about $350k per year. His tools are a lot more expensive. Not as much as F35 but some of the technology is similar.

The F-35 is a bipartisan boondoggle

Just ask Saint Bernard about Vermont’s fork in the pork pie.


I say this a lot and I really believe it. I think that ancient Greece had this war issue down way better than America. ALL men went to war when there was a war. Remember Socrates went too.
Remember too that when generals failed, they were ostracized and had to leave the country. That would certainly cut down on these endless wars----and too— if Congress had to stop to go and fight a war, along with the president etc.then we would definitely have fewer wars Maybe we should try that-------- military industrial complex. .

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Headline from Southeast Asia: US military retreats from Libya. This is how even their friends are viewing the US now. If things get tough, the US tucks its tail and runs from problems they themselves created. Thanks Obama and Hillary. While the US offers military aid to any autocrat, no matter how terrible, the Chinese are offering interest free loans to build dams, schools and high speed rail. Hell, even Italy has bought into the offer. Who do you think will win hearts and minds?

really i agree … they should bring back the draft !!

they won’t tho b/c the economy is so bad the military is one of the best options for young people in poverty. ITs all on viscous fucking circle.

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Very valuable article. It helps understand things better when you see these numbers. But the question is larger than that. This article’s basic thesis is “let’s keep war budget as is, but let’s just rearrange it’s distribution.”

The question is, why have troops at all? As it is no secret whose interests they serve - not the taxpayer’s for sure. By design, the troops are there to protect the interests of the likes of Lockheed Martin at large…and of course including Lockheed Martin. The big (and explicit) empires that disintegrated at the start of the 20th century, Russian, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian - had pretty much the same model. Paid troops who protected the interests of the aristocracy. The aristocracy made millions, the soldiers/generals were paid little dues.

It would be nice for this organization to turn into numbers, the larger picture, which includes the hundreds of military bases all over the world…and the profits of all big corporations.

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As I remember (always a risky task), the US doesn’t declare wars anymore. The Greek model of service wouldn’t work here. We are an Empire that serves capitalists and the rape of the world now. This is the way it has always been here in the USA, but now there is not even a facade of democracy of, by, and for the people, let alone the real thing.

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Hi Godless Too: I read that when America was invading Afghanistan, China was working with the people to build a copper mine there . And too, China sold the first small solar cells that looked like a tablet, so that people in Africa, far away from any power supply. would use these small solar for lights at night ------ and to power their cell phones.
China actually goes in and improves nations, while the U.S, seems to try to bomb them into submission. That sees so counter-productive and stupid. .

The MIC is a perpetual motion money machine. Lawmakers shower these corporations with lucrative contracts all paid for by us taxpayers. Now these rich corporate thugs take them same tax dollars we pay them and in turn buy off politicians who keep their perpetual money machine running smooth by continuous redundant contracts fleecing America and Americans. They preach fear and hate and fleece us with every breath. Deficit is just another word republicans use to impress their stupid base. Republicans hate taxes yet they would bankrupt this country to prove their failed policies. As long as working Americans are providing their tax dollars to waste they are okie dokie with that. The ones who get rich off our tax dollars refuse to pay any taxes themselves. Privatize their profits and subsidize their loses. Its a nice gig when you got the stupidest republican politicians supporting their greed. I emphasize the stupid part because these republicans are the epitome of deaf dumb and blind. They reflect the stupidity of their base voters. You know who they are, them red made in china hat morons who swoon over the annoying orange.

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During the 1991 Gulf War the MIC evolved into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) by sanitizing war with terms like “collateral damage” and “military assets”.

Hollywood glorifies war more with each passing year. Recall Michelle Obama bringing uniformed military operatives to the academy awards ?