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For Nine Souls in Charleston, One Year Later


For Nine Souls in Charleston, One Year Later

Richard Eskow

We live on. Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, we live on. We live on in the memories of those we leave behind. We live on in words, in gestures, in glances, in anything that changes the heart of another person forever. We live on in loved ones and in strangers, in the people we’ve touched and the people they touch in turn. Each passes a tiny piece of us down the ancient chain of human life.

Sometimes we live on without even knowing it.


Thank you for the moving prose, Mr. Eskow. Lately, your words are taking on a whole new level of poignant poetry. Many of us are touched, or is it struck... by the frequency of horrors both man-made and also issuing from the natural world.

Three states with massive fires?
Storm systems marching across the nation?
An entire town in Canada burned to a crisp?
Temperatures so hot in India that people are dying and water sources drying up?
A member of parliament gunned down in the U.K?
A fine stateswoman impeached on false grounds in Brazil?
Daily lives taken in dangerous water crossings as people attempt to escape inflamed war zones?

And on and on.

These clearly are not times for the faint-hearted.


Thank you Richard, for remembering and honoring these beautiful innocent lives - and for bringing them back into our eyes - they are who we must remember, not those that espouse hatred.
News "cycles" today have become just entertainment and opportunity to sell, it seems to me - to inflame us then move-on almost immediately to the next atrocity, tragedy, politicians stunt, or bit of fluff - our attention-spans short-circuited - "social media" has - well, you don't want to know what I think about that.
Remembrance is a critical part of understanding, or should be, and like history, as Santayana spoke, if forgotten leads to other examples of what we should not have to experience again.