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For No Positive End: By Their Own Words


For No Positive End: By Their Own Words

Seven years and 2.6 million words later, the U.K's blistering Chilcot Report lays the blame for the bloody debacle of the Iraq War where it belongs - on the duplicitous, cynical, arrogant, morally bankrupt heads of Messrs. Blair and Bush. As pols and pundits dissect the report's implications, it's illuminating, if infuriating, to revisit the lies of the warmongers, and hear from their too-plentiful victims just what they wrought.


How do Britains think about Galloway now? Do they respect he was right? Do they understand how he is also right about Brexit? I have some relatives in Britain, at the time, they were excited about Blair, saying with gladness that he was like Bill Clinton. Don't know what they think now about Blair or Clinton for that matter. For myself, especially since the 90s, my eyes have been opened about one of the greatest grifters in the history of American politics: Clinton. (both of them)


...And which entities from the Saudi government will join these US and British murderous thugs on a one way trip to the Hague? The hijackers came from Arabia, 15/19 of them.....and we attack Iraq? Phkn brilliant.


For anyone with a brain who listened, they already knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, our own inspectors told us as much. Why bother with long drawn out reports affirming what is already known? Nothing will done. How much money was spent for FBI investigations into Clinton's extreme carelessness? Nothing will be done. 9/11 commission, nothing will be done. Ad nauseam.


The 'masses', the public (the social consensus,) didn't have the data, the government did, Blair did, that's his job, to be familiar with the subject he is making crucial decisions about, the public meanwhile are just laymen too busy to sift through all that stuff, (intelligence data, military analysis, the fine details of possible post-war outcomes etc) and based their opinions and attitudes on what the government told them was the case. In this case, a lying government. Can't blame them if they were duped.


No penalty for Bush and his fellow accomplices, er patriots.
Probably none for Blair.


Agreed. I notice that moral bankruptcy is rarely if ever taken into consideration, no matter who/what is involved.


I don't think you can reasonably expect people to read through piles of dossiers about such a complex issue, that's what government are paid to do and for which they employ an army of advisors, civil servants, 'experts,' intelligence officers, military personnel, political advisors and so on who provide reports and face to face advisory sessions and probably the bulk of the public wouldn't understand the jargon and references even if they did especially in that a large proportion of it was secret or confidential.. The public weren't party to the meetings that went on to discuss and plan all this, lots of suits sat round a table, paid high salaries to process this data and come to intelligent, calculated conclusions. I'm talking about the UK and Blair here, I don't know how it works so much in the US. I know people, and I naively thought some notions like this myself, who believed that getting rid of Saddam would be a good thing and the Iraqi people would welcome such a removal with open arms and move peacefully to a democracy that improved the quality of life for all. That's what we were sold by the polticians, along with the lie about 'authoratative' intelligence regarding WMD, by Blair, and most people weren't educated enough about the region to know about all the sectarian fissures within that country that would reduce to it civil war, the tribal, dimensions, the Iranian and Saudi geo-political maneouvering. Did you know all that about Iraq? Yet you can be sure Blair knew it, and his war cabinet, yet they went ahead anyway. And the people didn;t know that the after war plan was non-existent and would be disregarded by Bush and the Americans


The recent Brexit vote confirms that theory


Bush was a war criminal, and should be TRIED as such! Or, will he be given a "pass," as Hillary was recently?


Too many of us live in societies where politicians, bureaucrats and corporatists lie, attain wealth and power, and are called "leaders".Very few are in prison.
The insanity of this reality is that it is called "Centrist Politics". Maybe we should call it, "Prison free."
The only way to escape hypocrisy and corruption is to censure centrist politics and engage with the progressive politics of democracy, accountability, transparency, social justice. . . . . .