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For Obama's Secret Wars, the Public Record Suggests a Far Worse Reality


For Obama's Secret Wars, the Public Record Suggests a Far Worse Reality

Chris Woods

Targeted killings or assassinations beyond the battlefield remain a highly charged subject. Most controversial of all is the number of civilians killed in US covert and clandestine drone strikes since 2002.

The new White House data relates only to Obama’s first seven years in office – during which it says 473 covert and clandestine airstrikes and drone attacks were carried out in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya.


Add to this the fact that the CIA/Mossad trained and armed what would eventually become ISIS in Jordan years ago and along with Saudi Arabia continues to provide TOW and Stinger missiles to them to this very day... You can NEVER trust the Powers That Be to tell you the truth about what they are really up to.


Then there is this: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Empire-Files-Obama-Wages-Unprecedented-War-on-Whistleblowers-20160702-0026.html


Why is the CIA -- an intelligence-gathering agency -- even carrying out drone strikes? Why is the CIA involved in operational activities at all -- everything from dirty tricks to destabilizing governments and now to murder-by-drone?

In December 1963 (coincidentally -- but probably not -- one month after JFK's assassination), Harry Truman published a letter in the Washington Post stating his purpose in organizing the CIA -- as strictly an intelligence agency. But he expressed regret, in clear and unambiguous language, that it had become something else that he never intended:

"For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas."

The operational branch of the CIA has become a shadow government with its own military, its own secret policies and agenda, and a black budget to support it all. It's time to end it.


I seem to recall that Bush and Cheney asserted that about 1200 people were killed in Iraq while publications as respectable as "The Lancet" put the original figures at closer to 100,000.

The Drone Kill numbers released by the Obama Team are grossly underestimated. By Design.

Now, let's take a look at an antiseptic quote like the following:

"So why have civilians been at greater risk from these covert and clandestine US airstrikes? Part of the answer lies in who the US kills. Many of those pursued are high value targets – senior or middle ranking terrorist or militant group commanders. Bluntly put, the higher the value of the target – and the greater the threat they represent to you – the more the laws of war allow you to put civilians in harm’s way."

The problem contained by the verbiage is that it's so sanitized that its language grants a form of impunity to the Dark Deeds themselves.

Where is the proof of a so-called "high value target"?

All of these wars are ILLEGAL. Not only are they based on cases FIXED FOR war; they constitute War of Aggression against nations (often full of very poor and struggling persons) that did NOTHING to the U.S. And that's even IF people are so foolhardy as to STILL believe that 911 was executed by 19 foreign half-ass pilots in spite of BOATLOADS of evidence that invalidates this made-for-TV Hollywood-style narrative.


Indiscriminate killing by terrorists is the problem, not drones.

In 2014 there were 32,658 people killed by terrorism. Terrorism is resulting in a far higher number of noncombatant deaths than those due to the 473 anti-terrorism drone strikes over 6 years. This is only about 80 anti-terrorist drone strikes a year.

"32,658 people were killed by terrorism in 2014 compared to 18,111 in 2013: the largest increase ever recorded Boko Haram and ISIL were jointly responsible for 51% of all claimed global fatalities in 2014 Boko Haram has overtaken ISIL as world's deadliest terrorist group Countries suffering over 500 deaths increased by 120% to 11 countries 78% of all deaths and 57% of all attacks occurred in just five countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria Iraq continues to be the country most impacted by terrorism with 9,929 terrorist fatalities the highest ever recorded in a single country Nigeria experienced the largest increase in terrorist activity with 7,512 deaths in 2014, an increase of over 300% since 2013 "


Allen Dulles is the father of that organization and if anyone really wants to understand how deep and depraved the labyrinth of so-called Intelligence was--that he built, they really should read "The Devil's Chessboard" by David Talbot.

Whenever I read about a really depraved mind, it's my reflex to try to locate their time and date of birth and check out what astrologers term "the birth blueprint." Allen Dulles' is such proof-positive of textbook Astrology 101 that I intend to include it either in an article or a book.

Suffice it to say, the man was born to personify the most deft forms of double-dealing possible.

When people divide themselves between the persona shown to the public while retaining a very different one committed to deeds most civilized souls would find repugnant, then something of a split takes place inside the psyche.

That's how people employed by this network can present a normal face to society while truly believing themselves immune to the laws of man, added to that of universal justice: karma.

The CIA killed La Mumba in Africa, the Shah of Iran, propped up Pinochet's blood-soaked coup, recently outed the head of Honduras, threw the popular Latin American leader (I have to look up his name, it presently escapes my accessible memory files) out of a plane, tried to kill Castro many times, and so much more. And these are hardly isolated acts that lack major repercussions.

They have undermined governments and left many societies in utter chaos, and that doesn't include the countless lives lost.

And even if it WERE an "Intelligence Agency," for those who actually believe that the 911 events followed true to the existing official narrative, why wasn't the entire body tossed out the door?

And how come none of these geniuses saw the fiscal collapse of the Soviet Union; or, when equipped with the kind of surveillance system that would have made Hitler ecstatic, unable to thwart the "terrorist massacres" that have erupted both here, inside "the Homeland" and in numerous nations abroad?

If THAT is what measures Intelligence, then Houston, "we" have more than a problem.

However, when the CIA works in service to the WAR DEPARTMENT, then its job is to make sure that wars continue. It's proven itself very capable in THAT regard; however, that's never the yardstick against which this lethal organization is measured.

It has proven itself a THREAT to humanity. Period. And just as the MIC asserts its right to an open checkbook and NEVER any audits; the CIA considers itself immune to any form of law or any form of accounting. Its inception came just before all those 007 films showed up to glamorize the organization (and its offshoots). No one blinked when the ever-composed, ethereally handsome Sean Connery (as 007) simply killed anyone standing in the way of his assigned objective.

As the Brits would say, Hollywood worked its magic in giving the CIA terrific P.R. by making its "license to kill" the unstated (inverted) law of the land.


Oh, a little Eichmann appears by "spontaneous generation" to offer the counter-narrative.

First of all, you must define TERRORISM.

If in your view, terrorism means actions taken by indigenous persons to protect their OWN homelands, then the term is questionable... at best.

Second, you obviously are unaware of the HISTORY of false flags used to start many wars. In fact, several attempts at that strategy were used in Cuba... and failed.

In other words, in the current climate of almost complete deception, one cannot with certainty discern the GENUINE terrorist event from its false-flag counterpart.

But for you, the government's official story is all that matters. Right, Clone?


Siouxrose11, Here is a link discussing the Institute for Peace and Economics report that had the 32,658 deaths from terrorist attacks in 2014. Just focusing on the civilian deaths from drones neglects the perspective you get when you consider the far higher number of civilian deaths from terrorist attacks.



As far as I'm concerned, U.S. troops marching into 3-5 countries and droning, bombing, and poisoning those and others are acts of imperialism--which is STATE SPONSORED terrorism--and responsible for FAR more deaths regardless of how soldier boys like you try to package it.

IF the numbers you cited are correct, it doesn't change my challenge to the term--what constitutes an act of terrorism.

Iraqis fighting back with roadside ordnance because they don't especially like it when foreign soldiers kick down their doors and occasionally grab bullets out of bodies they've slaughtered does not qualify as Terrorism in my book. It's a response to terror.


Siouxrose11, On 2001 here in the United States we lost about 3000 civilians to terrorist attacks. Without a doubt those deaths were due to terrorist attacks.


At that point we had not invaded Afghanistan or Iraq. I am with you in your condemnation of the brutal and stupid war crimes of the Bush administration. We would have been far better off curing malaria.

However there is a real terrorism problem and using drones appears to be a fairly effective counter terrorism strategy compared to the failed strategy of invasion and occupation. Drones are not the problem, terrorism is.

Iraq continues to be the country most impacted by terrorism with 9,929
terrorist fatalities the highest ever recorded in a single country. How do you explain the 9929 deaths in Iraq in 2014. Did the terrorists just miss and accidentally take out a whole bunch of Iraqi civilians with roadside bombs?



Virtually every single person killed in these air strikes is deemed a civilian under international law. When articles such as this come out they serve to hide that fact by trying to divide those killed into two groups , bad guys guilty of crimes against the USA and innocents caught in the blast.

They do this by using the term "combatant" or "militant" when labeling those so called "bad guys". In doing this it suddenly becomes acceptable for a Nation to execute people living in other Countries that have done no harm.

If a person is armed it does not make him or her a "terrorist" or "combatant". If a person is opposed to the United States of America it does not make them a terrorist or combatant. The only people that can be deemed such are those that are actively attacking the USA which can not be done in places like Somalia because the USA has no business being there.

The United States of America butchered some 4 million plus peoples in South East Asia. They had absolutely no business being in that region . They have butchered people in Panama and granada, Iraq and Syria, Yemen and Somalia , Libya and Laos the list neverending. This number of peoples murdered is orders of magnitude greater than all of these "terrorist" groups put together.

This does not mean that all of those people walking down the streets in Chicago, going about their business driving from one home to another, sleeping in their beds , armed with guns and speaking of how great a threat Muslims are , suddenly become Combatants and Militants and another entity is justified in murdering them.

Yet this is exactly what the USA claims they can do to any person anywhere on this globe just because their President says it ok.

These types of articles miss the point entirely.


SuspiraDeProfundis, There were about 32,000 deaths due to terrorist attacks in 2014. Only 32 of these deaths due to terrorist attacks in 2014 were US citizens.

"78% of all deaths and 57% of all attacks occurred in just five countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria"

"Iraq continues to be the country most impacted by terrorism with 9,929 terrorist fatalities the highest ever recorded in a single country"

The 32,000 people killed a year by stateless groups called terrorists are to blame. The United States is not killing those 32,000 people a year. That is entirely due to the sick murderous frauds that are in every sense terrorists.


Imagine what would happen if we disbanded the CIA and used that money for OUR country and citizens -- I wonder how much we could actually do with it; and how lives would change [not only here in the US, but in other countres where the drones would no longer be killing at will]! Now THAT'S what peace and democracy look like! :sunglasses:


Meaningless numbers when compared to that of the USA and all of those terrorist groups you list have their roots IN the CIA with their support of the same groups.

How many terrorist attacks were there in Iraq before the USA invaded? How many in Afghanistan before the uSA started arming the Mujahadeen? How many in Libya before the USA sent arms to those opposing Qaddafi? For anyone to cite that number without the historical context of the roots of that terrorism is disingenous.

38000 people killed is less then the terrorist Government of the United States killed in North Korea when General Lemay BOASTED that the USA had wiped out 1/5th of the population. It remains as true today as when Martin Luther King stated it during the Vietnam war. The United States of America is the greatest purveyor of violence on Earth.

By the way. The Lancet study that suggested 600000+ killed by the USA in the invasion of Iraq, this early in the war used methodology that the USA had long used when estimating casualties in other conflicts. That number is greater than 38000. Added to that Ms Albright indicated that sanctions that lead directly to the deaths of 500,000 children was "worth it". These 500000 died before 9/11. 500000 is greater than 3000.


Pardon the following graphic comment…

Could you imagine how utterly freaked out Obama, or Brennan, or any of these warriors in expensive business suits would be if the blood of the civilians they murder were to actually splash on their designer threads?

And these people presumably sleep well at night.


Siouxrose, just a kindly correction. The CIA directed coup in Iran was to depose Mohammad Mosaddegh, and to install the Shah in his place. Mosaddegh was imprisoned for 3 years, and spent the remainder of his life under house arrest, and was eventually even buried inside his house.


Anyone that can be so dispassionate regarding the absolute horrors of State Directed Terrorism is at the very least, a sociopath. To the think tanker, mass murder on a humongous scale is simply, in their view in retrospect, a "mistake", or a "failed policy".

I'm certain you could handle being a drone pilot with ease. Have you considered this line of work? Seriously, don't. I think you would be very effective and too many lives would hang in the "balance" you would determine.

You are correct. Terrorism is the problem, and more to the point, people that participate in terror, or apologize for it, are the problem.

You are no doubt, part of the problem.

I wish I could send a peace drone to zap some sense into your "challenged" world view.


Hmmm, And just how is the recent release for the first time of counter-terrorism strike information the same as weekly body counts of the Vietnam era?

Only 480 counter-terrorism strikes in 6 years. The numbers indicate that the program is exactly what it has been claimed to be, counter-terrorism strikes. A very limited number of counter-terrorism strikes with drones.


Thank you. You are, of course, correct. Do you recall the name of the individual tossed from a plane because he was trying to spread a bit of agricultural money (profits) around. I think it was in "Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man." Otherwise, I forget the source.